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Repeat csections

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I am having a repeat csection with this baby, and I am okay with that (espcially as my doctor said that unless there is unforseen complications, they will do skin to skin contact as soon as the baby is born, and I will be able to hold the baby as well.) What I was wondering was, how did you react to it? Was your recovery different the second (or more) time around?
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My recovery was about the same.  I had more back pain and I think it was because I lifted my head while they were doing the spinal.


I found laying there wide awake talking about everyday things was a bit of a disconnect from what was actually happening.  Laying in recovery and chatting with the nurse while my baby was else where was also strange.

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Hello :) I had a repeat csection with my son in March. My recovery seemed better than the first time around. I think thats because I was well rested and not in labor for 28 hours before the CS. I had the spinal and felt it was easier coming off of that versus the epidural. I knew what to expect so that was better too. I got to see baby a few minutes after he came out and my hubby brought him to me <3 the anestigiologist took some family pictures for us. :) Then the nurse took hubby and baby to my recovery room and waited for me. As soon as I was closed they brought me to my family and we had skin to skin. My son latched on and didnt let go until time to leave the hospital :) All in all it was a good experience. I hope all goes well and smooth for you. Best wishes ~Brue

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My second c-section was also much easier than my first overall.  I was an HBAC transfer for my repeat but my time laboring was MUCH shorter and I didn't have a bunch of drugs that had been in me for hours during labor.  I felt much more present and was able to hold my baby in recovery whereas with my first it was HOURS before I was cognizant enough to hold her.  My pain overall during recovery was also much less. 

I will be having my first scheduled c-section in May so I am curious how that will compare.

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Thank you ladies. Most I have talked to said the second time is easier for them as well. I am glad to know what to expect going into this.
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Like others have said, my second was much easier!  (Also due to not having been in labor for 27 hours before, I am sure.) They also brought my son to me right away for skin to skin- no problems at all!

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My second cesarean was much easier than the first. Knowing what to expect was such a blessing! I was also in a much better place emotionally.
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