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Hurricane babies?

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Anyone else on the east coast? Hope you're all staying safe and dry. We are hunkered down waiting for the big winds to hit. Hubby has liberal leave tomorrow, but he's only been at this job a month, so he doesn't want to call in...
Last week, I was sure this baby would be here by now. I was having BH contractions all day pretty consistently on Monday and again Wednesday, but everything has quieted down now. Probably because I haven't been carrying DS around much while DH is home for the weekend.
Anyway...someone at a restaurant today said she hoped the baby waited for the storm to pass to come. I hope so too. It would make a great story, but I think I could live without the stress! smile.gif especially if DH is stuck at work or in traffic, and also for my family who'll be driving 4-5 hours for the birth!
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Bmorefarmgirl -  thinking of you! Hope LO waits it out!!!

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goodvibes.gifStay put baby! :)

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yes, I'm in New england and hoping this baby stays put right now!  I had to go in for my weekly checkup last night, since my mw felt that tuesday might not be safe and she was saying that she's expecting some babies to show up today and tomorrow- especially with the full moon.  hoping my LO is not one of them!

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Bmorefarmgirl - I hear you! I am in MA and had BH contractions all day on wednesday and thrusday. then suddenly everything was calm.

Last night couldn't sleep much and whenever I did, kept dreaming that DH is rushing me to the hospital in the middle of this hurricane....I know soooo dramatic :D !!!!!


I am hoping this LO stays put until this storm passes and my parents (who are arriving here from London on 1st Nov) get here safely.

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I am 40 weeks this week and in Delaware where part of my city has been evacuated and there is a driving ban as of this morning.  I am hoping baby holds out until at least Wednesday!  To be able to birth at the birth center with my midwife, the driving ban has to be lifted first.  If it's not, we will have to either call an ambulance and go to the hospital or have an unassisted homebirth.  


I hope both our babies wait it out Bmorefarmgirl!  Best of luck to all in the storm's path!

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We are in the nc mountains and supposed to get lots of wind and even some snow! We are already planning an unassisted birth, so no big deal to us, except in case of an emergency (roads are supposed to be a mess) I was having "real" (in that they were not BH but didn't result in a baby dang it!) alllll weekend and then they've mostly petered out. I'll be 39 weeks on Wed. My first was induced at 38.5 weeks, my second came 5 days before her due date-so we will see. I hurt so badly, I'm actually hoping for it,'storm or no!
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I'm on the south coast of Mass on the RI border.  It's pretty windy/rainy here and we expect to lose power at some point.

I'm only about 5-6 days away from 40 weeks, but so far nothing to exciting.  LOTS of new pressure and painful BH and I think the baby moved lower overnight, probably annoyed by the low pressure.  It's pretty gross here right now.  Trying to get some laundry done before we lose power.  I feel like it's a race against time at this point.

Hopefully the baby stays put for all of us!

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Hope everyone is safe and that whether babies arrive or not, you're all OK.  Keep well!  At least you'll have a story to tell them for sure!!

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I am in NEPA and we are expecting low pressure and of course there is the full moon.  I am at 37 weeks.  My kids cook long.  With my second it was full moon on my due date, but nothing happened.  I am not expecting anything, but if something should happen we will likely head to the hospital that is 6 blocks from our house instead of where I am planning to birth which is 45 minutes away through a somewhat rural area.  I wouldn't be comfortable being so far away from my other kids with the weather so bad.

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We're still hanging in there. Still have power for now, thank goodness. Tuna noodle casserole is in the oven. DH is shop-vac-ing up some water in the basement. Hoping we can sleep through the worst of it tonight. I'm 38 weeks tomorrow. Had a few ctx today, but nothing to write home about, so to speak. smile.gif hope everyone is still safe. Pics from ocean city look pretty bad. Baltimore city has ordered everyone off the roads except emergency and hospital personnel. The wind gusts are getting pretty freaky...
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Hope most of you are on the calmer side of Sandy now! Everyone end up surviving the night?

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We had a bit of water in the basement but didn't lose power. Feeling pretty lucky today! Also still 100% pregnant. smile.gif
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We only lost power for 3 hours and got it back at the height of the storm!  So today is like normal, except my kids still don't have school.  But I'm still pregnant and I'm nesting like crazy over here!

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Lights flickered a couple of times but never lost power thankfully.  Dh stayed up most of the night working on his computer out of fear he wouldn't be able to work today.  Still pg here.

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power back on finally!  A long day and a half, I really have no idea how people survived 200 years ago.  I'm so spoiled.

A few trees down around us and some local river flooding, highest I've ever seen.  The worst being the beach which lost A LOT of shore. 

But all in all, we're way way luckier than the folks in NY and NJ.

And I'm still very pregnant. 

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Oh glad you gals are fine and still pregnant! I thought about the pregnant women on the coast and thought how rough it would be to go into labor in the middle of that. : {

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I had my mw appt today and she said they didn't hae any surprises with the storm. She thought there would be some, but it was only the overdue moms who had their babies during the storm. Maybe the adrenaline from all the hype kept everyone from going into labor. Everyone is joking about how many babies will be born on the east coast 9 months from now! smile.gif
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I'm in the DC area. We were supposed to have a group appointment with our homebirth midwives Monday afternoon, but they canceled it and came to check on each of us individually instead. It was great not to have to leave the house. We asked our midwife if she'd ever done a birth without power, and she said actually her 4th (last) child was born in November during a power outage. I guess homebirth has the potential to be pretty low-tech as it is. 

But no hurricane baby here! 38 weeks 5 days and still pregnant smile.gif And we didn't lose power, after all. 

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