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The Birthday Thread

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babyf.gif  Happy 1st Birthday November Due Date Babies!!!  babyf.gif

joy.gif  Happy Mamaversary to you first time mamas!!!  joy.gif


Please share your baby's first birthday milestones and pictures with us!



LunaLady- Christina: 9/19, baby boy Rhyko

Bubbagirl- Becca: 9/24, baby girl



Gemini529- : 10/26, baby boy

LexiDrewMama- Jessica: 10/26, baby girl Alexia

Ajbaby- : 10/27, baby girl Emily Paige, 9:04 pm, 3 minutes before midwife got here, 6 lbs 4 oz and 19"

Meb2- Morgan: 10/27, baby boy Ezra Ryan was born at 6:46 PM after 2 hours and 46 minutes of labor

Berry987- Lindsey: 10/30, baby girl Stella Beatrix born at 4:16am

TTCChloeorConner- Nicole: 10/31 baby boy Conner Dean, 8lbs2oz. 20'' long. 6:14pm


Early November

Seraf- Sara: 11/1, baby boy Shay born in the car, 8lb14oz

Mal85- Mallory: 11/2, baby girl Greta

Juliensiss: 11/2 baby boy Landon Henry, 8am.  7 14 and 20.5 inches long

EonJourney- Nicole: 11/3, identical twin boys Ember Trail 5.7 oz and Roam Freely 5.6 oz

SoCaliMommy- Kami: 11/4 baby boy Harlan Drake,  6:48pm at 10lbs even 21 1/2"

Ablemec- Mishy: 11/7 baby boy

Autumnshades- Sonja: 11/7, baby boy Elijah Matthias, 6:25am, 6 lbs 10 oz, 20 inches long

1Love4Ever- : 11/9, baby boy Roger, 9lb 5oz, 22in

rhombus- April: 11/9, baby boy Ulysses

MrsKatie- Katie: 11/10, baby girl Catherine Anne was born at 1:21pm.  7lbs 10oz and 21 inches long. 


Mid November

Lula's Mom- Kristi: 11/11, baby boy Leonidas Ronan

Jill the Pill- Jill: 11/11, baby girl Audrey Catharine 6lbs 5oz 19 inches long

miriam_bat_avraham- Julie: 11/11, twin girls

TalkToMeNow- Amanda: 11/12, baby boy Jasper Conley, 12:42 pm,  8 lbs 11 oz.

Paigekitten- Katie: 11/12, baby girl Eowyn Jane, 6:09 pm, 8 lbs 3.9 oz, 21 inches

Caracol8- Michele: 11/12, baby boy Sebastian David, 1:52am, 8lbs 4ozs, 21in

FaithF- Faith: 11/13, baby girl Aria Rain, 3:06 am, 6 lb 7 oz.

KayPea- Kirsten: 11/13, baby boy Oren Edward Adams, 5:45pm, 9lbs 11oz, 21 in long, 15in head!

Chena4- : 11/14 baby girl, born in the car 9:47pm

Augustmom- : 11/14, baby boy Sean Bennett, 9.3oz

mommy2sage- : 11/15, baby boy Storm Noonday, 8:26pm, 9 pounds 6 ounces, 20.5 inches

LiLStar- Rachel: 11/16, baby boy Evan Curtis, 11 lbs even. 15 inch head, nuchal hand, arm behind his back

Beccawprice- : 11/16, baby boy Theodore was 8 lb 6 oz, 21 in long

Xakana- : 11/16, baby girl Katarina Xylia, 11:42am, weighing 8lbs, 13oz, 20"

crazykittymomma- Sarah: 11/17, baby girl Anya Kathryn, 5:37am

Krystal323- Krystal: 11/18, baby boy Oliver Davis, UC

IwannaBanRN- Becky: 11/19, baby boy Levi Jaxon, 10:50am, UC

2011mama- MK: 11/19, baby boy, 2:17 a.m. , 9 lbs., 2 oz., 21 in

Keanusmomma- Rachel: 11/ , baby girl Juniper Willow

Mommy55- ML: 11/19, baby boy William Alan


Late November

mleh99- Emily: 11/21, baby girl Ella Lorraine, 8lbs 2oz, 18 1/2 inches

Mamabelle- Michelle: 11/22, baby girl Iris Elizabeth, 8lbs, 9oz and 20 inches long at 9:06am

Octanebeetle27- Wendy: 11/23, baby boy Jacob Bruce, 8lbs 8oz

Amanitamama- : 11/23, baby boy Alastair Corvus, 5:12am, unintentionally unassisted

mcacat- Catherine: 11/23, baby girl Margot Anne, 9 minutes of active labour at home!

meesh933- Michele: 11/24, baby boy Jack Lennox, 3:04 am, 9lb9oz

Code Name Mama- Dionna: 11/24, baby girl Ailia Genevieve, 4:15a.m.

jbk21- J: 11/24, baby boy Dylan Timothy born in the caul

Motivated Mama- Nina: 11/24, baby

dashley111- Ash:  11/24, baby girl Bettie Grey, 7:03pm, 7lbs15oz, 21"

birdhappy85- Joanie:  11/24, baby girl Sora Nina, 3:39pm, 7lb 6oz, 19-1/2 in long

BananaBreadGirl- : 11/24, baby boy Malachi

Viriditas- Amy: 11/25, baby girl Evelyn, 7:54 PM, 8 lbs 10 oz, 21 1/2 inches

jasmin85- Jasmin: 11/28, baby boy, 8:36pm, 10lb 15oz

KaliShanti- Kali: 11/29, baby boy Enoch Noble Grandison , 8 lbs 7 oz. 21.25 in, 11:45pm

munchymum- : 11/29, baby girl Sylvie, 12:16 pm



abraisme- Abra: 12/1, baby girl Coralie Katherine, 8lbs1oz, 19.75", 2pm

musicmama08 - Crystal: 12/1, baby girl Clara Evelyn, 9 lbs

Jaimee: 12/3, baby boy Avery River, 6lbs14oz, 21", 4:21pm

Willsmomm- Brittney: 12/4, baby boy Clayton Isaac, 10:14 p.m.

MrsVyky- Vyky: 12/12, baby girl Olive, 5:09pm

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I thought I'd start a birthday thread so we can all share what our babies are doing at the one year mark as well as pictures of their first birthday celebrations.   Share things like mobility, signs, words, weight/height, clothing size, favorites (foods, places to go, games, music, things to do), teeth count, other skills, how they are sleeping, and anything else you'd like to share!


Christina, I'm a little late in doing so for you, sorry!  Want to add Rhyko's first birthday info and pics?   You're up next, Nicole and then Sara!

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Jaimee, I was just thinking about doing this today! Thanks.
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I blogged about R's first birthday here: http://oursimmonsfamily.wordpress.com/2012/09/30/1st-birthday-party/

It was so much fun! And went over without a hitch! We had family visiting from Wisconsin, so we had a very full but happy house!

R is doing great - a typical 13 month old, I think! He's very chatty. His favorite thing right now is reading books. He'll bring it to you and sit in your lap so you can read it together. Very cute. He's a big eater (this week! ha) and his favorite food right now is homemade applesauce, pearsauce and chili. He's wearing size 12-18 and 18-24 month clothes. Size 5 shoes (not that I can get him to wear them!). So funny how at 4 months he really needed size 9 month clothes and here now he's only in the next size up or two! He's 24 pounds, I think. More or less. Haven't weighed him in a few weeks. He started walking a few days after his birthday and he's pro, now! It's amazing how quickly he went from not walking at all to now - where he's very agile and mobile and can maneuver himself really well.

We are doing so much better, too. Really enjoying being a mama and we're even having thoughts of having another.... in like four or five years, though!
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Happy Birthday, Conner!!! joy.gif
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birthday.gif   Conner!!    Happy mamaversary to you, Nicole!

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Thanks for this thread!


Conner's birthday party was a lot of fun. Every single person I invited showed up, so that was kind of a surprise, LOL. I made lasagna, and served it with salad and garlic bread (I did that for me, mainly, because I love lasagna, LOL). I put him down for a nap at the beginning of his party, because he was near meltdown, and we went and woke him up when we were ready for him. He smashed his cake like a good little boy should, LOL. He got SOOO MANY presents... I don't even know what to get him for Christmas now.


As for his milestones, he still isn't walking, but he REALLY wants to. He's standing unassisted. He's still saying, "Mama. Dada. Cat. Dog. Hi. Bye. Nana." He goes to bed between 7-8p and sleeps until 8-9a. He's still taking 2 two-hour naps during the day (10-12p, 2-4p). He has 7 teeth, 4 on top, 2 on bottom, and one molar on the top left side. He's in size 12m clothes. He's really trying to stay away from the baby food. It's really hard to get him to eat it. He's almost 100% on human food at this point. He loves it. Meatloaf, potatoes, beans, corn, hotdogs, Hamburger Helper, lasagna, everything... Even onion rings!!! O_O And he weighs 22lbs as of a few seconds ago, LOL.









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So cute! Love the face in cake picture. Priceless!

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Cute pics!  Happy Birthday Conner!!

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Happy birthday, Conner!
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Big change!


Shay is one today. 


He is constantly on the move.  He walks about 95% of the time, walking in circles if there's no place to go. He is a big climber, too.


He signs more, eat/drink/nurse, all done and yes (by clapping).


I have no handle on how many words he has. I don't understand them all, but he talks about everything (today it was a drill and battery or di and ba). He says _______! Me! Peeze! all the time. during trick or treat he kept asking for candy that way.


He is 31.5 inches and 25 pounds 8 ounces. He wears 18 month clothes mostly.


With his 8 front teeth, he will eat anything he can get in his mouth.


He loves eating, story time and music.  He dances anytime a peppy song comes on.


He sleeps pretty much all night now. He wants to get up before I do, so he nurses for an hour or more every morning while I try to convince him it's still night.  He takes 2-3 naps a day, short morning nap, long afternoon nap and long evening nap or early bedtime.



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I think Shay is the most "grown up" kiddo we have. LOL


So much talking and walking, it's awesome!!!

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Nicole, I think Rhyko and Eli give him a pretty good run for his money. I think Shay is only grown up because he is one of the oldest. Conner gets more time to be a baby because he has no siblings to keep up with/escape from. I bet lots of the babies will be walking and talking by their birthdays.

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Originally Posted by seraf View Post

Nicole, I think Rhyko and Eli give him a pretty good run for his money. I think Shay is only grown up because he is one of the oldest. Conner gets more time to be a baby because he has no siblings to keep up with/escape from. I bet lots of the babies will be walking and talking by their birthdays.

That's true. Most of the other babies here have older siblings that give them motivation to do all of those grown up things, LOL. Hopefully he'll get there soon. I'm already tired of the comments from the elderly people in our families. So judgmental. I just want to smack them all in the face for being so ignorant.

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Happy Birthday Shay!partytime.gif

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Happy birthday SHAY!!  I agree that Shay seems to be quite ahead of the curve.  My two boys both have older siblings, but both are behind in comparison to my first, so just a tempermental things mainly, I guess.  I'll be surprised if Avery is walking by his first birthday.  But he has another month to go yet!

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Thanks all for the birthday wishes.  I don't tend to think of Shay as being ahead, maybe also because all his friends are a month or two older.  So he sat about a month after them, crawled later, walked a month or two later, so he is right on track with all of the kids he hangs out with. Of course, they all communicate way better than he does, I have hopes that he is just a few short weeks behind.  So maybe there's something in the water here in Ohio. I'm really just glad he didn't quite triple his birthweight in the first year! He's heavy enough!

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Happy Birthday dear Shay! I hope it has been a good one! joy.gif
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Happy Birthday Shay!!  I agree with Jaimee, I think it's just temperament.  Coralie 'talks' a lot, but isn't that motivated to walk at all.  I doubt she'll be walking by a year, but who knows.

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Here are his cake pictures.



He tried to grab the flame and we all yell, "Hot!" 


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