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WBVs can diagnose all sorts of things you might not find at home-heart murmurs ( if you've never heard one, you won't know what it is), eyesight problems, obesity! Yes obesity! And as another poster stated hip problems and an undescended testicle. Please find a dr you like and take your child in!

they didn't diagnose my dd's poor vision EVER....come to find out, she's struggled with her vision for 3years before we found out..there was NO concern by any dr about my dd tripping over her own feet in an empty room-none at all.  No concern over the way she tilted her head to look at stuff- no concern over her refusal to to any kind of fine manipulation play, or coloring, --  come to find out, she couldn't see what she was doing!  So, just having an infant 'track' the light with their eyes is not enough, imo...i would ask about her eyesight, and got pooh poohed for asking such a thing of a young child-'she couldn't possiby need glasses at her age', type of sarcasm.   She had a severe astigmatism in one eye and farsightedness, and the other eye had 500vision, nearsighted, and was very weak.  Which, unf, went UNdiagnosed til she was 5 yrs old. 

Obesity---one dr had the nerve to tell me my 8mo old at 17lbs was obese!!!  We never went back there again! I don't have much trust at all in drs...i pretty much question EVERYTHING they do. 

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One of mine didn't see a doctor (after her initial checkup)until she was three. She just was never sick enough, and she was my third so I knew what to look for. She did develop an ear infection, to where she was yelling at people in the bed one night(who weren't talking!) and hearing thunder(no thunder, either). It actually wasn't that bad when she went to the doctor the next day. He was the one ped in my town known for giving parents freedom of choices without grief. He started sleeping with his patients' moms and resigned so now I have to drive 40+ minutes for a doc like that.


If I could do it over, I would have had a ped from the start, just for peace of mind, and so in an emergency I wouldn't have to panic and scramble. That really, really sucks. That child's ped at birth called cps on us bc we had a homebirth and refused all the routine stuff(eyes, vit K,...and that's not even illegal here), and was really angry when we brought the baby to her at 2 days pp for a checkup. I was terrified to take her to a doctor again for anything less than an emergency for a loooong time. For my next homebirth baby, we specifically found a family doctor who does mostly pediatrics and OB. He even has a blog about freedom of choice, and how he believes in vaccinating but he believes in freedom of parental choice more. He is awesome and I felt so much relief after the birth knowing I had someone like that as a backup.


And to Emmy526- I trip over my own feet daily and I have perfect vision. That is not something that would indicate vision issues, ime. Lots of people are like that. The other stuff you mention though would be a sign!

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