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Relief for constant nausea/morning sickness?

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Hi mamas--

getting desperate for any sort of relief over here. Since 4w1day I've had round the clock nausea--the thought and sight of food make me gag, getting anything other than h20 down is really a struggle. I'm exhausted, probably with super low blood sugar too, and absolutely miserable. 


Anyone have experience "curing" nausea and morning sickness? Acupuncture? Homeopathy? Yoga? Anything!!!


I've been told to eat lots of protein and small meals, but this is really hard to do---I ended up throwing up into my trashcan this morning after trying to eat a hardboiled egg. I'm 6w1day now and the idea of making it through another 6 weeks of this makes me want to cry. Actually- it does make me cry--I do a lot of crying these days!


Any ideas are welcome and appreciated--this is hell!!!

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I had hyperemesis during both of my pregnancies, and got no relief from Zofran, Phenergan, or Reglan, but my symptoms improved about 50% when I took 50mg of vitamin B6 with half a Unisom at night.  It didn't completely resolve the nausea, but made it much more bearable than when I didn't take it.


If I had to do it again (not going to happen), I would also try acupuncture.  


Hang in there!

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Hi Gitanamama


I'm a homeopath & hope I can offer you some useful advice to help your morning sickness.


The most common homeopathic remedy for your symptoms is 'Cimicifuga'. I'd suggest buying it in 200c if possible, or 30c if this is hard to get hold of.

Take 1 pill three times a day for 2 days then stop. You will know almost straight away if it's the right remedy for you as the symptoms will ease.

If nothing happens, drop me a line & I'll take a few more details from you & find the remedy that is more indicated for your particular symptoms. (It also sounds like you need a remedy called Sepia sometime soon for the exhaustion & tears).


Kind regards


Alan Freestone

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I second the B6 Unisom thing. That is what I am doing right now. I get 24/7 MS from 7 weeks to 16-18 weeks. This is the first time I have used the B6 unisom and I have tried zofran and acupuncture along with all the other recommendations you have been given. Right now I am taking a whole Unisom tablet at night along with 100 mg B6. Now I do not throw up, rarely feel icky, I can be sociable, EAT!, etc. Unisom is a catagory A pregnancy drug meaning it is completely safe. I hope you find some relief. I've BTDT and it feels like you are going to die of pregnancy!

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I also, I forgot to say, most days I have to take a Zantac (ranitidine) 75 for some heartburn.

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Thank you so much Alan and BaileyB! I'm headed to the natural pharmacy today after work-- I'll try both of your suggestions. And yes BaileyB, at this point, I feel more like I have a terminal illness than pregnancy. Can't wait until this stage is over! 

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6 weeks is a rough time.  Hope you find something that works!  (B6 worked pretty good for me)

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