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Wrap users please explain the logistics...

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of using a wrap for the back carry. I'm thinking I might ike to try one but I'm wondering if my *baby feeders* will end up squished??
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LOL they do end up a bit squished, but the pressure is more on the shoulders than the boobies. It also depends on what kind of wrap you have, a stretchy one (like moby or something made out of knit) will be more comfy on the naughty pillows than a non conforming woven, but a didy is conforming (like a maya) even though it is woven so it isn't bad at all.....this coming from a very well endowed wrap user!
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If I would wear a wrap a long time, like for a hike, I would cross in front over the breasts while doing a back carry.

But mostly, I prefer the rucksack style for the back carry. You can do all the same carries, just bring the straps over your shoulders and straight down under your armpits to the back, instead of crossing in front. I like this look much better.

Another thing I have seen on some website or other is putting a twist in the fabric where it crosses. So you would bring the fabric to the front, cross and twist it around an extra time or two, then bring the ends to the back. From the pictures I saw, it looks like this keeps the fabric above most of your breast tissue. Haven't tried it yet myself.
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a couple of things you can do. Rucksack where you wear itlike a backpack. Cross carry and twist the straps between your boobs but you get "torpedo boobs' lol. Or spread them out over, they will get slightly mashed but more comfy in the long run. You'll just look boobl-less. LOL! I prefer a jersey knit so it stretches. If a woven the rucksack or twisted are good choices. Have fun!
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