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Felt like I might have a heart attack

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All I can say is NOT AGAIN......geez!

I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks that I have arrested through medication(depression) and therapy.

I wanted to start working on my diet again and started taking coconut oil again along with ACV and oregano oil.


I started back on TF as well and was feeling good but then started having heart palpitations again and it just finally occured to me yesterday that it was the coconut oil!


What am I doing wrong, what do I need to know?  Why is this happening?


I poked around online and found that this is not uncommon at all, but didn't really find any useful info?


Anything is appreciated, thanks!

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Should add:

I have been having frequent dull headaches the past two weeks.

Ache-y joints

swollen glands

and now I am sick!


I think it's all connected but my head is so foggy I feel like I can't keep all the conflicting info straight.

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I don't have a definitive answer for you, but you might either be sensitive to coconut or it might be detoxing you too quickly, causing unpleasant symptoms.  If you're having heart palpitations and anxiety, you should look into supplementing with magnesium, preferrably the oil as I imagine you have gut issues going along with the depression (and as most people these days do).  Oral magnesium is difficult for a lot of people to absorb properly.  I would lay off the coconut oil for a bit and then try introducing a very small amount to see what happens.  You might also want to add a bit of bentonite clay in the morning and at bedtime to help mop up the toxins you're releasing with the oil of oregano and the CO.

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Hey, I've never heard of any type of reaction from taking coconut oil other than allergies but then again I've never actually looked in to it.  Why do you take oregano oil?   That is a antibiotic, and I've read conflicting information about whether or not it should even be taken internally, I personally would not, I would think that it would mess with gut flora.

What I would do about your head and joint aches and being sick is take lots of ginger.   Ginger is anti-inflammatory, can help reduce pain and inflammation throughout the  body, and can help keep you from getting sick.   Here is some info, http://www.keeperofthehome.org/2010/02/a-year-of-herbs-ginger.html  although I think there are some things she doesnt quite cover sufficiently.  Anyway, how we take it- Grate a tsp or 2, pour nearly boiling water over it, steep about 15 min, and we drink it all but some people strain out the ginger shavings.  You can also cut out a chunk of ginger the size of a large pill, poke holes in it, and swallow it like a pill.  I always roll my chunk of ginger in powdered turmeric first then swallow, it does seem to help even more with pain relief or symptom relief when we are sick.  You can do the same thing with a garlic clove for sickness as well.

Do you read Mercola?  Subscribe to the newsletter at www.mercola.com  I think that will help you with your overall health!  He sends out daily newsletters with 1 or 2 new articles, very good info!

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Sorry it took me so a minute to get back here, we were without internet for a few days.


I appreciate the thoughtful responses.  I have been able to figure out that it must have been the coconut oil only because I quit taking it and the palpitations stopped.


I love ginger so that would be any easy addition.

I will look into the magnesium, have been mentally aversed because my friend gave herself magnesium poisoning but she was actually rubbing it on her body everyday in the shower.....I don't know why.


I can only say that I was taking the oregano oil upon reccomendation here on the boards for use in trying to get a handle on my gut issues.....

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You probably have Lyme disease. Look it up. Probably bartonella, too ( the "heart attack feeling) . I cured myself with the Cowden condensed herbal formulas.


2 years ago, I thought I would not live. Found out I had Lyme and found an herbal cure.

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Ohh, have u seen the documentry called Doctored??  Its really good n talks about Lyme in it!

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