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Spotting and Rh-

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I had spotting earlier in this pregnancy at 6 weeks, but it was determined it was cervical and my Dr. said they could give me the Rhogam shot to be safe but didn't feel it was needed. She said it appeared I was very susceptible to cervical bleeding. Ultrasound confirmed a healthy bean and no visible reason for bleed.


Well, today the spotting has started again (10 weeks today). DTD two days ago, and I feel like this spotting is likely cervical again, but uncertain if I should go get a Rhogam shot this time. I'm having no crampy or discomfort of any kind.


Trying to find actual information about which point it actually becomes beneficial, as I've read some places it's after 8 weeks, some after 12 weeks etc. My whole household is sick, and I really don't want to spend all day in the emergency room for a precautionary shot I might not even need.

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Since there are no drawbacks to getting the Rhogam shot, I would just get it.  My wife got it after some bleeding at 6 weeks.  She probably didn't need it, but once you develop the antibodies, there is nothing to be done.  I'm not sure why your doctor didn't say you should get it, given that it's better safe than sorry.

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Because after a thorough exam she found no signs of uterine bleeding and a very irritable cervix with visible abbrasions. The shot made me feel pretty sick with my last pregnancy.

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If it made you feel sick, then I guess that is a downside.  You can probably take your doctor's advice if she doesn't think you need it.  Just throwing out my two cents that I'd rather be safe than sorry, and my wife was told to get it after any bleeding.  She'll probably need another one closer to the birth, so if you want to avoid two and are really confident you don't need it, skipping it is probably okay.

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I believe there is a simple blood test to find out if you're producing antibodies.  No antibodies = no need for the shot.  

It was done for me in the hospital after my first birth and at home by my midwife with the second birth.

I also had negative effects from the shot I did prenatally with my first, haven't had the shot since then and haven't produced any antibodies.  

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"I believe there is a simple blood test to find out if you're producing antibodies.  No antibodies = no need for the shot.  "


No, no, no.


Once you're producing antibodies, there's no point in getting the shot. The shot is to keep you from producing antibodies, which are what harm the fetus.



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Oh gosh, that's right!  So sorry about that and THANK YOU for correcting that misinformation!!  

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I'm rH- and wouldn't get rhogam unless I have a bad trauma to my uterus, a later miscarriage/still birth or gave birth to a baby that was rH+. Prenatal Rhogam at 28 weeks has not been proven to be all that helpful. It only provides about an extra 1% less chance of producing antibodies. It's only actually useful to have Rhogam within 72 hours of blood mixing. Unless you had uterine trauma that could have caused blood mixing around 28 weeks, there is no need for it. 


Also, if you didn't already know, if the father of the baby is rH-, you do not need rhogam.

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I am A-, and baby's father is O+. Our first child is A+.

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