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Originally Posted by Thyme Mama View Post


Maybe I have some freak babies, but my newborns seem to pee a *ton*. Soaking through clothes and blankets and everything. shrug.gif That's a big reason I love cloth, because it's more absorbent than paper sposies, IME.


Yeah, mine too! 


And yep, once you get the hang of cloth diapers, it's pretty easy. Best part of newborn diapers is that you don't have to do anything with the poopy dipes but dump in the washer!

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Originally Posted by STLmama225 View Post

So I'm a first time mom and planning on cloth diapering. I got my husband on board by deciding to go with AIOs wink1.gif. We were lucky enough to receive about half our stash at baby showers -- yay! We went with bum Genius AIOs, and some of the organic Elementals too for nighttime absorbency. So, I have a mishmash of regular AIOs and organic AIOs and now I feel really overwhelmed as how to launder them! Ive been digging around on the MDC forums for advice, but I think I now have more questions than answers! Help, please!
1. I have always heard that you have to line dry cloth diapers, especially pockets or AIOs. But I was seeing lots of moms on the forums saying they throw everything in the dryer. Is that a legitimate option or a no-no? If you can put BG in the dryer, what setting do you use and for how long?

2. Seems from my reading that most people's wash routines look something like this: cold rinse with nothing, hot wash with 1/4 to 1/2 detergent amount, and then a final rinse with cold or hot water. Is that more or less what you ladies do?

3. As far as wash cycle options on my washing machine, I've got colors, whites, delicates, quick wash, and load sensing. Which should I use for my diapers? (Its a front loader and not HE)

4. What's all the fuss about PUL? Do the diapers I'm using fall under that category? There seems to be great debate surrounding whether or not you can put them in the dryer (some saying you are supposed to, and others saying never because it's plastic). Thoughts?

5. According to the Cotton Babies website, the care instructions are different for the regular Freetime AIOs and the organic Elementals. Really? What a pain. Do folks who have both wash them separately or together? Dry them separately or together? (It says to line dry the Freetimes and "dry warm" the Elementals). Also, it says the Elementals should be per-washed 5-7 times before initial use. Is this important? I will post their instructions for each below:

Freetime: Care Instructions
Fasten hook tabs to laundry tabs on slot cover.
Pre-wash cold. Wash hot (100F/40C) with bumGenius detergent.
Extra rinse. Line Dry.
No laundry additives. No fabric softeners.
Use 1/4 cup or 60 mL bleach in the hot wash once per month.
Elementals: Care Instructions
Your organic diapers will need to be prewashed 5-7 times in hot water with a bit of detergent in each load. Dry warm.
Regular wash routine: Wash cold with ¼ of the manufacturer’s recommended amount of additive free detergent. Wash hot with the same amount of detergent. Double rinse. Dry warm.
So do I bleach the Elementals monthy too? You see why I am confused? smile.gif

6. What's this about stripping diapers? I don't even know what that means!
Thank you mamas so much!!!! I so excited to read everyone's birth stories!


I have only just washed mine which are all used. BUT from what my SILs have told me and remembering Mom's old school ones....


1.  Just dry them like everything else


2.  I plan, as combining SILs advice, to soak for only one day (so do a load daily to eliminate stains and stinkies), wash in my home made soap in hot water, rinse in cold bc that's the only option my washer gives me, dry. I'll line dry in summer, but not winter in WA State for sure!


3.  I would experiment.


4.  No idea whatsoever.


5.  I would probably wash them bc it's probably to soften and remove factory residue. I wouldn't bother drying between.


6. I used to remember but I forget....

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Thank you, everyone! This has been most helpful! joy.gif
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My wife runs a cloth diaper business,[Admin note: Post edited to remove link as promotional posting of links to commercial sites is not allowed], and can answer your questions.  She has an FAQ on her site with wash instructions, prep instructions and more.  Although she sells pocket diapers the details are the same. 


1.  Line Drying is recommended to extend the life of the diapers.  It keeps the elastic and PUL from wearing out.  You can dry on low if that isn't an option.


2.  Use a cloth diaper safe detergent.  See the [Admin note: Link removed. See above.]  FAQ for more


3.  If you have an option for a second rinse, use that.  Otherwise, Diapers should go through a cold pre-rinse (no detergent), warm wash with cloth diaper safe detergent and a final cold rinse (no detergent). 


4.  The PUL is the waterproof lining part of the diaper.  Poly Urethane Laminate. 


5.  The organics may be made with bamboo.  Bamboo has natural oils so it is VERY important to wash them on their own the first few times so that the water repellent oil doesn't get on the other diapers.  See the [Admin note: Link removed. See above.] FAQ for more info on prepping Bamboo inserts.  The boiling part won't apply if it is an AIO but the second option might help.  To prep your diaper for the first time, dry it on high for 20-30 minutes to make sure the PUL is sealed properly.


6.  If you use detergent that isn't considered cloth diaper friendly, it can leave a residue on the diapers.  The same residue that starts to make clothes look dull and dingy after a while can affect the absorbency of the diaper.  RLR Laundry treatment seems to work best to strip that residue off.  You just wash the diapers with RLR once a month to strip the residue and keep the absorbency.

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