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Eva Josephine is on the outside!

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Baby girl was born yesterday at 6:40 after about half a day of puttering contractions followed by half an hour of discomfort which includes the five total minutes of pushing. Best birth we could have hoped for! And she was born in the caul! She's perfect and we are over the moon. I'll post pics soon.
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Sounds awesome! Congratulations!
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Wow, congratulations!!! I LOOOOOOVE the name, too!!!!  :D

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Congratulations! I hope my birth is like that! I LOVE her name.

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Wow!!!! How exciting smile.gif Congratulations!!!
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Congrats! I love that name! Both of those are ones we considered, but my SIL's top pick is Josephine so I told her she could have it. Can't wait for pics!

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Awesome news and great name :) congrats on an amazing birth and welcome, Eva Josephine joy.gif

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Wow, what an incredible birth!  Lucky you!!  Congratulations on your little girl!  I hope you'll post some pics!

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Wow, what a wonderful birth! All my best wishes to you and new little Eva Josephine! 

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Congrats!  Sounds like an awesome birth!  

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Wonderful, congratulations!!  And welcome little Eva!  That does sound like the best possible birth, so happy for you!

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Congratulations!!  Can't wait to see pictures!

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Wowzers!  Awesome!  Love her name too, congratulations!!!

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Congrats, sounds amazing!

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What a great birth! Congratulations mama!

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Congratulations!!!!!! joy.gif luxlove.gif joy.gif


I can't help but say it: I am totally jealous of your birth!!!! That's the one I want this time! lol.gif Caul and everything! orngbiggrin.gif


Can't wait to see pics and hear some stats! thumb.gif

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CONGRATULATIONS!! Sound like the perfect birth to me!! Welcome Eva Josephine!!!

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Congratulations!  I am with everyone else, sounds like a great birth.  Wishing you a healthy, happy, recovery!

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Congrats and welcome!!

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