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Almost 7 year old + 1 year old

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I know that in the past there have been threads about room sharing with varying aged children. Please link me up, I'm in need of help!  I'd also love any links to blogs with pictures of simple & Montessori style rooms for children of varied ages.  Maybe that's a long shot, but it doesn't hurt to ask ;-)  


Thank you!!!  Tips and such appreciated as well ;-)

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Just last night we finally finished our kids "nursery" and started moving them in! joy.gifIt's been a year of gutting and remodeling, so we are all pretty darn stoked. Their ages are 6 yo DD, 4 yo DS and 2 yo DS, but the 2 yo still sleeps with us, and baby #4 is due any day now.


We definitely are a minimalist/natural style family. Natural woods, lanterns and plants everywhere. I am a sucker for fabrics, so we have cotton velvet, burlap and other natural fabrics that have an interesting sensory feel all around the house. Clutter-free. I am finishing up in the nursery tonight and tomorrow, and I will post pics for you when I'm done. smile.gif I still have beds to build, but they are simple "pioneer" style beds, with a soft rounded headboard, no footboard and low to the ground.


As far as blogs go, I really enjoy the feel of SouleMama's home. She recently redid two of her kids rooms and they are very nice. If you look back in her archives about 2 years you can see a lot of kid-bedroom inspiration, as that's about when they bought their farmhouse and started renovations. http://www.soulemama.typepad.com/

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Thank you Thyme Mama!  I do occasionally read SouleMama, and you're right-that's a great spot to head to for inspiration.  


I would love to see photos when you're done with your room, it sounds lovely!  



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I haven't forgotten about this thread! orngtongue.gif I have been busy nesting and getting everything in my house *just so*. lol.gif It's been raining and the light has been terrible lately, but tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, so I'll take some pics and post them.


I also remembered about another little blog I like, Little Home Blessings, if you look in her archives under Our Little Home (I believe), you'll see pics of their last couple houses and her style is so serene and calming. A hot pie cooling on the stone mantle, with wooden spoons hanging down. Clear spaces with sunlight pouring in. Natural and polished wood furniture with *no* knick-knacks. Sewing and knitting going on. It's like Little Women meets Little House On The Prairie meets an Amish home. Completely un-contrived. I think you would enjoy it! smile.gif

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