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Want to meet my baby? :)

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Appointment today was surreal. I saw my little one's heart beating away immediately upon the probe being place on my belly. Measuring ahead a little (thank GOODNESS - I'll take a few less days of morning sickness!) at 7w1d (I thought I was 6w4d).


The baby's heart was beating away at 147 bpm. DH choked up when he heard it...I can't decide which sound was more precious to me. stillheart.gif


I've lost 5 pounds, but hanging in there. I got food poisoning last night, so that may have contributed to a couple of those lost pounds, too. How unfair is food poisoning when you're already suffering from severe morning sickness?


I spilled the beans to the world (on Facebook) today - I just can't hide behind this anymore. I'm sick, miserable, pimply and barely leave my house anymore. I wanted everyone to know why - and not just think I'm being cold and impersonal. Plus, a little extra support never hurt....AND, my midwife said from all she sees, she's not concerned about miscarriage at ALL at this point! Best thing I heard all day.


Finally - we have our baby!

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Congrats! How exciting for you. So how did you tell Facebook? With the ultrasound picture?
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Nice to hear the appt. went well.
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Yay!!!  Congratulations.  :)

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yay!! congrats!

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Awwwwwww!!! Snug as a bug in there! So glad everything went so well for you smile.gif . Your happiness leaps off the screen and how sweet is that about your DH happytears.gif .
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That's so awesome!! It must feel better to have told the world at this point too. No more hiding how crappy you feel!

What an exciting thing to hear the heartbeat. I can't wait!
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