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SPOTLIGHT on GreenTeaGinger !!!!!

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GreenTea smile.gif your up!!!
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Yay! What a cool thing to come back to:)

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Would you like to give us a little intro about yourself smile.gif
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Well let's see..I turned 40 in August and it was AWESOME.  I love being 40. Right now I'm a SAH homeschooling/unschooling mom but in my other incarnation I was a adjunct lecturer in Religious Studies. I love writing, reading, knitting, walking, and music. I have four kids so far and am very happily married to my best friend. We're kind of a geeky family...love comics, superheros, etc but we're all kind of literate geeky LOL. 

Let's see..I'm originally from Maine but moved South about 11 years ago. Also lived in Mexico City for awhile. 


We're middle crunchy...I breast feed all the kids, coslept with them..cloth diapered the last one. We don't spank although we have pretty guidelines for behavior but I think we strike a good balance in letting them be who they are as well. 


Hope that's enough to start things off.

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How did you meet your DH?  Have you experienced many cross-cultural relationship challenges?


I know you don't necessarily want to focus on the DS diagnosis right now, so if you want ignore this question: how are your kids feeling about having a sibling with DS?

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I meet my husband as an undergrad at a party I held the day before classes started (it was tradition). I had mentioned to another friend that he should bring the new international students and my husband was among them:) I thought he was very attractive right away but didn't think of him as much more until he mentioned loving D.H. Lawrence. We always joke that we're kind of like the stereotype of a couple who should be divorced. I was pregnant six weeks after we started dating, and we got married about five months after we meet. We'll have been married for 13 years in January:) 


Cross cultural differences are not so apparent when it's just us together. H (name is Horacio but short hand on the internet is H) and I have a lot of common interests and goals. He's totally respectful of me being a feminist, and we're both intellectually/politically engaged, etc. Initially we had more problems with class differences (I grew up very very poor and he grew up very very middle class). When his parents are around it's harder. They are more "traditional" than H and that's when things are harder. His dad is kind of macho but not really with me but it still crops up. His mom is kind of passive aggressive which I think comes from dealing with the macho. There are also things like "Your family can visit whenever they want and stay with us for as long as they want." H has a hard time saying no to them even though it annoys him as much as me:P 


And I don't mind questions about Down syndrome at all! My kids have a range of reactions all positive though. My oldest and my only son along with the two littlest girls just see Jude as a baby. The Down syndrome is kind of an afterthought. I think my 7 year old worries about Jude's health but is reassured that so far things look good. My nine year old has Asperger's and I think this has contributed to her intensely identifying with Jude. She's the most excited. She's been reading books and doing research. Her sister and her go to a little alternative school and she's already planning on doing a lesson about Down syndrome for her classmates using Jude for show and tell:)

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Nawwwww show and tell! That's so sweet!! smile.gif

What are your plans for Christmas this year? When is Jude due and when are you expecting to pop? smile.gif
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Christmas will likely be very low key. Last year we went to Maine and it was super intense. I love Christmas. Love it. But I love it very comfy and homey. We'll have a tree, and we'll decorate. I'm making some yummy breakfast casseroles and we'll lay around and open gifts and eat. I think we're also planning on a Lord of the Rings marathon in anticipation of the Hobbit. I'm due Dec. 23rd and usually go early ( but it was 39 weeks with my last one so not as early as the others). I keep thinking the 20th so we'll see. That would be great as I think it would give us plenty of time to get home for xmas.

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Since we are both having daughters named Jude, I am naturally curious, what was the inspiration for her name?

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OOO another Jude? Cool.

She's named after St. Jude, my MIL's favorite saint. I'm not overly religious or superstitious but when I first got my odds for the Down syndrome, I started reading...and discovered that most fetus with DS often miscarry. I became convinced that she had died in my womb. It was a very dark dark time. For awhile I just kept hoping it wasn't Down syndrome and then I was just wanted her to be alive so I light a St. Jude candle and made a deal that if the baby was alive we'd name it Jude boy or girl. 

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