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Opinions...Juice Plus

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Ok, so my sister is selling juice plus and wants me to buy it for my son (the chewables), however I could not find much information on their website as to the exact ingredients of this "supplement". She also tried to sway me by saying Dr. Sears endorses Juice Plus, but after coming across these articles I am kind of thinking it's not really worth the money!






I also can't help but think Dr. Sears must be getting some major kick backs for his promotion of this product!


What do you mama's think?! 

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 Understandably you are skeptical.  However, when you go on the website, click on "clinical research", then click on "resources" and watch the videos at the bottom of the page.  This is the most researched nutraceutical on the market any where with 26 published studies in medical journals.  If you believe that fruit and veggies are good for you and your child and you are not able to consume at least 7 per day, then you need this product.  The Children's Health Study has over 700,000 children on this product for FREE.  The results of this study show that children and adults are getting sick less, going to the doctor less, eating more fruit and veggies (your body craves what you give it).  

I am a distributor also, but your order from your sister does nothing for my business.  I am passionate about this product and know what it does for people.  Take it consistently and you will notice a difference!  

Oh, BTW, Dr. Sears is our ONLY paid spokesperson for JP, but he and his entire family take it.  His son, who is on "The Doctors" and is also a pediatrician is not paid to promote JP.  The other 7000 physicians are simply customers and distributors like your sister who take and recommend to their patients.  The only reason they do this is because of the incredible research behind this product. 

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I'm no expert and not a dealer, just tried some J+ products a couple of times and am thinking of buying some. Does your son have sweets and candies? How many animal products, chemicals and colourings do they contain? They do a lot of harm to children who still insist you buy them, of the back of the endorsement of countless cartoon characters - you get the picture. 

I've tried the J+ chewables and they just seem a really pleasant alternative - their texture and flavour qualities seem a reasonable indicator to me that this in an honest product. Try them, and if you don't like them, don't buy !  

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