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Esenbee- I've always gone watery to creamy to ewcm for like half a day and then to sticky. Ff gives me about 6 days of green boxes starting with the first day of watery. I've wondered about this too, because I never go the typical progression of creamy to watery to ewcm. Also I will get a positive opk and have creamy or sticky that day and the nexy, not the ideal ewcm.
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While we're asking TMI questions, I have one: I took Mucinex for the first half of this cycle (initially for a nasty cold, and then kept taking it until I ovulated). It always makes my urine and vag secretions smell very strongly of the active ingredient (pretty much exactly like the pills themselves, a strong medicinal odor). But, I haven't taken any in over a week, the smell faded within a day or so, and then, for the past couple of days, my urine and CM have had that same medicine-y smell (less strong, but definite). Has anyone ever experienced this? Is it possible that it's still leaving my system after a week?
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soto - I hear ya! This cycle I am doing the trigger shot so I am kind of sad it wont be accurate raised temps.


fmorris - Thank you! 


samy23 - I have never done an in home insemination but after my iui I felt a little sore. 

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Fille, You've got great support here thats for sure! Good to know you're not going through things alone, huh?


Soto, Not impressed with the joke...geez people! I don't understand y people still think thats how we do it! And that was the cutest little elephant! I couldnt imaging being pregnant for 22 months though!!


Scorp, loved the comment lol! Straight people can be a bit clueless when it comes to us. I had the funniest conversation yesterday @ mye new PCP's office..we got to the sexually active questions nd it just got hilarious from there. lol gotta love em! lol


Samy, can't really elaborate on that soreness down there as we havent tried at home yet (started with IUI's), but thats our next step. Hoping its just O pain and you get to feeling better!


Darcy, You're more than welcome. I'm planning on doing the trigger this cycle as well. Where are you gettin yours from, i've done a lot of shopping around and have found it from $69 to $210..needless to say i'm trasferring mye RX over to the $69 pharmacy. Who knew pregnant woman pee extract is liquid gold! Don't think i'll be asking mye preggo bestie to donate tho! lol I'm not needle shy, but i am a little intimidated by giving the shot myself! Are you going to do it or DP inject for you?


AFM, Mye tea arrived today :) I made a cup after I got back to work from lunch, and am pretty pleased. I was worried about the flavouring, because i'm pretty straight up when it comes to tea (i like it the english way, hot, with milk and sugar), but the mixture of everything with the addition of mint made it very pleasant! And i recieved a wonderful prego pack from Pokey today..hoping its covered in babydust! It almost reminded meeh of the sisterhood of the travelling pants lol. We're the sisterhood of travelling OPK's and Pregnancy tests..pass on the extras for luck lol. Good luck to everyone inseminating soon!


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Come on over and join me in the Queer Conceptions: December 2012 thread!
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Thanks for the new thread Fille!


Samy: I felt sore after my ICI's, i think it was my body reacting to the live sperm... I also had some cramping. pretty sure it's normal!

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Come on over and join me in the Queer Conceptions: December 2012 thread!
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