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What Are You Drinking?

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Nothing really important, no concerns I have or anything. Just curious as to what y'all are drinking. I've been very thirsty this pregnancy, and I've been drinking *tons* of water, the occasional caffeine-free soda, and pretty regularly, strawberry banana smoothies.

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Ice water mostly.  And JuicyJuice juice boxes.  My kids don't drink juice, but I bought some as soccer-game snack-mom, and the game was cancelled and I got totally hooked and am drinking them all like crazy, but would never buy a whole bottle and drink it out of a cup.  Maybe because I was denied juice boxes as a child?

In my non-pregnant days, I love my coca-cola.  I'm guilty of buying those 20 oz ones at McDonalds. so I bought those teeny 7.5 oz cans to cure the occasional craving.  

Also, RRL tea, and occasional soymilk with dinner.

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Bottled water mostly (we have amazing tap water out here, but I can't even stand the taste of that right now!!).  Lemonade if I can...it's my favorite!  And lots of Emergen-C.

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Water water water! Lol I'm SO thirsty I'm averaging abt a gallon a day. And mostly bottled as our tap water tastes like pool water to me! YUCK! Lol
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Hmm, QuikTrip's Pineapple Papaya Green Tea. Yum! and room temp water, sometimes with lemon. It is rare I drink ice water, pregnant or not.

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Must be something in the water!


I haven't been able to drink *any* tap water (even the yummy well water from my folks' farm) this whole time. My first weeks of m/s I could only get down lemon-lime gatorade or lemonade. Now I'm on to the occasional seltzer, but mostly bottled water--I can't get enough! Thank goodness our co-op has a free filtered water station.


And as a special treat, an occasional root beer or hot chocolate. But really, I have to wash them down with bottled water!

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Our water is actually filtered well water (we have an amazing aquifer out here in the country) but I get a garlicy aftertaste in my mouth whenever I drink it!!!  I can drink from my IL's reverse osmosis too though, and it doesn't mother me, so it's weird.  But I avoid any city water like the plague because chlorine is nasty stuff and I'm already sensitive to it.  My hubby works in town and said that they've found there is 3x the amount of chlorine a swimming pool would have in the water here.  DISGUSTING.  And so wrong!!  I keep thinking, "what are they trying to cover up!?!?"


I am going to start some RRL soon.  I would have been drinking it from the start but I decided to wait a bit this time.

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I'm drinking tons of water, too! I've also been craving cow's milk. A cup or 2 a day. It's weird, I do NOT like milk when I'm not pregnant, but when I'm pregnant it's one of my strongest cravings. I don't like soda, but was craving root beer in the 1st trimester, but I haven't had or wanted it in weeks.

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I drink brita water from the fridge (originally from the tap though...lol) chocolate milk is always a pregnancy fave, coffee some mornings, and an occasional glass of wine. Mostly water though.

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Cold water with a slice of lemon, RRL tea, other teas, sometimes a cup of coffee and water kefir with a splash of orange juice and smoothies made with raw milk kefir:)

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I'm living off ginger ale and hot chocolate right now. I was craving root beer like crazy in the first tri but not so much any more. I'm really really trying to drink more water but I'm having a hard time, bottled or not.

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rootbeer, hot herb teas with honey, and diluted grape juice with chia.  and trying to drink more water.

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mostly RO water.  I drink orange juice or whatever I have in the house to get my vitamins (liquid) and oils down sometime.

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