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bicornuate uterus

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Ok, I am 7 weeks pregnant by u/s measure, 9+ by LMP. I had an u/s last week and was diagnosed with a  bicornuate uterus? I am wondering if anyone has resources or information. With my last pregnancy I PROM at 35ish weeks... I don't recall it being an issue that much though I faintly recall them mentioning it later on. Just looking for information. Any other mama's out there? I thought I saw on the March of Dimes site something about it increasing likelyhood for miscarriage/loss/preterm birth. Considering my history with losses I am a little concerned and would like to know more. And hear some positive stories. love.gif

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Hi Mama,

My bf has this and had a full-term,healthy baby! He was small....just shy of 6 lbs. He was breech and she tried to get him to turn but ended up having him via c- section.

I helped her research bicornate uterus, and came away from it feeling it is still a very individual experience depending on the shape of the uterus, and where the septum is. The medical professionals will likely get a better look at subsequent ultrasounds.

It is my understanding the risks are preterm labor, malpositioning, and low birth weight, all because the baby settles into one side of the uterus and subsequently outgrows it before 40 weeks.

I beleive it is a good sign that you have already had a successful pregnancy.

Plenty of women have a bunch of babies unaware they have bicornate uterus!

My bf was risked-out of the midwifery practice only by the malpositioning, otherwise would have been A-ok for a homebirth.

HTH and congratulations on your pregnancy!
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My sister has one. Both her babies were 6ish pounds but we always chalked it up to her being 5'1" and 105 soaking wet. Both were in a pike position so didn't move much but were born full term by c section. The first one she went into labor and they discovered a heiny and so #2 was checked more often and was a scheduled c section. They are 14 and 17
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