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cosleeper recommendations?

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Anyone use the Arm's Reach cosleeper for their twins? regular or mini? 
If you used something else, what was it?

Thanks in advance!

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We have the regular arms reach co-sleeper from when our DD was an infant and loved it for her. 

We are going to have twins, but they are not born yet so we haven't tried it yet. 

We do not plan on using it as a co-sleeper, because it wouldn't be useful for very long. We plan on side-carring the crib to our bed and using that for the first few months. 

We do plan on using the co-sleeper, with all sides up, as a napping cot in the living room for the twins for the first few months. 

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Here's a helpful article on safe ways to side-car.: http://www.drmomma.org/2010/01/turn-your-crib-into-cosleeper.html


Our crib has a toddler rail that I used between the crib and bed to stabilize the crib sides since they needed something to hold them together better than the wire mattress support. It also meant I could keep using my body pillow without worrying about it going in the crib.

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I found out about side-carring yesterday and I think that is going to be the route we go. Thank you for sharing the article, Brambleberry!

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Most books recommend having separate cribs starting at 3 months, because they'll kick each other and wake each other up.  I would really rather not, but we have a back-up crib given to us by a friend just in case.  Has anyone gotten by with just one bed for their twins up through toddlerhood?  It seems like it would be so much more convenient and would ease their transition out of our bed when the time comes.

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I cosleep with the twins. At first they were in the middle of the king size bed but not touching each other. That didn't work for more than a month because I was sick of crawling from one side to the other to nurse each of them. At that point my DH moved to the guest bed again with our toddler and I have one on either side of me to sleep. That's working so far even though they roll toward me and I have to constantly reposition them all night. But it's better than getting out of bed to get them from a crib! I put a rolled up towel on either side of them to keep them from moving too much and from going off the bed. I have no idea what to expect when they're crawling all over me in a few months! I'd love suggestions from anyone who's dealt with that already.

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i co sleep the twins in a Arms reach original for 6 months and then switched over to a side car crib. i liked the arms reach, it was a clean simple solution, wheret he crib was a bit sloppyier to make sure everything was safe.   i can see how i could have spent some time making a crib work from day one, but it would have taken some more work.


they slept in the same bed till they were nearly a year old.

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We bed shared from day one (now almost two y.o.) with a cal king mattress on the floor pushed tightly in the corner with a child on either side of me and I nurse simultaneously while getting rest. 

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we used the arms reach co sleeper, but the one made of wood (i think it was called a sleigh bed style) because it had legs that could be raised to the height of our enormous cal king bed...i put both babies in that for the first few months (i think around 3), tightly swaddled, and i would pick them up as they woke to feed and side lie nurse them, then switch babies when the other woke up...did the same for diaper changes, etc.


we have had a crib side carred to our bed for years for our older children, and when our older toddler moved into her own room with her brother, we moved a twin into that crib and one sleeps between us. i think we are ready to just put a second crib on the other side of the bed, now that i've nightweaned so hubs and i can sleep next to one another again...also because bed sleeping twin is becoming very fitful...

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Baby isn't here yet, but we will sidecarring a crib to our bed.

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we started with arms reach regular and loved it until they grew too long to lay perpendicular.  Now we have crib sidecarred and its musical beds with one or other next to me in my bed and other in side car all night long (by their choice), lol.  it works though--def did not want them apart--I LOVE watching them snuggle together though sometimes they wake each other but not more than they wake our 3yo by crying. 

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We use the regular for triplets.


I also would get two Fisher Price Rock n' Play.  Multiples LOVE them and sometimes you just cannot put them together.

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This probably is a silly question, but do those of you who use a co-sleeper also tandem-nurse at night? How does it work with a co-sleeper? 

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We used the regular Arms Reach.  Just this week we transitioned to a crib next to our bed (the twins are 11 weeks; 8 weeks adjusted).  They were beginning to kick one another and keep each other awake.  Our crib isn't side-carred, just right next to our bed.  So far one is doing fine in there, the other is very fussy.  But she is smaller and needs more soothing.  We often end up putting her in bed with us.

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