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" a little shaky" at 3yrs old... suddenly I'm concerned

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my son, just 3yo, wakes from sleep... and is "shaky" for about an hour.


I've never really paid attention to it; it's just his normal self. But he just had his WBV appt, which made me think... is there anything? No, nothing at the time. Just happened that the next morning was especially "shaky".

He's in speech therapy 2x a week.

Normally 8am, and we get up at 7:30. So our 1/2hr to get to our appointment is rushed. He doesn't really "wake"... I just open his door, he is sleeping and snoring (yes, he snores), and instantly he's UP. He's clumsy. He doesn't take time to "wake" up, he just moves, instantly. So yeah, there are times he's... shaky finding his yogurt. or cereal. some mornings are worse than others.


I never really thought about it.

But come to think about it....it's consistent. He JUTS up from the bed, I have the cereal there, he has trouble with the spoon. I just figured... his neuro systems aren't awake yet. some days are better than others.


by the time we get to speech at 8am, he's 80%.

by the time we get to daycare an hour later, he's not "twitchy" at all.


But I mentioned to his Speech Therapist last week... today he had a rough morning (with the spoon, I meant). And he was exceptionally hyper-active.

She mentioned that she's see that "twitchiness" on his fine-motor.


And she questioned me.

SHE was concerned.... only because I brought it up.


She is an SLP and has a co-worker dealing with Occupational Therapy, and she wants to ask them bout his "shaky", because... this isn't normal? Even 1/2-1hr after waking up?


She was concerned! Like... REALLY concerned, and happy that I'd brought it up. She'd seen it many times, since out appts are always 8am, so crazy early. It is more than often... it might be norm. He will normally "right" himself after about an hour. It takes that long for him to become stable.


Yeah, he was twichy as a baby and people mentioned it. And I'd say, YES, that his infant-self, grew up out it at 6mos... but he still has it still, on super-sleepy mornings.


Is it something to worry about? It scared his SLP.

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It's annoying that it scared his SLP who proced to not even ask you about it.  


I would absolutely bring it up to the ped.  First, the snoring is likely preventing him from getting solid sleep--and that can present in developmental delays.  But between my own children (bio and adoptive) and multiple foster children, I have never seen that and they have ALL had special needs to one degree or another (varying from mild to serious).


I would also cross-post it to one of the medical professionals in our MDC "Ask the Experts" forums.  There are a few doctors on there (various types depending on the type you're most comfortable with!)



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