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Recovery Recipes - when your body needs a boost

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Do you have a fallback, go-to recipe that gets you back on track? 


I've had a few health issues recently, and am trying to build myself back up.  My main concerns at the moment are rebuilding my immune system after taking immunosuppressants and antibiotics, and also replenishing my iron stores after a lot of blood loss. 


I'm wondering if anyone has any vegan friendly ideas or recipes to share for some simple ways to get the most benefit out of what I put into my body at the moment.  Like specific foods that should be eaten or juiced together?  Iron and vitamin C, for example.



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My go to healthy foods are always


-miso soup with as much seaweed as I can stand

-beet and kale salad. I cook a bunch of beets and store them in the fridge then sautee kale and garlic red onion and top with the cold beets and whatever veg I have on hand.

-raw nuts


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imho there is no specific food that you 'should' eat to gain back your health. 


what you need is a variety of food to gain back your health. because each food has its own nutrition and our bodies need a variety of nutrients. some in large quantities. some in teenie tiny quantities. 


i mean yeah you could eat oranges for vitamin C, but it isnt just about eating. its about absorption too. if you arent eating the other foods around you, you may pop or drink lots of Vit C but all you will do is stress your kidneys out as you pass it all out through your kidneys. 


today in the US more and more doctors are teaching people how to cook and eat.


go to all your food access areas and see what varieties they have. start small quantities. give yourself the goat that today you will eat 10 different veggies. try mixing in colour. 


try eating local. a carrot picked yesterday that's on your plate has far more health benefits than the carrot that was picked two months ago and is now on your table. maybe even more, maybe even years. 


however i have to say i dont know much about food access in australia. 


summer is a wonderful time to eat a lot of raw food. salads, seeds, sprouts. so do a salad at every meal. that is of course if you can handle raw. and another something veggie. i love spending time to make a one pot meal that will last my family 3 days. i used beans and about 10 different kinds of veggies and leaves. 


some simple ways of making veggies are roasting them or grilling them. or cooking a bunch of them (like we did this summer - green beans, 


simple lentil soup. the orange kind that's ready in 15 minutes. 


in a little oil throw in any seasoning and then throw in finely sliced potatoes, roughly chooped onions and whatever else veggie you want to put in there. then throw in the lentils cover with water and let it cook. in 5 mins add the stalks of the leaves you are going to add in. lentils take 15 minutes to cook. about 3 minutes before you finish add in the leaves and salt. and voila you have a healthy meal which has most of your food groups. 


if you are cooking rice the last 5 minutes throw in some chopped veggies. 

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