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what's in your hospital bag?

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I am slowly starting to realize that I probably should pack a hospital bag (in order to hopefully not need it in the end). This baby is No3 for us, but I've never really packed a bag before and I am having a really hard time wrapping my head around this thing.


So, help a fellow pregnancy-brain stricken momma out here and let me know what goes in your bag, please?

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Ussually you end up not needing most of what you pack... so this time I just packed a coming home outfit for me- super comfy yoga pants, a shirt, nirsing bra a robe and slippers so I can walk around the hospital, some hair ties, toothbrush, depdorant and a hair brush is all I think u really need for yourself. ( depending on what type of delivery ur planning on some women take other items for during labor ( I don't) and ur babys bag and SO's bag.
I was probably not much help here hu... but I'm sure the ladies here have good advise smile.gif
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Bra, underwear
Slipper socks and sandals
Post partum nursing Pajamas
Coming home outfit
Lotion, Chapstick
Scented oil (a suggestion from my sister the last time I was in the hospital. She said if your room smells good and not all hospital-y, the nurses will be nicer and want to stay in your room and be nice to you. I was there for a long time with DS, so I had a glade scented faux candle. It totally worked!! Everyone said how nice it was in my room and the nurses even said they liked coming in there. This time, it's more for me. I have some "goddess" scented oil and a pretty ceramic flower diffuser.)
iPod and ipad with headphones
Nursing pads
Hair ties and headbands
Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
Shampoo and conditioner
Gum and mints

DH is in charge of the camera and cell phone. I'm not calling anyone after I call my family to let them know I'm on my way to the hospital.

I have to stay for 48 hours after delivery because I'm gbs positive. Just trying to make the most of the quiet time and make myself as comfortable as possible.
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Mine is semi-packed. This is what I'm taking.

For me:
Pyjamas x3pairs
Yoga pants and t-shirts
Camera and battery charger
iPhone and charger

For baby:
All-in-one pyjama suits
Bunny rugs

For DH:
Board shorts
Box of muesli bars

I'm not bothering with a dressing gown, I'd have to buy one specially and I'd never wear it at home.

Think that's all. I'll also take my handbag with wallet, pregnancy health record and glucometer in it.
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Don't forget about your own pads ladies!  


And thanks to a PP on a related post, I was grateful I had some basic makeup b/c of all the photos taken.  :)  Vain, I know.  But with my two previous babies, I looked tired, ragged, and had some acne.  I'm really glad that this time around, my face looked fresh!  I just brought a little cover up, tinted lip gloss and mascara.  

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Oh yes, totally forgot about pads... just when writing my PP :-) they are in my bag. Well, the ones I have managed to keep my toddler from unwrapping of course!

She helped me pack my bag and added a pair of 10cm heels which don't currently fit, the book I'd finished the night before and her favourite Sunday school picture. Feel free to add those items to your own "must have" lists, girls winky.gif
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Hm, our hospital supplies pads. Wierd, never thought about having to bring my own.


contact case/glasses


hairbrush/hair bands

two pairs of my lounge clothes (or pajamas), to labor and post

SOCKS - our hospital also provides these lame slipper sock things, I much prefer my own socks.

a few pairs of underwear

mp3 player/laptop (they have free wifi now yeah!!!)



coming home outfit for babe


I think that's pretty much it.... Car seat in the car of course.


Oh an this is not in my bag, these are the things I will throw in a bag on the way out the door :p

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I packed a few pads. Plan on wearing the ginormous ones that the hospital provides while I'm there, but brought a handful if my own for leaving day.

They provide dipes and wipes too, so I'm not bringing any of those. Just a coming home outfit for the babe. I packed her a little fleece snowsuit since it's bound to be chilly.
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Our hospital has pads too ( although they request that you bring your own) but they aren't the sort I like so I pack my own.

Same story with nappies and wipes really. They have some and they use the same nappies we do but I don't like their wipes so I've thrown a pack in. Must remember to put the nappies in as well actually.
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great! keep it coming ladies :)   notes2.gif

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I'm also packing some infant and also my own probiotics, homeopathic Arnica and Hypericum, swaddle supplies. Some goodies for ds and we also packed a tiny backpack with PJ's and a book for him as he is staying with us the second night. Oh and the nursing pillow and the nurse actually suggested a sleeping bag for dh...

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I've only packed a hospital bag once, for my first, and that was over 15 years ago!  Can't remember what I put in it.  My second and fourth came under circumstances we weren't prepared for and the third was a homebirth so this is what I've packed for this birth.

In case I need to stay overnight rather than have an ambulant birth:


Nursing tanks and warm, button up shirts

comfortable kuschelhose

warm socks

slip on shoes (in my case, crocs knock-offs)


tooth brush/paste/personal toiletries

comb/hair elastics

hand mirror

Handy charger

ear plugs!

For the birth:


hand breastpump (should baby not be able to nurse within the first hour)
Baby's going home outfit (this one is traditional--all my babies have worn this outfit home except, of course, my homebirthd baby)
Fleece snowsuit for baby  (Still need to get one, though. I like the one from Jako-o but I'm not spending that kind of money!)
Mutterpass with my note to the Hebammen about my particular wishes

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Do you recommend bringing a nursing pillow (I have the My Brest Friend) to the hospital? Or will they provide one?

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I think I may have taken my boppy to the hospital with my second. They don't provide one, but I know I asked for a bunch of pillows and they gave them to me both times. I need a ton of pillows to feel comfy in those beds :p

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Personally, I wouldn't want my pillows in the hospital. I'd feel they needed to be thoroughly washed when we got home.  I'd just ask for more pillows while there.  I generally just stick a pillow under my arm anyway when I nurse.  It doesn't matter if it's a nursing pillow or a regular one.

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Mine has:



pajamas/comfy clothes for after

underwear and nursing bras

a gown to birth in

fuzzy socks

lip balm


toothbrushes and toothpaste

SO's swim shorts for the birth pool

cloth postpartum pads

Before we leave the house I will grab phone chargers and the camera battery charger. I'm also bringing a dock for my iphone for music.


Baby's bag has:

her coming home outfit plus a couple of other outfits, both newborn and 0-3 months

a receiving blanket

a heavier blanket from my grandma that she really wanted to see her come home with

diapers (a few cloth and a few disposable)


mini wet bag

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Something I forgot to mention before which I am going to do it write a list of last minute things which I can't pack in advance but want to take with me. I'll put it on top of my bag so that if it's all a bit of a rush for whatever reason then I don't forget something important like the camera battery or the EBM in the freezer.
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