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I have sad news unfortunately to share, numbers were increasing as they should up until today, our third beta....DWs numbers decreased by almost half, meaning this looks to be a chemical pregnancy.  It's been a very rough day for us.

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Oh, I'm so sorry, SanDiego... That's awful.  Hugs to both you and your DW hug2.gif

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I'm so sorry SanDiego.  The same thing happened with me, and it was very difficult.  Take it easy and take care of yourselves.  Sending healing thoughts your way.  hug2.gif  

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Oh no! SanDiego! Please take care of yourselves. That sucks. Sending lots of hugs & support. 

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SanDiego: Take GOOD care of you and DW today and in the following days! Lots of spoiling!

I am so sorry for this news. We are here for you!

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SanDiego - I am so sorry! That is such difficult news to hear. Warm wishes to you and DW for healing, peace, and future success, very soon.


grouphug.gif (group hug)

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SanDiego that's very sad news for you both, hope you're able to get through it OK together x

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Thanks so much everyone, I really appreciate all the support, it means a lot.  We'll continue on and keep trying when the time is ready. (most likely next month) I'm glad it's Friday, so we'll have the weekend to re-group, and start feeling better.  

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SanDiego: I'm so sad for your and DP.  Thinking of you and sending you both lots of love.

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any chart experts want to give me a hand?


I have EWCM, but it is less than the day we inseminated, and more watery. 

Past two months I ovulated on day 18 or 19, and now it is day 21. Temperatures are different than last 2 months as you can see.

Not sure if I haven't ovulated, and we inseminated too early, or I am just having some CM after O and the temps haven't revealed the "bigger picture" yet.

My midwife thinks we ovulated on cd19 or 20, and that FF isn't always accurate (and can't be until after 3 days of risen temps anyways).


Thanks, friends.  



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Scorpio--I love reading charts! With that said, yours is tricky. If you had higher temps that last couple of days, I would definitely have thought you would have ovulated on CD19...but the way it looks to me now is that you may not have ovulated yet--maybe your body was starting to gear up to but never really did. Some people don't have the major temp changes--but your last couple cycles show that you normally do. Huh. Definitely keep temping to see what happens. Just know that even if you were early, this is just another cycle that will help you learn more about your body. AND some people get pregnant on the months that they think their timing was really, really off. You just never know! Maybe others will have more insight.
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Lisedea! I was hoping you'd chime in... Seriously!

Thanks. That's what I thought, mostly.. that I may have geared up and had the "right" timing with all of the information that I had at the time. Or, I could have ovulated and something is off, I do have a cold... My temps could be off from that maybe? Sleeping with mouth open, etc... But yeah. I agree, really weird and different cycle than previous ones.


This fact makes it even more difficult for me to wait and see. I just keep feeling angry that I may have missed the mark again. But I'm gonna go with what you said- you really never know.


Thanks for your help.



ps. do people have eggwhite mucus after O? I know it's possible... Haha.

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Umm..a cold could definitely cause those lower temps!!! Sleeping with your mouth open brings your temp way down. So really, your timing might have been right--it would make sense according to your other cycles.

Normally cm dries up after O...but everyone is different.
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thanks so much.

the EWCM is what is the most confusing part. It will all be clear in a few days... We will just have to wait and see!

Appreciate the chart advice!

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Scorp - I agree with both of lisedea's posts. For me, CM was a terrible indicator. It rarely ever seemed to be EW, and most of the rest of the month it seemed watery except for a few dry days. One thing I notice about your charts is it seems you haven't gotten a positive opk. You could have a short LH surge. I would continue LH testing to see if you can figure out when it happens. A lot of people test twice a day near the surge.

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Scorp - dropping out of lurkdom to suggest switching up your temping, from oral to vaginal (wait until next cycle to switch). Things like sleeping with your mouth open won't impact that reading. I found my temps were much more consistent and easier to 'read' once I took them that way.
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I would just like to add to the mucus discussion that cervical mucus and nasal mucus are both mucus.  I suppose it is possible to have different cervical mucus if you had a cold with a yucky nose. 

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Good point from Amy! Just keep in mind that when temping vaginally temps will typically be higher regardless of having a cold or not. My temps really skyrocketed when I did that to try and get more accurate results.
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You all are geniuses. Thank you. I will keep you informed. 

Now CM is sort of wet/sticky. No idea what is happening. Good point about the cold. I never, ever would have thought of that, pokey! wow.


Amy, I am going to switch to vaginal testing for sure next month if I am not preg. 

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SanDiego - I'm so sorry that this was a chemical pregnancy, and I hope you get a sticky one soon!


Scorpioma - I hope you feel better soon and with a few more temps you get a good sense of when ovulation took place!

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