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popping on to say hi to everyone and rooting for you all! 


sphinxy. . hope your other insem goes well and this is your month, and if you haven't already made the decision STAY HOME TONIGHT. . it's awful out there. . it's a bit much on top of everything else this storm. . bleh. . 


outdoorsy. . I would say hope you feel better but it's supposed to be a really good sign so I hope it is mild but all good.  Good luck with your U/S


fmmorris. . sorry you had such a roller coaster ride on that last cycle, hope you find the protocol that works for you and the next one is easier on you! 


scorpio. . looks like bad timing turned into good so exciting about KD. . 


2justice mamas, sounds like things are lining up if slowly. . two months is nothing!


mrs and mrs. . hope the clinic makes you know one way or another if it's worth switching. . just trust your gut and screw the logistics!  

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hey guys! popping in for a second... so exhausted... law school is so hard!  dizzy.gif

check your status in the beginning of the thread to make sure you're in the right spot, I think I moved everyone I have heard from!


KD is getting tests done already. we didn't end up inseminating twice this month (haha that would have been wild, frozen THEN KD!) but we are looking at the beginning of Dec. for our first KD insemination! we are talking about logistics and plan. I am going to work on my contract as well.

KD is so kind, smart, sweet. He said if something happened to us, he'd be happy to take the child. Not that he should be thinking in catastrophic terms but he was really adorable.

He was self-reflective and deferential. Love that he is gay, as well, it really adds to his understanding of queerness (he uses "Queer" to describe himself) and he is really comfortable providing us with sperm in our home so we can insem. right away. 


More soon!

Wish we luck tomorrow, it's going to be a long day...

And for laughs, you can check my chart. What the HECK happened this past month with my O?!


Sphinxy: How are you feeling? Calm? Nervous?

Outdoorsy: Excited to graduate you, but we will miss you! I personally love hearing about the preg. symptoms!! 


love xoxo


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Cordelia - thanks for the support! yeah we decided to stay home. I know IVI/ICI is considered a little less effective than IUI, but not having to deal with the storm plus the comfort of being home is so worth it to me right now! So insem #2 is complete!

Fmorris - good to hear from you! This was our first try at home but I think it went really well. The frozen sperm from the bank came with a syringe and very clear instructions for the at home insem. dw felt really comfortable that she was able to get it right on my cervix.

Scorpio - oh, you know, cycling between feeling positive and feeling nervous! Good luck tomorrow! Excited for you about this good KD news!
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Scorpio, as someone who went through almost a year of at home insems with KD, for god's sakes make sure his morphology is on his semen analysis.  Ours had 100% abnormal sperm morphology.  A year wasted.  Woooo........

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Glad to hear your insem went well, Sphinxy! FX and babydust to you goodvibes.gif


Scorp, please don't ever worry about taking up too much space here on the boards... Like Sphinxy, I really enjoy reading about your experiences, especially since there's so little happening for me right now! So happy for you to have found a great KD: It sound like a great arrangement.


And you too, outdoorsy: Am LOVING the preggo updates! It's something to hold onto and hope for... Though of course I'm SO looking forward to your graduation too! Hope that nausea passes, especially in time for your big dinner... Cooking while nauseous is just the worst.


I'm glad to hear an update from you, fmorris: Sorry about your DP's leg, what awful timing! I too am inspired by all the successful DIY insems around these parts, and would totally go that route if we had a KD (or lived somewhere other than Canada, where frozen donor sperm is a controlled substance and can only be used within a clinic... Don't get me started!). How many times did you try with clomid? My RE only uses it for 6 cycles, which I think is the standard maximum, though I'm not sure how it's counted (ie. do they have to be all in a row, or spread out, what dosage, etc.)


FX that everything will line up for you in the new year, 2justicemamas! Cordelia15 is right, it'll be here in no time.


Sandiego, I'm thinking of you, and hoping you and DP are taking the time you need to love one another and re-group after your disappointment.


And to all of you in the U.S., I just wanna say thanks for re-electing Obama, if only cuz I find Romney kinda scary.


AFM: What's that? I'm still waiting to O? Why yes, yes I am! I took the progesterone all last week, finished on Friday, then AF arrived by Saturday night, so I started clomid (100mg) on Monday, and overall... I feel remarkably great! Seriously, I keep waiting for the crummy "cloments"  to hit me. or at least to feel different, but instead I'm happy and full of energy and haven't even had any of the cramps or intense moodiness that usually come with AF.  Not that I'm complaining! I just wasn't expecting to be one of those who have no side effects from the drug.  Though I guess since it's only the end of my third day of clomid, there's still time for some to develop... eyesroll.gif

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2justice, thanks! Things r getting a bi better. Nd yes, we r using frozen swimmers .

Cordelia, the words r encouraging, thank you. I'm trying to figure out how to get this BFP!

Sphinxy, well that seems easy enough! That'swas one of mye concerns, bc this is all completely foreign to DP lol. She's NEVER dealt with anything remotely close to what we're doin. When I asked her about at home she seemed hesitant, but maybe bc she realised she'd be doing the work lol! Nd I Read its good to O after at home insems..what do u think. I never had to bc we've only done iui's. Im going to start temping again nd see if we can get this right!

Granite, thanks! Glad to be back lol Yea, talk about bad timing with the leg! Mye poor baby! And as far as a controlled substance...I don't think Canadians are snorting or shooting up (well other than in Tha vajayjay) sperm, how crazy! I used clomid 2wice, first to see mye reaction to it (which it produced nice multiple follies) then insem with it nd than switched to Femara. I was wondering the same, is it 6 consecutive tries or 6 spread out over time.
Glad ur feeling good. I didn't feel bad when I took clomid either.

AFM, our anniversary is this Saturday so I've taken a week off. 4 years already! Time has flown by! Too bad the anniversary present couldn't be a BFP, BUT DP's birthday is next month so maybe a nice bday present!? Who knows we'll see. Oh, yeah! So after this last BFN DP took it pretty hard...harder than meeh. Nd I feel she's reluctant about trying. This was only r 2nd attempt, I don't know what to do to let her know she doesn't have to feel like that bc str8 couples go through the same thing nd it doesnt always work the first or even 2nd time. Is it the disappointment nd let down of a BFN that's the culprit? !
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fmorris - My midwife advised to O before an IUI.   And I have heard that it is good to O after an ICI, it helps pick up the swimmers.  Good luck!

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Fmorris - yes, I echo pokey. You want to O (via external stimulation only) after your ICI/IVIs to help the cervix scoop the sperm into your uterus. I had not heard about having an O before IUI, but perhaps that helps open the cervix for the catheter? I don't known - we didn't try that.
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Pokey & Sphinxy, Thanks loads for the advice! I'd never been told about O'ing before an IUI..good to know now. I'm becoming more and more comfortable with the idea of it...now just to convince DP that she'll be more than able to do it..maybe have her practice a bit with a syringe nd have her baste the turkey lol! Now i've just got to see about the swimmers, bc they always ship to mye docs office. Another new adventure in TTC!

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Originally Posted by Sphinxy View Post

Fmorris - yes, I echo pokey. You want to O (via external stimulation only) after your ICI/IVIs to help the cervix scoop the sperm into your uterus. I had not heard about having an O before IUI, but perhaps that helps open the cervix for the catheter? I don't known - we didn't try that.

Yes, this exactly is what I've heard.


Also, we have sperm in transit (arriving Monday), I'm feeling my follicle growing on the left side, I'm picking up my progesterone from the pharmacy tomorrow and plan to start opks Sunday-ish.

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Joy - safe travels for your swimmers!

TMI Warning - while we're on the subject of the other O, can any of our lurking graduates or fellow ttc-ers in the know share your thoughts on using a vibrator (externally) while ttc? I know they are (generally) considered safe during a not-at-risk pregnancy, but I haven't been able to find much about using them during the tww...
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Hi ladies,


Good luck with everything this month. It's been a bit of a shitty week this week for us although nothing to do with baby stuff. I've injured my good knee & probably need an op then one of my dogs had his second knee op within 2 months where they cut his bone open and I have just found my cat dead by the side of the road in an amazon box. I know they're just animals but they're part of your family all the same so it's safe to say I'm looking forward to next week. mecry.gif

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sphinxy - I imagine that would be fine.  The only time I was told not to do something during the TWW was when I was using injectables.  I think they are just being more careful because there are more follicles.  They said not to do anything internal, so I assumed external stimulation would be fine.  The only time I have heard to avoid O all together was after IVF.  The O before IUI I think does help open the cervix but it also changes the Ph of the vagina to make it more hospitable to guests.


Good luck Joy!


lizbian - I'm so sorry about your knee and your dog's knee and your poor cat!  That is an awful week!  I lost my kitty almost a year ago, and it was very traumatic for me and my wife.  I hope you and the rest of the family are feeling better soon.  hug2.gif


outdoorsy - Can't wait to hear how it goes today!

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Lizbian - I'm so sorry about your cat! And about your and the dog's troubled knees. I hope your luck turns around!


Sphinxy - I don't see any problem with that, but I don't know what others would have to say. Myself, I didn't want to orgasm for at least a week after insemming just to make sure everything was settled in there. We used to do the "orgasm right after insem" thing, but it never worked and just made me worry, so we stopped.


AFM - Today's u/s was totally normal. I can hardly believe I'm saying this, but please move me to graduates! Am I an October graduate, because that's when I got my BFP? By the way, there was *one* baby. I had a hunch (hope?) it would be two, partly because I had a lot of follies and partly because wifey wants this to be our only pregnancy, due to her age and the expense of kids. Well, I am thrilled to have the one baby I have! My best wishes to everyone, and I will check up on you from time to time.

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outdoorsy CONGRATULATIONS! that's fantastic news and I hope it all continues to go well for you

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Congratulations, Outdoorsy!!! joy.gif
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lizbian - so sorry to hear about your pets. Our dog is totally a family member and I would/will be devastated.

Outdoorsy - Congrats on your graduation and one healthy baby!

On the topic of things to do or not do in the tww, what's your usual routine (nutrition, superstitions, activities, etc.) and what do you avoid?

This cycle my plan is start progesterone 5dpo, acupuncture 7dpo, and test CD28-ish. In the past I've eaten pineapple (regardless of lack of data supporting it, I just like it as a splurge). I'm wondering about things like massage, cranial sacral, chiropractic etc. which are relaxing, but I'm worried about "disrupting" anything....

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Joy - my sister (straight with two young kids) shared the following advice with me regarding the tww: "what happens now has much more to do with your health, preparations, and luck leading up to this time than what you actually do during this time. Waiting sucks, so just do what feels right to manage your stress. There will be plenty of 'rules' once you are confirmed pregnant." Of course, that advice hasn't stopped me from worrying that my vibrator use ruined everything yesterday, so you know - easier said than done. Last month I relaxed for a few days, then resumed my normal nutrition/exercise routines as much as possible. I know some say it's ok to drink a little until you have a bfp, but I did abstain from alcohol after insemination, because it would just make me more nervous, not less.

Lizbian - I have so much empathy for you regarding the fur kids; they are family!! We have 3 (2 cats, 1 dog), and they've also had some health problems recently. Losing them would be devastating!
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Outdoorsy, you are graduated! Wow, how exciting! I bet you are over the moon.


afm, still waiting on KD's results. darthuna, totally. we are doing the whole gambit.


Sphinxy: what is your test date? are you waiting the full 14 days? 


Granite: SO glad you feel good on clomid. I have never taken it, but I am really happy you aren't having discomfort on it!


It sounds like there is a lot of similar info on the "other O" after insemination. I have only heard that it helps, but what do I know!

Everyone's body is different. I usually use the vibrator (small one) externally after ICI. 


SanDiego: How you and DW hanging in there? 

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hi joy!  i'm a graduate of this room (after well over a year ttc), and i thought i'd share my experience.  in the beginning, my wife and i both religiously ate pineapple, avoided caffeine and alcohol, got acupuncture, made sure to have an orgasm after every insemination (at home with fresh), stayed lying down with our legs/bum elevated afterwards etc. etc.  after a year, we moved on to IUIs with frozen, and the clinic we went to didn't even let us remain supine for a few minutes after the insem.  during the tww where the little guy i'm currently carrying implanted, my parents were visiting us here in Paris, and because they didn't know that we were ttc, i couldn't come up with a good excuse not to drink a couple of glasses of red wine and an espresso with them.  there was no acupuncture or pineapple involved either....    i also remember another poster (ad astra) fretting over having a glass of wine during her tww, and that was when she got pregnant with her twins.  so, basically, i think it's good to take care of yourself, but imo stressing over every little detail (should i take EPO?  do i need acupuncture and if so when exactly?? orgasm before or after or not at all?  is this glass of wine going to screw up my chances this month, etc...) is counterproductive.  what sphinxy said about your habits before you started the ttc process is dead on.  it may sound silly, but i think the biggest factor for me (besides the fertility drugs and reliable access to sperm) was being relaxed about it all and maintaining a positive outlook even though we'd encountered obstacle after obstacle and bfn after bfn.  if massage and chiro help you feel relaxed, go for it.  i seriously doubt that you're going to "disrupt" anything, and that extra bit of calm and self-care might even help the process.  that's just my 2cents.gif.    the best of luck with your inseminations, and i hope to see you over in the other room soon!


lizbian -- i am so very sorry about your kitty.  hug2.gif

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