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Happy birthday yesterday to Shay!


Today is Greta's birthday. We've had a nice relaxing day with her today. Tomorrow is the big party, so I'll have to come post pics of that after it's over!

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Happy birthday Gretta! I hope the party is great.
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Happy Birthday Greta! Hope your party is great!! joy.gif
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birthday.gif   I hope Gretta had a wonderful day!  

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Happy Birthday Shay, Rhyko, and Greta! 

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Well, her birthday party went really well! I was getting concerned because in the last week several of our closest friends and family weren't sure if they'd be able to make it. I was really hoping people would show up. Luckily, just about everyone we invited was able to come! I made chili and my mom brought a big pot of vegetable soup, with cheese and crackers on the side. Every bit of food was gone by the end of the party! I also made a big batch of brownies, a double batch of cupcakes, along with Greta's smash cake... all of the desserts were gone too! I didn't even get a cupcake I was craving so badly. 


She got lots of new big girl toys, which she actually really needed. Now, to teach the big sister the difference between her toys and Greta's toys... I obviously don't mind sharing, but DD1 is having trouble letting Greta play with her new toys. She also got some new clothes, which she also needed. Now, I have no idea what to get her for Christmas! One of our friend's gave us an Amazon gift card for $20 (she has a newborn and didn't have time to get out and get a gift before the party). Any ideas on what you'd get with $20 to spend on Amazon??


Anyway, here are a few pics!


Opening presents from Mommy and Daddy on her actual birthday. She had absolutely no problem figuring out this whole present-opening thing. She will be SO ready for Christmas!





Dressed up and ready for her party!




Singing Happy Birthday!




She also had no problem figuring out the concept of a smash cake. She loved the rainbow cake Mommy made for her! And DD1 was too funny. She ran into the kitchen thinking she needed to get a fork to feed Greta. When Greta pushed the fork away, DD1 shrugged her shoulders and started feeding the cake to herself. It was hilarious!


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That sounds like a good party. Very cute. Amazon gift card, no idea books? A label maker so her toys can be labeled?
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I just want to say that Christina, I love that picture of you and Rhyko. You are so beautiful!

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Happy belated birthday, Greta. I'm glad the party was awesome!

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Roam and Ember both stood for the first time by themselves on their birthday. They were so excited and proud!



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Happy belated birthday, Roam and Ember!!! That's great that they're standing now! WOO!

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Originally Posted by KaliShanti View Post

I just want to say that Christina, I love that picture of you and Rhyko. You are so beautiful!


Thank you, Kali! That's so sweet of you to say! loveeyes.gif

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Awww, Roam and Ember! So cute! Happy belated birthday to them!! 

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Happy birthday Ember and Roam!
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Happy Birthday ROam and EMber!

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Thanks everyone! I am so busy that I rarely post anymore...They nurse on demand almost every 2hrs 24 hrs a day so I can read posts but typing is more difficult.

Everyones babies are so adorable.

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Oren's birthday is not until next week, but we had his birthday party this past weekend, because we are moving out of the city this Sunday and wanted to have a party with all of our friends. 


At the last minute our venue became unavailable (our friend's house flooded) so we had to have the party at our house - which is dark because of the construction happening here, and bare and unwelcoming and full of moving boxes! And we had so many people in our echo-y space, it was so noisy! But we had a lot of fun. It was very much potluck for appetizers, and I traded a cake-decorating friend a logo design for 2 dozen cupcakes and a smash cake. And I kept the coffee a-brewin'. Just a simple "coffee and cake pieces" as my Mom used to say, in her fake Finnish accent. No decorations even. But so, SO good to celebrate with everyone. 


The cake and cupcakes










Lots of babies (there was even one more not in this photo) and some boxes




Oren's little friend was wearing the same vest!



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Kirsten, so cute, love the vest, can't believe you let him smash the cake with a white shirt on! ROTFLMAO.gif

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yummy.gif It can all be cleaned. That's what birthday outfits are for, aren't they? Getting cake all over? 


He's actually a pretty clean eater (he's usually a spoon-eater as well). He was afraid to dig into the cake for about 5 minutes. He just poked at it gingerly. The shot with the two boys in their vests was actually AFTER the cake smashing. I just wiped the worst off with a cloth to take the picture. 

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Where's Katie?  It's KJ's birthday today! 

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