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New and healing

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Hey! I am new and ready to explore...


I have an almost 17 month old girl and an overworked hubby. My birth experience was very traumatic, and my little girl was a very very fussy infant. Between all that I was busy and also reluctant to participate in any natural type forums. I had wanted a very natural childbirth and any talk of pregnancy or birth was, and still is, a bit tough for me. My sensitive and highly active baby provided me with some extreme parenting experiences, and that was and is hard to convey as well.


Thankfully, toddlerhood has helped. She is much, much, more calm now, and everyone else's sweet babies have turned into toddlers, so we're meeting more in the middle now. She's still a handful and unusually active, but she is not constantly crying and she occasionally sleeps these days, so I'm a bit happier and getting some sleep :)


All of this has turned me into a whatever-works kind of parent. It happens to be that a loving child-centered natural approach sometimes works really well. Honestly, though, if a swing would have helped her stopped crying she would have been on the swing. But the swing made her cry. Cosleeping, which I was very into, made her wake up. Like I said, I'll do whatever works. I'm still trying to figure out what does work...


Joining and participating is really a bit of healing for me from my pregnancy, birth, and tough first year of parenting.

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Hi Peanut.  Welcome to MDC!  I'm sorry you didn't have the birth experience you wanted.  You may want to check out the Healing Birth Trauma forum. There are a lot of women, myself included, that had rough birth experiences.  You are not alone.  grouphug.gif

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Welcome to Mothering!

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