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more broken waters!

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i think it's the full moon, or something. my water broke at about 3.30 this morning. hubby is getting the 4 and 5 year old off to school, and then to Walmart to get a carseat. i've called the midwife, and contractions have started but aren't regular yet. the house is still an absolute wreck, but the bathroom is clean and the bed is made with a second layer of sheets over plastic, so i guess we are good to go? Eek, baby on the way! 

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Yeah!! Congrats! Hope everything goes smooth and you have a baby today! Get some rest mama!

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Wow!  It looks like this DDC is on a roll.  Good luck, wishing you an easy, peaceful birth. 

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Maybe it is the full moon!  Good luck mama, hope it's nice and smooth for you!

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Oooo!!! Hope labor kicks in consistently soon and that you are holding your sweet babe in no time!!!

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Exciting! Can't wait to hear more news!

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Yeah! Lots of babies coming! Praying for you and LO Mama!

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WHOO! orngbiggrin.gif Can't wait to hear an update! With pictures of a baby perhaps? winky.gif

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Yay!!  I hope it is wonderful for you, looking forward to hearing more!

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We're definitely on a roll!!! Wishing you a beautiful birth!!!! bouncy.gif

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as of 4.31 pm halloween, we have a baby! She was 8 lbs 12 oz, and is nursing and sleeping well. it was an easy, peaceful homebirth.love.gif

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Congrats mama!!! joy.gifheartbeat.gifjoy.gif

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Yay! Enjoy your baby girl!
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That's awesome--congratulations!

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Congrats! How exciting to have a halloween baby!

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Congratulations!!  Wow, it seems our DDC is having a lot of smooth, uncomplicated births! joy.gif

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Welcome.gifBaby girl!

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We've got birthday twins! My boy was born at 4 in the morning smile.gif Congratulations!
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Congratulations, Dahlea! 

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