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Halloween baby!

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Had my baby at home this morning at 39 weeks-at 4:10 am, born into daddy's hands. I'm so excited-I always wanted a Halloween baby! It was a surprise-he's a boy! 8 lb 14 oz and 20" long. His brother and sister woke up shortly after his birth and are in love =) His name is Zavriel, no middle name yet.

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OMG he is so cute!  Very serious!!
Congrats mama!

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Hooray! Congrats!

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Congrats!!! Oh my gosh, he is adorable!

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Yea!!  So cute!!!  LOVE the name!

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Beautiful! I've never heard that name I like it!

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Congratulations on your beautiful fellow--what a lovely name, and he has such a gorgeous, serious face! 

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Gorgeous! He does have such a serious face. It reminds me of my brother's baby boy (our kids will actually be double cousins to their kids). He was such a serious but very smart little fella. He's a really smart toddler now, though he's not talking as much as you'd think. He'd still rather just use his face to show you his thoughts.


Can't wait to read your story!

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Congratulations and welcome Zavriel!!! What a perfect looking little baby boy!

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Congrats!! How exciting to have a Halloween baby!

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He is absolutely GORGEOUS! Congrats mama!!! joy.gif


Welcome Zavriel!!! biggrinbounce.gif stillheart.gif biggrinbounce.gif

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Hahaha so serious! Love it! Grats!

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