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Originally Posted by Becky Wheeler View Post

It seems like a few short months ago. It makes me sad that my youngest, and most likely my very last baby isn't exactly a baby anymore.



I have the complete opposite feeling.


I think that speaks a lot to the differences in personality of our children  lol.gif

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Originally Posted by dashley111 View Post



I have the complete opposite feeling.


I think that speaks a lot to the differences in personality of our children  lol.gif

LOL I think so ROTFLMAO.gif

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So many birthdays!!! Oh my goodness, so much happiness and sadness all in one. =( =)

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We decided to do a cake today and let Levi indulge in a bit of sugar. Which, he didn't really like his cupcake. He was a bit disgusted with the mess. lol




Casey helped decorate Brobee. :)



Levi reaching out to touch his cupcake. He really only wanted the candle, though. lol






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Happy Birthday KJ, Levi, and Jasper! 

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Today was Bettie's birthday and party.  She made out with a ton of toys and new clothes, and had a great time.  She is such an amazing, intense baby, with a giant personality- its SO hard to believe she in one already!  Part of that might be her size, as I believe she is the tiniest November baby at 17 pounds and 27 inches.  Me and my husband both thought she would be walking all over by her birthday since she took her first steps so early.  It was looking very unlikely until 3 nights ago, when she took off.  She has not stopped since. 


How did the other turkey baby birthdays go?

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Becky, that video of Levi is hilarious. lol.gif I was cracking up at his reactions to the cupcake. If it weren't sitting on the tray the whole time, I would've thought he was bleeding profusely (or murdered a sibling?) with all of that red smeared all over. LOL


Ash, I love Bettie's tutu! So adorable!


~*~Happy belated birthday to all of our turkey babies! love.gif~*~


I'm still waiting on my brother to email me the photos he took of Sora's birthday celebration...

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Happy birthday Bettie!!  How were all the turkey baby birthdays?

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Ash, I love the pic of Bettie! Happy Birthday Bettie!!
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Happy birthday Coralie!!!!

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Thanks Jaimee!


Coralies birthday was yesterday, although we didn't really do anything for it.  We really aren't 1st birthday people and we aren't in a place this year to host a party anyway.  She really doesn't even need anything!  


Coralies update:


She is definitely a talker and not a walker!  She says or has said at least 25 words including:  mama, dada, ball, dog, puppy, kitty, up, cup, hot, hat, uh uh (no), uh oh, vroom, diaper, poop, mmmmm, apple, woof woof, whats this, ta-ku (thank you), clap clap, Oww, shoe, raaawr, more, hi, hello, bye, boo and banana.  Her new favorite things are to throw the ball for the dog, say "no" to things (she's normally accurate, she shakes her head and says, "uh uh"), and to play outside.  Overall she's very easy-going and happy, she likes to make people laugh.  We often say that she's going to be our comedian, heh heh.  She's generally out-going and will often reach out to ask strangers to hold her (which makes people feel really good btw).  She loves to eat and drink and will eat pretty much anything, except avocado!  She has 10 teeth through (including her hill-billy toof) with 2 more molars on the way.  She still wakes up 2-4 times a night, but always goes right back to sleep.  Most days she just takes 1 nap now too.  My guess is that she's still 2 months away from walking, as she still doesn't cruise much (but does pull to a stand) and has very little balance.  She does a mix of crawling and butt-scooting, depending on how hard the floors are.  She's starting to wear the butt of her pants thin!  


We couldn't ask for a sweeter baby!  <3

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About two weeks late on this one (11/19 birthday)...We had a big party at our place (1st one I've had in our home, not sure something I would repeat). J handled it like a champ. He took a 30 minute nap on his uncle's (my brother) shoulder at the beginning of the party and then when he woke up we opened his presents. By the time we got to cake he was pretty much hamming it up for everyone. Ate his carrot cake cupcake by taking handfuls of frosting first then picked up the whole cupcake and devoured it.


He started walking two days after his birthday. He is now able to go all the way down the hall and he's starting to carry items. Still crawls a lot or does a 3 legged crawl. He's vocal but not saying specific words. He says Mama, Dada, daw (dog), and bah (ball). Dada means different things, sometimes it means his dad, sometimes it means bye bye (he waves bye bye). The other day he went to the door when the dog was whining and it was the same intonation as when Daddy tells the dog to shut up (eek, not good). He also imitates the dog and can say a pretty good woof.


It's neat to read about all the other babies' and what each is doing. I don't post often but I do read everyday and find this group to be a valuable resource.

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Happy late birthday, Coralie! 

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Avery turned one yesterday!  We made cupcakes and invited some of our neighbors over to help celebrate.  It was very low key, but fun.  Avery didn't know what to do with the candle, but enjoyed his cupcake, as you can see!




Avery hasn't been to the doctor in a while, so I don't know how tall he is or how much he weighs, but weighing him by difference on my scale at home he's about 20 pounds and he wears 12-18 month size clothes.  He has 5 teeth and I'm waiting on that 6th one any day now.   He's sleeping like crap- waking about 4-5 times a night and is transitioning from 2 to 1 nap... still.


He's my first kid not to be walking by age one, so that's different, but he gets around quickly by crawling, pulls up on everything, cruises, and bounds up our stairs when no one is looking.  He likes to push things around and walk behind them like the laundry basket, the step stool, etc.  He enjoys throwing balls, pounding things, and dancing to music.


He's very chatty and mimics many words.  He regularly says apple, tree, poop, nap, what's that, and some others I can't remember right now.  He'll also mimic phonics that his brother is learning and knows "t" and "s."  We've been remiss in teaching him signs, but he will mimic them when I do them here and there.  He has nurse, more, all done, and book so far.  He's also started pointing in the last month so he'll point and say what's that or let out a chain of babble that sounds like he's explaining something in great detail.  I love it!


Let's see... other favorite activities include crawling around outside- especially playing in our dirt piles, dumping things out of boxes and putting them back in, looking at pictures- especially of himself and our family, and eating.  He doesn't eat as much as Austin did at this age, but he will eat pretty much anything we are eating and will self feed at the table pretty well now.  Unfortunately his favorite food seems to be goldfish crackers, but it's followed closely by yogurt, cottage cheese, black beans, and pears.


He's a very sweet, mellow baby and such a joy!  luxlove.gif

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Happy birthday!
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Happy Birthday Austin!

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