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Welcome Zoe Violet!

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Hey mamas! Just wanted to drop in here quickly while I have a minute to give the brief rundown of my birth!
Friday night I started leaking amniotic fluid. I was a bit in shock seeing as my other two were slow cookers and I was just days shy of 38 weeks. I also wasn't having any ctx, and my birth supplies were not in order.
Went to bed that night to get some rest, anticipating labor to kick in the following day. Gathered supplies and made kid arrangements. Still not one ctx(which I had been previously having for weeks off and on). Went to bed that night wondering what was going on! Slow leak still happening so I was pumping echinacea, vit C, and tons of water. Sunday morning I saw the mw for a check in and got some herbs and homeopathy. That afternoon I started on the homeopathy. Went to bed with some ctx that pithered out by morning. Monday I got my kids back and leaking seemed to subside. By evening leak returned but no ctx and I started to feel discouraged. I went to bed throwing in the towel. I figured I may have the baby in a few weeks. A watched pot never boils, right? So I decided to get back to my life Tuesday morning. Did homeschool lessons, baked bread, cooked soup, made beds...then in the afternoon I realized
I was having pretty regular BH ctx. But I was skeptical and didnt even tell my husband. By four they were getting a bit stronger and longer. When I told my dh, he suggested I may want to let our mw know. So I nonchalantly did, being sure to tell her it was no big deal and today was not the day. Around five I had a few ctx that demanded a little
Bit more of my attention. I was baking cookies and determined to finish the task. Made arrangements for my kids to have an overnight with friends just in case. My midwife decided to head back to my area( she was a good hour away at a home visit) just in case. By six pm when the midwives arrived(they has decided to come over
After I let them know I had a couple bigger ctx) I was feeling as though this might actually be labor. Next thing I knew, I was having to cope a bit
With contractions by leaning on DH. Soon after that, growling started. Still, all this time I was skeptical! I had one ctx on the toilet that was powerful, and declared I think I'm going to have this baby soon! The mw's and dh were like " yeah!!haha" and after that moment it came on stronger. I had three contractions in my bathtub that were pushy and moved to my bedroom and onto the birthing stool. Three contractions later, Zoe was born!
She was born at 7:57 pm!
It was an amazing birth. She is the sweetest baby, and the smallest of my three. 6lbs7oz, 19"long. Born at 38 weeks. I am one blissed out mama!
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What a wonderful birth! Many blessings to you and little Zoe. joy.gif

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Your birth sounds perfectly lovely!  I would love if mine was to be as amazing as that!  Happy babymooning!

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Wonderful! Congrats! So glad it went smooth. Welcome Zoe!!!

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Wow, Congratulations!!!  And what an unbelievable birth!

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Awesome mama!!!! energy.gif Welcome earthside Zoe Violet! heartbeat.gif hearts.gif heartbeat.gif


And *thank you* for sharing your birth story, I know many of us could use the excitement! lol.gif

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What an interesting and long birthing process!!! Congrats on your sweet girl!!!
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Wow congrats!!!!! Beautiful name!  You give me hope as my last 3 were super slow cookers too!  :)

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That sounds lovely. Congratulations to you all and welcome, Zoe :-)
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Wow, what a great story! Congratulations to you and I hope you're enjoying little Zoe!

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Congratulations! Her name is beautiful, too.

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Congratulations! I love her name. It sounds like it was a beautiful birth.
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Congratulations and WELCOME Zoe Violet! Thank you for sharing this beautiful story!!

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Congratulations!,,, what a lovely name too! Great story.
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Welcome Zoe! Grats!

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Congrats and thank you for sharing your story!!!

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Beautiful story!  Love her name. Congrats!!

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Congrats!!! What an awesome birth story :) 

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Yeah! Congratulations Mama! I love the name Zoe. I'm so happy for you!!!

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