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Anyone have headaches?

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I remember getting them a lot with my last pregnancy, and I would use that "Head On" roll on thing. But can't seem to find it this time around. Guess they went out of business or something. Anyways, I'm looking for natural ways to relieve headaches if you guys know any! There's a lot of natural based stores that sell peppermint roll ons but they all say do not use if you are pregnant. So I guess they are not so natural. But I'd Iike to hear your relief ideas if you have any. I don't want to take anything if I can help it.

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There's a thread on migraine relief floating around the main pregnancy forum that I was checking out since for whatever reason I'm awake right now (even though I need to get up at 5 AM eyesroll.gif ). Some of the ideas I read there from the poster dollyanna where you don't have to take a pill or anything include getting extra magnesium and riboflavin, trying acupuncture, getting in some caffeine, eating more with a focus on fat intake, and getting a whiff of peppermint essential oil. Here's a link.

Taking a few deep breaths with a cool/ice cold cloth over your eyes might prove nice. Maybe some yoga or other exercise to get your heart rate up for a bit? Beyond that I got nothin' disappointed.gif . I hope you find some relief though!
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Thanks for the link!! Ive been looking at it! smile.gif
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Yep. I've had a constant mild headache for about the past two weeks. It sucks, but I'll take it over horrible morning sickness anyday! (I have moderate/mild m/s)


I haven't found anything that helps yet. But I haven't honestly tried much, lol!

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