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Breech Vaginal Birth

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Hi all,  So I'm almost 36 weeks and my baby is breech.  Been trying all the fun exercises/stretches from spinningbabies.com...been doing Webster Tech. since I was 31 weeks 3 X's a week.  My accupuncturist said that she won't do moxibustion till this week...but I am looking to see if anyone on this board knows of any practitioners in the Northern NJ area that deliver vaginal breech babies. 


I am currently seeing a midwife in Clifton and realllllly do not want to get a C-Section.  I know that there is still a chance that the little guy will flip, but I would like to be as prepared as possible in case he doesn't. 


Thanks for your help!!

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 Dr. Judy Banks will do breech- at least for 2nd time moms.  Dana if you are reading this, do you know if she will do breech for a first timer?  Her office is in Florham Park, and has privileges at Morristown.  I just adore her.  I know a blog post I wrote about her is floating around this board somewhere, but here it is again: http://www.doulanj.com/blog.html

Good Luck~

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Dr. Spergel is a Chior. that might be able to flip the baby. He is Livingston NJ.  He does the Webster's Tech???? I think that is what is called????

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There is also a chiro in PA named Dr. Bagnell who developed a unique technique for flippping breech babies called the Bagnell Technique. 

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