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Never ending Lochia?

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I'm at 5 weeks and mine's still going and I'm getting a bit worried. I think I went about 6 weeks with DD so it isn't the length of time that bothers me (well, on a more than practical level that is, I'm more than ready to buy new unstained unstretched out underwear but that is a whole 'nother post)  but more so that mine is still bright red. There isn't a lot but from what I've been reading it should be pink/brown by now. I'll probably call my midwife tomorrow just to be on the safe side but anyone else in the same boat? 

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I still had pink/red at 5 weeks (but it was light)  and even had a near golf ball sized clot at 5 weeks! Then everything stopped a few days after that.

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Also, how active are you? I was super lazy and was surprised I was still bleeding after four weeks. But it has been very light since 2-3 weeks. It just refused to go away!

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I was definitely still bleeding red at six weeks. Now it's pretty much stopped. I get a spot or two every few days.

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Okay, I'm feeling better now. I wasn't too worried until I started looking things up online :-) I'm pretty active, not really by choice, but more because I have a 2 year old who is having major issues with not being the only anymore. But my MIL is coming this weekend so it will be three adults and 2 kids so I should be able to be a tad bit more lazy. 

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Still occasional red bleeding at almost 6 weeks here!  And I hear you about unstretched underwear.  Unfortunately they discontinued my favorite underwear, so now I really have no idea what to buy.  But all my normal underwear is totally stretched from being worn through 2 pregnancies, plus it's about 10 years old anyway!

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I have the same thing! And 4 times it's stopped just long enough for me to stop wearing pads and then come back bright red and with gushes. As of now it's looking mostly stopped.

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