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Birth Bead Swap... Anyone interested???? :)

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Has anyone heard of a birth bead swap?  I was thinking that it might be something really fun to do!!!! :)


Here is a short article about what it is.


Essentially, what happens is this:  Everyone involved buys a certain number (however many people sign up to participate) of beads with a special meaning to them (reason for special meaning can vary. how the bead looks, what material it is made of, design, color, whatever reason....).  They then send the beads they chose to share to the "distributor" (I am willing to do this job) with either a dollar or two for shipping or a small shipping package with their return address (details can be figured out later and I am open to suggestions as to how this can work) and a note of encouragement for the people participating.  The 'distributor' then organizes the beads (so that each person participating receives a bead from all other participants) and sends each participant their new set of beads along with a compilation of the encouraging/inspirational notes.  Once you get your beads in the mail, you can string the beads onto a string or a chain (to make a necklace or bracelet) and use it as inspiration during labor/birth.  It is a nice reminder of all the women on this group who support you and are going through the same change at the same time as you!


Estimated time of final delivery of the 'distributor' to the participants is end of Jan/beginning of Feb so mothers who go into labor early have their beads in time for delivery.



So, my questions to you:

What do you think of this idea?   Would you be interested in participating if we pursued the idea?  Do you have any questions?  Do you have any suggestions?

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I would be interested! I think it would be really special to have something from you ladies, especially when it is time for the birth. 

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I would be interested!

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I did this with my MMC group when I was pregnant with DS. I would love to do it again. Count me in!

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Oh I love this idea!!!  Definitely one worth developing for those interested.

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Great Idea!!!!  count me in!!!!!

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This sounds like a very cool, very special, idea! I'm in! :)

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I did this with my DDC last time around with DD. It was really fun and I cherish the necklace I made with my beads.

I would love to join in!

Here's some pics of what I did with the beads I received.



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you know, cocoanib, your blog is one of the first to come up when you put "birth bead swap" into google!  :)


Such a nice necklace!  Thanks for sharing!

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very cool! I would be open to doing something like this!

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I am interested in doing this.

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This sounds very special, I almost have tears in my eyes reading about it and seeing cocoanib's necklace that she made with the beads.  A friend of mine gave me a small gemstone right before I gave birth to DD but then I misplaced it around the time I went into labor.  I put a jacket on near transition because I was chilly, I reached into the pocket and, what do ya know, there was the gemstone!  I gripped it in my hand while she came out, I believed it helped me feel more centered and powerful, both because of the type of gemstone it was and the fact that my strong, warrior-like friend gave it to me.  I know that if I had beads from everyone in this DDC and made a necklace out of it, wearing it during labor would help me feel stronger and connected to all the mamas who are giving birth at about the same time.  

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Count me in for sure!

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This sounds like fun, I'm in!

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Oh, and I wanted to add--


I think we should have firm mailing dates for the beads, and not too far off.


I've been in swaps where a member or two lagged and it really drew things out.


Since some of us who are due at the beginning of March are already in our 22nd week, and "term" comes at 37 weeks, that time will pass quickly when it comes to

mailing our own beads, the co-ordinator getting packs together and mailing, then assembling our own bracelets/necklaces.


Hope that makes sense : )

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Agreed! What about a mail date of mid-December? Then surely the coordinator would have everything by the end of the year. If they're back out in the mail by mid-January mamas should definitely have their beads by the beginning of February giving them about a month to do whatever they'd like with them.
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This all sounds good to me. :) I will start a thread later today with firm sign up commitment.  Then whoever signs up will be pm'd my home address to send their beads.  


Anyone have any input on if we should have each person include the money for the cost of the distributor shipping beads back to them  or including a prepaid package when they ship their beads to the coordinator/distributor?

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December sounds good for mailing. I wonder if the beginning might be more ideal, since many of us will have holiday things going on out the wazoo once that month starts.


As for money--- would PayPal of say, two dollars, to the organizer, cover the buck or so for postage, plus some for a little mailer?

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I've never received a paypal payment before... How would I sign up to do that?

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When we did a bow exchange in my EC with DD we just included a few dollars cash in the envelope.
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