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I was on Weight Watchers until this little surprise came along. The scale was at 156 pre-pregnancy and now it's 178 to 181. I'm almost 20 weeks. I don't remember how much I gained with my boys. I feel fat. My boobs are obscenely huge. They were Cs, now I'm pushing DDD. I told my SO not to get too attached because they will eventually deflate post-pregnancy.

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I was resting at a DDD cup after nursing DD and I am beyond scared of what will happen this time. With DD I started at a DD cup and went up to about a J? when I was nursing. I hope I don't go much bigger than that this time around. 

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I'm at an F right now, and I'm *very* nervous what will happen once I start nursing. And even though a lot of my friends say they've gone back down at least a little bit after they stopped nursing, mine have just continued to grow/stay the same. Before I got pregnant with DD, I was a B. By the time I started nursing DS, I was a DD, and by finish, I was F.

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I tried a bra after my daughter was born but it didn't work for me due to pain/discomfort, so I have been bra-less ever since, and I find it really helpful for nursing/pregnancy since my breasts are always changing size. It did take a bit to get used to never wearing a bra but now it feels completely normal.  


My grandmother had the largest breasts I have ever seen and she never wore a bra, so perhaps she was part of the inspiration.  When I need extra support I wear a tighter tank top.

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Horribly, I gained liked FOUR lbs while I was gone. (exercised when I could, but it was about 32 hours in a car over 4 days and a funeral on the day we had off)  It's so discouraging. As I've said before, normally I'm a "your body gains what it needs during pregnancy", as the last 3 times I've been [successfully] pregnant I've eaten and exercised very differently (better each time) yet gained the exact same amount at the exact same rate...though I've still felt like it was "too much" weight for me, but I've been able to get it off each time. But this time things were totally different, and I gained like 10 lbs off the bat (NEVER gained until mid-2nd tri in the past), and I was struggling with losing any weight before the pregnancy, thanks to my thyroid. So I don't feel like weight gain is anything "natural" for me this time since my body is screwed up. And it's so discouraging because I feel like (and it's been proven) that one little slip up and I'm over the edge. It sucks. :( And I'm scared to death about not being able to lose any of it no matter how hard I work, based on my pre-pg experience this time.


I just don't know how I'll be able to stay sane throughout the rest of this pregnancy with this hanging over my head.  I don't feel like it would be better for me to stop weighing, because this is obviously not normal for my body so I feel like it's wise to at least keep an eye on things, but I don't know how to go about every day feeling like if I don't starve myself, I'm going to be up 40+lbs permanently, during this pregnancy and afterwards, since I can't lose weight because of my stupid Hashimoto's.

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Despite my efforts to avoid scales, my workplace just purchased one for our bathroom, and I have gained almost 30lbs at 18weeks. Of course, I eat constantly to avoid nausea so some of that might decrease a bit as my nausea slowly decreases.  I don't mind gaining weight though, so although I'm a bit surprised, I am also a bit in awe of how my body responds to pregnancy. I gained a lot last time too.

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