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Help finding VBAC provider in SE Massachusetts

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I live on Martha's Vineyard with one hospital, and they don't allow VBAC's. My only option is to find somewhere off-island to stay for a week at the end of my pregnancy (5/7/13) and hope I go into labor. My first CS was because my DS was footling breech, so I should be a good candidate. Any recommendations for hospitals near me? I desperately want a natural birth, and am willing to go to any lengths to get it, while still being safe. Thanks!!!!
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I'm not on the Cape so I'm not sure if there is something closer...  Jordan is now offering VBAC's (from what I have heard, they use ToLAC as the terminology: trial of labor after cesarean.  I've been starting to hear really good things about Jordan and the ToLAC's after South Shore Midwifery moved their practice there and merged.  The group is now known as Jordan OB/GYN and Midwifery. http://www.jordanhospital.org/obgynmidwifery

Wareham Midwifery and Dr Tripp at Triad OBGYN used to do VBAC's at Tobey in Wareham, but the Admin has barred VBAC's for a few years now.  It's still worth a call to make sure that there hasn't been any changes and express interest.  Maybe now that a competitor has started allowing VBACS (Jordan) they will.


I'd also say talk to doulas and even homebirth midwives in your area to get helpful resources and  see what they know.  They will be familiar with the hospitals and providers and may know of more options.

Good luck  to you!


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I just had a wonderful natural birth at Jordan. It was probably as low intervention you can get as a vbac. They do require 2 IVs (I only ended up with one though because I was dehydrated and they couldn't get it in my other arm. If I wasn't dehydrated I probably would have insisted on none) and continuous monitoring, however I put intermittent in my birth plan and the nurse obliged (although she said she was unsure of the policy beforehand and then never double checked, I'm not sure if this was deliberate or not). They were fine with me declining everything else. Didn't bat an eye about me taking my placenta home. I declined the vitamin k and the eye ointment. I declined antibiotics for gbs. That did require a 48 hour stay which was annoying. Labor,delivery and postpartum are all in the same room. They do have a room with a tub but don't allow vbacs to birth in it. The room was under construction when I was there which was disappointing. I saw the midwives at Jordan midwifery. I ended up with a midwife I had never met but she was awesome. Gail Phillips is her name but she's mostly at the Duxbury office. She called my birth plan evidence based. If you have any questions feel free to pm me.
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Actually they have an open house the 28th to show off their new renovations. I can't find a specific time though.
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http://www.nantucketmidwife.com/  Sybille is an excellent option and you would never have to leave island.


I like some of the practitioners at Jordan a lot, but I am also wary as they have a high c/s rate and you do not know who you are going to get in labor.


You could just labor at home and show up at 9cm's and they can not section you.  Although this is not at all ideal as you are not being monitored, for some they are fine with this, for others not...unless you hired a midwife to monitor you and then went in, that is another option.


I always recommend that folks go to Memorial Hospital in Pawtucket, RI.  Dr. Susan Mcgee does a midwifery model of care and has great outcomes, and I think, if she can, she would 'special' you so that you would definitely get her, especially if you were coming from MV.


SO, even though you hospitals position is not evidence based you have to make these drastic plans just to have a normal birth, so sad...our maternity care system is not in good shape.


You could work with Sybille, which is an excellent, medical evidence based option (and the best kind of care!) or fly off island when in early labor to Providence? Or hire her just the same and walk into hospital at 9cm's....  Just some thoughts to consider.


Good luck with your decisions!  I am sorry you are put in this position!

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Congratulations on your VBAC!  

It's great to hear about your experience at Jordan, even though it points out some of the challenges vbac/tolac moms will have to face.  I hope the policies will continue to be reviewed and relaxed as the hospital has more experiences.  


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Thanks Jessica! I agree that the challenges stink, but I was expecting to have to put up more of a fight, so overall I was pleased with my birth experience. I would still probably plan a homebirth if I became pregnant again.
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