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Weekly Chat Oct. 28th- Nov. 4

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Chat away! :) If you want to visit lat week's thread, it is here.


Linnaea- I hope you feel better.  Stock up on some iron and see if that helps!  Do you  use cast iron cookware?  I have had to stop iron supplementation ever since about 2 months after starting to use it.  And this is from a girl who was so iron deficient that I have been on the verge of needing a blood transfusion more than once (while actually taking supplements...crappy supplements, but still)!!


chocolatechip- I don't think edits get sent to the thread starter.  So you are prob in the clear! :)  I am glad your visit with friends was so nice.  I hope you are able to catch up on the sleep you need over the next few days! :)


AFM- Not much going on with me.  I am going on a little getaway with DH for my early bday gift.  I will not be available from the 1st-4th. The no computer thing will be hard, but I am really really excited to have some one on one with him!!! :)

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nm, double post!

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Jodie- You guys will have a blast (but of course we will miss you!!!) Where are two going to go?

AFM- Going to be carving pumpkins today and making caramel apples. Very excited for Halloween. DS is going to be Batman and I am going to be Robin! Is anyone else dressing up? What are you littles going to be? Last year the mosquitos were absolutely brutal. I am hoping that they aren't like that this year. 
We have our u/s on Thursday morning. I am so excited to get pictures. At this point I think we will be finding out gender, but I will be crossing my fingers that one of them isn't cooperating so that we can be surprised winky.gif 
I can't believe that October is almost over. We are getting closer and closer to March, ladies!!

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Jodie - I am not ambitious to drive to our closest Cinnabon (about 20 minutes away), so it's Pillsbury for us this morning. But, if DH doesn't get up soon he's going to miss out. Serves his right for sleeping in.


October did go by super fast. I just can't believe it. We took DS to the local high school for a trick or treat thing last night. He was dressed up as a train conductor complete with Thomas bucket. He was a hit. It's always fun going there because it's where I used to work. So I got to see some of my old students and co-workers that I haven't seen since May. It was good to see them, but it also reminded me how happy I am to be home this year. Today we're taking DS to a local corn maze that has some hay rides and things. I might wear my skeleton shirt for the occasion. Other than that, we're not planning any costumes (for the adults) this year. Maybe next year when DS "gets" Halloween a bit more.

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Good morning!


Today is Turkey day, which isn't a good thing for the Turkeys. My husband is borrowing the tools to process them and I think I need to not have the kids here. I don't think I'll be able to raise Turkeys, again. But, since they are now nipping at us, it's a little easier. Sorry to post and run, but the kids are done eating, which ends my computer time.

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We had Pillsbury cinnamon rolls for breakfast, this morning, and I made myself another omelet with the leftover mushrooms and onions from yesterday. Nom. I still want sushi, but I suppose I will survive for now.


Jodie-I hope you guys enjoy your getaway!


Instead of actually putting together the finally cut pieces of my daughter's costume, yesterday, I went over to a friend's and watched her add felting to a silk scarf for her daughter, which was pretty cool, and then wandered out to the barn with her to visit her pony. :) I guess that means I really need to get my butt in gear, today, and book it on this costume!


We're supposed to go get pumpkins today. I don't know when we'll carve them, though. There's a farm not too far from here with some really cool ones. I can't wait. :)


I am 20 weeks today. \o/ We won't get our anatomy scan until next Thursday, though I do have an(other) OB appt this Thursday. Whee.

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Jodie- have fun on your getaway!!! Wink wink lol!!!

WLL- I can wait to hear your results!! Lol, you actually got DP and I talking about the 'what ifs'' if we should find ourselves in a similar situation. It was quite the fun little discussion! I hope you get the answers and results you're looking for!!

Cabbit - Gl on getting the costume finished!

AFM - I interviewed for an amazing job! It's just perfect all around so I REALLY hope I get it! DP has pneumonia which has been fun. greensad.gif Last night we were afraid he was having a heart attack but he was able to lay with me in bed for the first time in over a month after our paramedic friend went home. Goodness I missed having him in bed!! (Turned out to be really bad angina not a heart attack.). I just hope he starts feeling better soon. His ex is still denying visitation with DSD and partially denying visitation with DSS. I can't wait until the judge hands her her head on a platter in court for all the shit she's pulled and flat out lies she's told to DSS trying to turn him against DP and I. We had a good laugh this morning when she suggested to DP and I that we come check out the new lingerie that just hit the store she works at. Really? Pyschotic woman. We don't have any of our kiddos for Halloween this year so no dressing up here. With all DP's doc visits we've spent a fair bit of time at his mom's and DP says she really likes me. He was (jokingly) whining about his coffee and apparently I sassed him back in such a way that impressed her, lol! Then the next morning I fixed his hair for him which also apparently impressed her despite her good natured ribbing. (DP has long hair and we bond over my brushing and ponytailing of it.) Our scan is on Friday - I hope baby cooperates!! Lol, and thanks ladies - now I feel the need to go bake the orange cinnamon rolls in my fridge!! LOL. smile.gif
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Ohhhh... We are still on the cinnamon roll kick?! Who started that anyway..? LOL!!  Nom!! I have decided... This is a fabulous idea!! I am going to make cinnamon rolls. I absolutely love to cook and bake, as you may know already, and I hunted around on foodgawker for a great recipe. This is what I am going to do...




Ohhhh nom nom nom!!! Maybe I'll post pictures in our recipe thread!

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babytoes!  Why oh why!!!! That sounds sooo good!  And it looks even better.  Maybe I will have a chance to bake them before my trip!  If not, I hope the drooling stops by then... ;)

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Hey happy weekend everyone!


DD and the dog and I were kicked out of the house today so DH could do some plumbing things.  We stopped back home for a bit but we have to go out for dinner tonight because there's still no hot water - DH thinks he'll have it hooked up before bed though.


I'm having some kind of allergic reaction - I think to the kiwiberries I got on Friday.  The backs of my hands and my cheeks (face ones, LOL) are SO itchy and if I scratch they come up in hives.  I'm not normally allergic to anything, but I had this reaction to something back in June - I was pregnant but it was before I found out - that I think might have been salmonberries, something else I've eaten in the past without any issues.  I think it's a pregnancy thing, my system just overreacting.  But it's really, really annoying.  I will take an antihistamine tonight and hope it goes away.  Hydrocortisone cream doesn't seem to be doing anything.


GranolaMama I hope you get the job!

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Hi ladies, hoping to jump back into being a regular on the chat thread.  Mom moved in with us at the end and we were all together the last few weeks of her life.  Dad and I held her hands as she took her last breaths and she had a beautiful departure from this earth.  After a week of services, getting back to work, and getting my life back into place I'm ready to focus on this baby and being pregnant.  Mom was able to meet the midwife before she passed and two days before she passed, we did a gender US here at the house, she saw her grandson swimming around in there.  Its the last thing she saw, she closed her eyes and 48 hrs later she was gone.  We named the little guy last week, Griffin Jasper, G for my dad Guy and J for my mom Jeanne.  We are in the midst of hurricane prep, school is closed, and luckily DH has monday's off so he's off with C$ at the indoor bounce house.  Hopefully we don't loose power but we'll be ok if we do. 


Ellie, batman and robin, so cute! Halloween is probably going to get cancelled here but C$ has a Jack Sparrow costume that he's already "over".  Oy!


Granola, good luck with the new job, I hope it works out for you! I am waiting to hear as well, I'm so anxious b/c I want in a new role NOW so when we all go out on mat leave, I've made some of an impact already.

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BeantownBaby I am so sorry for your loss. You must feel blessed that you were there in her last moments, that is something that is very important to myself and my siblings when our parents get to that point. I believe having last moments be positive and loving, although very sad, help with the grieving process. I think that having the u/s at your house where she could see her grandson is an incredible gift, for the entire family. How very bittersweet.


LOVE the name Griffin Jasper!! It has a great sound to it, I am jealous you came to a name so quickly, DP and I are still batting around in the name cage... Gggrrrrr!! It's amazing to me how in everyday life we get along so impeccably, never argue or fight. But picking out a name for this little lady has been a nightmare! Everything I like, he dislikes ..."too odd, sounds weird, I dated a girl with a name that sounds like that"... and everything he likes sounds like an old grandma name... Not really, but 75% of them do. I will say we have, over the last month, finally found 3 that we agree on, but they are in no way a definitive name by any means. We did agree a few nights ago, that it was fine if we didn't have a 100% nailed down name by the time she comes, and we may need to actually see her and look into her eyes before we know who she is... Does that make sense?  

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Babytoes, that's exactly how we named DD...sort of.  That was the PLAN anyway.  We had a "short list" of 5 names and we were going to wait until she was born to finalize on one.  Then the birth was so incredibly difficult and horrible and when the midwife asked "Do you have a name?" DH just looked at me and said "Uh, I think after that, YOU get to make the call" and so I just picked my favourite from our list.  It worked out well, it's a good name and everyone thinks it suits her. 


BeantownBaby - I'm so sorry about your mom's death, but I'm glad she was surrounded by family and the joy of a new baby.  I don't think you can ask for more from an end-of-life experience.  You're a good daughter :-)


My itchy hands are still killing me.  The antihistamine I took last night did nothing to quell it - it just made me dizzy and disoriented when I got up to pee.  I was still a bit spinny in the head when I woke up this morning.  The weird thing is when I'm out and about it doesn't bother me much, but if I'm still, it gets crazy itchy.  Unfortunately it's really hard to fall asleep when you're NOT still.  And my usual go-to for skin irritations, a good chickweed poultice, isn't available now because the rains only started a few weeks ago and the chickweed hasn't had time to grow.  Argh. 

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Granola - good luck on your job interview! hope everything goes swimmingly!


spughy- Wierd! Calm down body! That is no fun, I hope you don't have to deal with it much longer.


Beantown- what a rollercoaster of emotion. How special that your mom was able to see your baby. wow. I've been reading "The greatest pregnancy ever", and they cite research about how your baby can sense the love you feel for others through the oxytocin and other hormones that pass through your placenta. I'm so sorry your child won't get to met your mom after birth, but s/he could certainly sense that presence from you.


This morning I was feeling quite energetic, so I pre-prepared a bunch crockpot meals in freezer bags. I think I squeeled when I opened up my freezer later in the day. Lime cilanro chicken, minestrone soup, chicken noodle yum. I'm hoping I've stumbled upon some tasty recipes that we can prepare again when I'm closer to delivery.


So far still have power with Sandy, My husband has residency interviews for post-med school coming up, and lucky for us, none of the interviews need to be rescheduled. LOTS of travel coming up between now and January. My job is flexible enough that I can go with him and check out where we will may be living for the next 3 years. This little love-y will have plenty of airline experience before birth - perhaps that means a good little flyer is in our future? I dunno.

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I'm so sorry for your loss, beantown hug2.gif I can't imagine the rollercoaster of emotions you've been on, what with your mom passing and being pregnant at the same time.  It sounds like she cared for you deeply just as you cared for her.  I hope the memories you have of her help you get through the pain more easily.  That is wonderful that she was able to see your little guy bouncing on a screen before she passed away, and the fact that he was the last thing she saw makes it even more beautiful.


My heart goes out to everyone being affected by the hurricane~I wish you and your family well.  I guess I'm lucky to be on the west coast with *just* earthquakes to deal with--most of the time they're not very damaging.  


spughy--I'm sorry to hear about your itchy hands!!  That sounds awful greensad.gif  Calamine lotion works well, as does chamomile--make some ultra concentrated chamomile tea then use a cotton ball to dab it where ever it's itchy, it will relieve the itchiness and sooth your skin.  You might also try soaking your hands in an oatmeal "bath"--grind up some oatmeal and put a little in a bowl (half a cup to a cup is fine), fill it with warm water.  Soak your hands for about 10 or 15 minutes.  I've used all of these and they have all been very good with various types of rashes or skin irritations, like hives, chicken pox, bug bites, heat rash.  

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How is everybody dealing with Sandy?  Here in Ohio, things won't be settling down until later today.  One of our trees fell over, siding off ppl's houses, no power for some in our neighborhood...  And that is just what I can see from my back yard.  Thankfully, from what I know, there has been no flooding here (Perhaps the summer drought was a blessing after all.).  NYC looks like it got hit pretty hard... Flooding, whole sides blown off buildings, loss of power... So sad.  That's where our getaway was going to be to.  I don't know if we will be going anymore.  I hope that everyone affected can recover quickly.

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I'm in western new york, and it wasn't bad at all.  Lots of wind and rain, but nothing too crazy.  Schools are closed and some people have siding and roof damage.  We haven't lost power.  I am grateful.  Some people were saying that if it got cold enough, the rain would turn to snow and we would have another "October storm."  In 2006, we had a horrible horrible snow storm in october that totally destroyed all of our trees (the snow was too heavy for the branches that still had all of their leaves) and the whole city was without power (and heat) for many days.  We were expecting a scenario like that.  


I have friends in NYC that said that some people around them totally lost their homes.  Subways are flooded and are closed indefinitely.  All the lines between Manhattan and Brooklyn are closed.  


Did you hear this story?  :  http://mommyish.com/stuff/hurricane-sandy-nyu-hospital-evacuation-694/   As a newborn/NICU nurse, this terrifies me.  I can't imagine having to evacuate our patients!  It would be a nightmare.

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Welcome back beantown. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, but glad that it seems like it was a peaceful passing. I love the name you've chosen! If this one was a boy we were going to use "Griffeth" as a middle name (not the same, but similar). We also try to incorporate family names into our choices. DS has my father's (and brother's & grandfather's) name as a middle name and, ironically enough, we're planning on Jeanne for this one's middle name. It's my MIL middle name and also my grandmother's middle name. I just love the idea of passing down that connection. 


I also glad to hear that all of the east-coasters seem to be doing OK in the midst of Sandy. We're not seeing any effects here in CO of course, but my prayers go out to all of those who are having to deal with the aftermath. I hope that it's a quick recovery for all of you.


AFM - I had a tough night last night with lack of sleep - some insomnia, some due to DS waking & my dog waking, and then an early riser with DS this morning who was inconsolable to boot. Basically I figure that I'm working on 4 hours or so. Bleh. Hopefully I can get a nap in. I also have a nasty headache that I'm crossing my fingers is due to the lack of sleep and not a pending head cold. I've been feeling pretty stuffy this morning, so I think I'll hit the Vit. C.


On a more positive note... I finally was able to hear the HB using my fetoscope yesterday! It was so cool. I lost it quickly when I got up, but I'm going to see if I can find it again. I should've tried again last night in my insomnia because she was definitely active. Also, I passed my personal trainer certification exam yesterday and completed my course to be a Stroller Strides instructor. I'm supposed to start teaching some prenatal fitness classes at a pregnancy center in the next month, so it's time to get my butt in gear and get back in shape so I can live up to my new credentials. At least I'll be teaching other pregnant mama. 


Hope everyone else has a good week. 

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So scary, chapsie, isn't it?  Ugh.  I can't imagine.  



I remember that snowstorm in 2006.   I was living in Binghamton, NY at the time.


Congrats, maydaymom! :)  I get massive headaches when I don't get enough sleep, so I hope that is what it is for you, too.  Colds are nasty.  Colds while pregnant are even worse.  Wishing you good health. :)

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Thinking of everyone on the east coast!!
Congrats on passing your certification maydaymom! 

AFM- I am terribly excited for lunch. DP is bringing me lunch from the restaurant he works at. I have been super exhausted lately, although I am sleeping much better at night (doesn't make much sense). I need to get my butt back into exercise mode because I feel so lazy. We didn't carve pumpkins on Sunday, so we will be doing it this evening as well as finishing our costumes. I'm really excited to take DS trick or treating tomorrow night, but it will be a fight to keep him from all of the candy. 

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