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TTC #2, BFing a toddler, Fibroids, Need Support - Sad!

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I haven't posted much on these forums at all and thought I would start a new topic to see if anyone has any ideas/support for me. Forgive me for not understanding all the abbreviations!


So we've been trying to conceive #2 for over a year (we got pregnant 2nd cycle the first time). My son is over 2.5 and nursing (to sleep at night, before we get out of bed in the morning, sometimes after naps. Then others if it is a harder day.) I have 3 Fibroids, 2 are small and one is over 3 inches as of last ultrasound. I have insanely heavy periods. I can't go out of the house for at least a day, or sleep at night for 2 nights (get up every 40 mins). I lose at least 3/4 of an ounce in 35 min - an hour. So I was really anemic, which I am hoping is up now after seeing a Naturopath. Every month I freak out because I can literally feel my uterus (it's very hard) just below my belly button right before I get my period. Ack.


I was referred to an OB who wants to do some fertility test that involves injecting dye through my cervix or something. She also wants me to do blood tests to see my hormone levels at certain points in my cycle. And to wean my son. She thinks pregnancy is the best way to deal with the fibroids, but I got my period back at 4 month PP so I don't want this crazy period with a small baby! So I went to a Naturopath who has given me all kinds of supplements/dietary things to balance my estrogen levels and break down the fibroids. I first saw him a few months ago, and not much change yet other than periods are thicker which I assume is because my iron is not so low. I don't really want to do much with the OB unless I have to because I feel like she is not looking at the whole picture, and the Naturopath clearly sees my health as something that belongs to me. OB says we do these tests, if I'm not pregnant in 3 or 4 months I can go to a fertility clinic.


I am trying to be patient and make sure I do what is best for all of us and the baby I want. But I REALLY want to be pregnant. And I struggle with depression so that only makes it feel that much harder. I am feeling like my body is completely out of my control, as I struggle so much with these periods and wondering how much my fibroids contribute to infertility. And then the OB says she doesn't want to take them out, but if we do then I have to wait up to a year before trying again (I'm 32 btw).


Right now, my plan is:


Actually chart, because I did for only a month or 2. I always figured my CM is so obvious that I know when I am fertile. But maybe not. And maybe I actually wasn't ovulating until this month because my CM was a bit different and I'm on Vitex. I do wonder  if my fertile window might start during my period because it lasts for 9 or 10 days.


Keep going to Naturopath.


Do blood tests through OB but not other test yet.


Maybe acupuncture?



I would very much welcome anyone's ideas, experience with Fibroids or TTC while nursing a toddler, and any support you all can give! I'm finding myself very down about this :(


(Btw, I do have the book Taking Charge of your Fertility and chart based on that, but it doesn't really tell me anything about nursing a toddler or about Fibroids)


Thanks in advance! :)

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Get some Depends so you can have a good night's sleep. this is what i do. i have tried about 50 types of supplements, but none work. I don't have health insurance so i cant get this huge fibroid out.

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sounds like you are on the right track. get the hormones tested as a start. i am an ND and i prefer to use saliva hormones. most ND treatments for reproduction take 3 months to come into effect. so give it time. as your iron comes up it will improve too. just focus on getting as healthy as you can be for the next 3 months and then go after ttc in earnest when your cycles are more regular. 

the ob says to get pregnant to dissolve the fibroids because they don't have the tools, like herbs and acupuncture, to balance hormones. if you balance hormones first then ttc will be easier and you will feel much better in first trimester. 


from what you posted, i think you will be better soon and nothing is a complete barrier to pregnancy.

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oh and keep nursing your toddler if that is what you want. it won't make a big difference with the issues you mentioned. 

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Thanks for the responses! I'm definitely not weaning my toddler until he's ready no matter what. I'm in another cycle in which I can't leave the house and I just think what would I do if there was an emergency or something? I'm in the bathroom every 10 mins. It's ridiculous. I'm really hoping that my cycles do start to regulate!

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Hi again!


Question: I went to the Dr today who suggested Shepherd's Purse only during my period to help slow the bleeding. Any thoughts/experiences on this?


This is what I'm already on:




Borage Oil

Iron mix (Hemoplex)

Vit C

Vit D3

Liver Detox supp

Yeast Formula for Candida

Some enzyme to help break down the fibroids.


New info:


My larger of 2 fibroids is 5.4cm x 3 cm (I thought it was 6 cm basically round-ish). Maybe less likely it could be blocking tubes? Hopeful? lol


Last cycle I spotted for a week before my period. This month I have spotted almost right through from my period (Nov 2 - 9) til now, when I think I am getting it a week early but not sure. Thought I had it a few days ago when it was dark red and gushed a bit. Dr just said sometimes people have irregular cycles. True, but? Could this be fibroids breaking down? At first I thought maybe implantation bleeding but then it got really dark and then it just kept going and going....right now it is back to just spotting, sometimes nothing.


Thanks for any ideas! :)

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