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resources for pregnancy/birth of twins?

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We just found out yesterday that there are two babies (I'm 20 weeks today). I just wanted to know if there are any resources you recommend dealing with pregnancy/birth of twins? 
I am so happy to have found this forum. Once I get my head on straight, I will post more. I am happy to get to know you ladies!

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Yippee!!! Congrats, Ill bet your head is spinning super hard. I remember the shock and awe after I found out and I was only 8 weeks :) There are ton of books listed on this thread, and you should join it anyway so I can put all your info on the main page. 




Here are the multiples books I have read and my opinions on them (keep in mind that I dont have twins yet :) ):


When you're expecting twins, triplets and quads:

IMO, there is a lot of great advice in this book, and it was the first one I read so Im a bit partial to it. However, I think her dietary recommendations are insane. I just cannot eat as much (or honestly, even half as much) as she recommends. But, other than that, I think its a great book. It seems to be highly regarded as the "must have" twin book. 



Its the LLL book for multiples moms. I loved it. My only problem with it, is the same problem I have with all of them. The author assumes that you are a first time mom. I wish there was a twin book out there that was titled something like, "What to do when youve read ten million parenting and pregnancy books and now you have TWO babies at once." 



IMO, silly, and totally useless to me. I got it at the twin sale, and I read it because I was trying to get my hands on all the information I could, but I find it to be pretty much the opposite of all the opinions I have about parenting and pregnancy. But, its funny.



This one's my favorite. I think its super informational, medical wise, with a natural twist on it. I like the way she writes  a lot. 



Its got some good info in it. Its a great book to put on the back of the toilet so that DH will read it. It's broken up into small segments that can be read while in the bathroom :)



Then,depending on where you live, there is usually a local twins club nearby. http://www.nomotc.org/

My local club has a super active facebook and I've learned a ton from that. 


Oh, and there's the twin moms here who have already had their twins (or triplets). They are the most helpful. 

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I'd like to echo the advice on When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, Quads, as well as the LLL Mothering Multiples...both have been valuable to me so far. The Dr. Luke "When You're Expecting" definitely gave me the reality check that twin pregnancy is different and had good dietary guidelines; that said, I'm glad I checked it out at the library instead of purchasing it, because it is impossible to follow. I took the basic info on nutrients that are important and weight gain guidelines (I am trying very hard to gain 24 lbs by 24 weeks, am currently at 23 weeks & 23 lbs so it's safe to say I'll make it), scanned some of the recipes that sounded good, read the whole book and then took it back to the library and committed to not worrying so much that it would cause undue stress!

As a first time mom, the LLL book has been useful to me in preparing to breastfeed twins--I do not know anyone who has had that experience, and it has helped me feel prepared.


And, just for fun and interest, I'm looking forward to reading this, a memoir on the first three years of raising twins: http://www.amazon.com/Double-Time-Survived----Thrived---Through-Mothering/dp/0312552238/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1351284020&sr=8-2&keywords=double+time+twins


Welcome to the twins club!

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Thanks for the advice, I found this thread when I was looking for book recommendations and already have When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, Quads... checked out from the library and will definitely be picking up some of these other ones, especially the LLL book (on the Christmas list as my library doesn't have it). If anyone else has further resources they liked or didn't, I would love to hear more as I am a research fanatic and I am actually pretty excited to have something to research for my second pregnancy smile.gif
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I'll second Holly's recommendation of Elizabeth Nobel's "Having Twins and More."  It definitely has the best info on natural birth of twins.  It's starting to get a little old now (revised '03), but doesn't seem dated when I read it.  


The LLL book is also getting a little old.  For example she doesn't talk about "laid back" nursing positions and that's apparently the new best way to nurse.  The newest "Womenly art of Breastfeeding" apparently has a good section on twins, and it's on my list to check out soon.  "Mothering Multiples" also recommends weaning any nursing toddlers while you're pregnant with multiples, and my LLL leader, MFM, and FPD all said it's not a problem.  Still, it's definitely a useful book, and really comprehensive when it comes to breastfeeding issues.


The Dr. Luke book is the most comprehensive of all the twin books I've read, and I like to have as much info as I can, so that is a major plus for me.  It's also the most recently revised.  It seems a little strong on the intervention/medicalizing-pregnancy side of things, but it's better than many books are.  

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I enjoyed LLL Mothering Multiples. I read it while pregnant but it read like fiction since none of it was my reality (yet) and I had to go back once I was firmly in the moment and read again ;)

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