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for those not birthing at home, what will be in your birth center/hospital bag?

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nesting is kicking in hardcore for me, and i'm suddenly obsessed with having my bag packed for the birth center. especially since i'm on my own between now and 39 weeks, i want everything ready early. with dd i packed stuff like a cute "going home" outfit for me and baby, but we ended up in pj's and onesies the whole time, and i forgot my nursing support pillow which would have been really handy. so what are you mamas packing and why? i'm undecided whether to bring lots of stuff to make the labor space cozy, or whether i'll be too in the moment to care about whether it smells like lavender and what music is playing. i know this time i'm packing natural products for baby's first bath so that she doesn't get smeared with nasty johnson and johnson stuff.

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Great thread idea!  I need to get packing too :)  I hope not to stay very long (if he's born in the night I'll wait till morning, if he's born during the day maybe 5-6 hours if all's well) but I'd rather be over-packed than under.


- nothing for labor that I can think of (besides DH :) ) comfy clothes & hoodie, earphones for the mp3s on my phone...

- yes - our own shower/bathing products and towells and my nice big firm nursing pillow

- slippers

- snacks

- newborn dipes, wipes, onesies, pjs, booties, hat, blanket, fleece pjs for car trip home

- loose comfortable post delivery "clothes"/pjs... that aren't totally hideous :)

- Lansinoh & those nipple shell protector things so if my nipples get sore like they did last time they don't have to touch fabric

- camera, charger, phone, charger!

- I still want to get a belly binding wide ace bandage but haven't yet


Any other ideas?

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When I see my MW next I'm going to ask about what's available at the birth center so I can hopefully cross a few things off right there. I've got three separate bags in mind: labor, baby/postpartum, and overnight if needed.

Labor bag is basically my purse plus a few extras. It will have my paperwork, some cash; a cell phone/camera/music and its charger, a water bottle with a bendy straw, snacks for me & DH; a dress to labor in, fuzzy socks, slippers, and a robe; a swimsuit for DH if he wants to get in the tub; a special photo focal point and whatever labor aids they don't have available (massage oil, aromatherapy oils, rice sock, etc)

Baby/postpartum bag will have stuff for the first few hours, so basically what would go in a diaper bag and a gym bag. Diapers, wipes, clothes, and blankets for baby. And for me, pads, undies, and a change of clothes. Towels/toiletries for us both. And more snacks smile.gif

Assuming it's a quick labor and we go right home, we won't need anything else. But just in case I'll pack an overnight bag with stuff to get all three of us through an extra day/night. I'll feel more secure knowing that's in the car and that DH won't have to leave me to get anything.

Also, I'm going to remind DH to do a double check and add anything else he wants for himself. Last time he ended up wearing my short, fuzzy, aqua blue robe orngbiggrin.gif
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I have overpacked literally every time I've gone into labor. Not doing that this time. I considered doing cloth in the hospital, but they usually give us a pack of newborn sposies and I'm not thrilled about meconium stains on my itty nb dipes.redface.gif So far, I'm thinking:


stuff to keep my hair up and looking decent (two hairbands, a spritz bottle, and a bandana, probably)

camera with batteries, cell phone

advance directive, birth plan

nursing pads

baby's going home outfit and blanket

two newborn sleepers and two undershirts

yarn and needles (because I can never be too far away from my knitting)

my kindle and my charging cord

nipple cream

nursing bra (maybe 2), underwear

a pillow from home, nursing pillow

my journal and a pen

going home outfit for me

deodorant, toothpaste, and toothbrush

slippers and robe


And that's probably it! Although after writing it out, that still looks like a lot...lol

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i need to find out how long i'll be staying. the birth center i'm using is attached to a hospital, and the brochure says 24 hours is the minimum for the hospital, but i'm not sure if the birth center is different. need to remember to ask my midwife. that will make a big difference, whether i'm packing for several hours after delivery or a day or two. i also need to find out what after care items are provided.

so far my list is:


phone, ipod, chargers for both

"breathe right" type nose strips for deeper breathing during labor

rice sock, tennis ball in case it's all back labor again

snacks/drinks for during labor for me and dh and my mom

pj's and slipper socks

nursing bra, comfy underwear

mama pads, nursing pads

nursing pillow

"after ease" or similar herbal pain relief

natural soap and baby lotion

toothbrush, toiletries

undershirt, onesie, gown, socks and hat for baby

burp rags, swaddle blanket, warm blanket for trip home

diapers and wipes - we're doing sposies for at least the first week because of meconium and to cut down on laundry while i recover

cooler, ice packs, large ziplocks to take placenta home in

dh's sketchbook to put baby's footprints in on the same page where dd's are

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