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Greetings Everyone

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We had a PPT 10 days after I ovulated.  I am showing to be due July 4th.  I have 4 children.  My first 2 boys were born at home, adopted a daughter, and had my fourth son at the hospital naturally.  (I was gbs positive with prolonged SROM).  My husband and I are so excited.  My breasts have become so sore the last few days.  I will be 5 weeks tomorrow, and I have a sono scheduled at the end of November.  I recently moved to CA and left a busy midwifery and doula practice.  I look forward to hearing all about your pregnancies.  Oh by the way, I've read mixed things about green tea.  I drink one cup a day.  Do you guys have any recommendations on another alternative?



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i will also be 5 weeks tomorrow and due july 4th with my thrd. funny!

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hola.gif and welcome! Congrats on your pregnancy smile.gif . I don't drink green tea usually so I don't know anything about those particular pros and cons really. In general I tend to be a moderation kinda girl when it comes to these things.
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The only thing I've read about green tea was that it cancels out the folic acid that your body has consumed. So I've always stayed away from it. I think lemon tea is good though! It can also help with morning sickness if it happens to creep up on you!
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