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Congratulations! Sounds great! Can't wait to see pics! :)

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Thanks everyone.  I was completely shocked by the ease and speed of this birth.  She was almost born on the toilet at the birthing center!  

Here she is right after birth on 10/29/12 at 6:40

7 lbs 4 oz 20 in




Here she is at home that night. 




I was able to nurse her right away which was really important to me since they were so concerned with my placenta last time, I didn't really get to try nursing her brother in that first hour.  She has nursed so well and frequently, I know she has swallowed lots of colostrum.  She isn't nearly as grunty and uncomfortable seeming as her brother was at this point.  No bladder problems for me this time either.  Asa Luke, her big brother has been pretty adorable.  He keeps saying "Baby sister, hugs."  He's doing his best to be gentle, and we are doing our best not to get uptight when he nearly falls on top of her with love!  I have some better photos to post, but can't find the cord for my good camera.  


Happy births and baby moons mamas!

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Awww, she is adorable!

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Oh my gosh, she's beautiful!!! I'm so glad things went so smoothly!

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Grats! Such a lucky sign :)

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What a beautiful little girl--such a serene and sweet face!

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AWESOME, here's to all of us having births like that...

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Oh, she is perfectly precious! love.gif Thank you so much for sharing pics! I am happy for you that postpartum is going better than last time and well so far. smile.gif Keep us updated, looking forward to more pics! winky.gif

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Gorgeous! Look at that peaceful little face! Congratulations Mama, Papa and Big Brother!

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So precious! Very happy for you :)

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Congratulations-- she is gorgeous-- such beautiful lips!

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Thanks! She is so so precious and sweet.  I thought I'd post some more pics because, well just because.  I never posted on the belly thread because there were not many pictures of me pregnant.  So I made MIL take one before I wasn't pregnant anymore.  Here we are at the birthing center, 6 cm, bizarrely pain-free, about 2 hours before birth.  Here you can see the amazing tub that I didn't get to use because Evie was crowning on the toilet while the tub was being warmed for me.  You can see the bed that I managed to waddle to while crowning so that she wasn't born on the bathroom floor.  And you can see that DH is one of the least photogenic people on the planet.  There were 4 of these same poses taken by my MIL.  This was the best one of him by far.  You should see our wedding pictures.  He looks insane in almost every one.   


This one I love because I think the look on ds's face is kind of priceless. This was right after he woke up and met his sister for the first time.  He was actually really excited and happy. 




And here's a bonus of baby Evie with eyes open.  She has a full head of black hair under that hat.  




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Awww!  What a beautiful family you have! Thanks for sharing! She is so precious.  And we have those whale jammies sitting in a bureau waiting for our LO to wear them!

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awesome, thanks for posting these. love all of them. and she truely is gorgeous!

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Lol @ hubby. Mine is uptight and doesn't do great pics either.LOVELY kids and mama! :)

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