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San Diego Communities

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Looking for good, walkable community near San Diego not too close to the city w/lots of Veg friendly neighbors.





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North Park, Ocean Beach, South Park, Normal Heights, University Heights, Kensington or Hillcrest.
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Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach are both awesome!

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I think youd love Hillcrest and North Park (but stay away from the elcajon side thats a bit dangerous) :) 

Pacific Beach is fairly affordable but it mostly has sushi kind of places and bars, not really a place to live but more of a place to spend the night out

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I recommend north park, hillcrest, kensington, south park, normal heights areas. DH our DS and I love it. :-)
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Poway is a great area to check out too.
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Also have a possibility of moving to SD area .  DH has a job possibility in Balboa Park.  Looking for close, but affordable areas.  We would be renting not buying and want to have public transport available.


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What is your budget and how many bedrooms are you looking for? Normal Heights is close but might be out of your price range. When we first moved to San Diego we lived in La Mesa right near a trolley station. Our 2 bedroom apartment was 1195.
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