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Baby food or family meals?

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Hi moms,


After 9-10 months old, your baby eats the same as your family does or you make his/her meals separately?

Thanks ladies!

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My DD was very interested in food from the get go and after a couple of weeks of cautious purée introduction, we just went the BLW route with whatever we were eating. It's actually really funny at family gatherings: my 19 month old happily wolfing down whatever we are having, while my preteen niece is not nearly so adventurous (granted she's gotten a LOT better in the past couple of years). DD loves pesto, plain French toast, most ethnic dishes we try, fish, chicken, carrots, broccoli, hummus, guacamole, etc. She doesn't always want everything, but she happily tries everything. She will want meat and dairy only one day then lots of bread/pasta the next and won't stop eating carrots the day after that. It's not a big deal now but when she was younger, I made sure to have something soft enough for her in each meal. It's so much easier than preparing two meals - and possibly continuing to do so for years.
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by 9-10 months the baby just ate what we were, usually off our plates. we only made baby food the first few months of introducing solids

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I think it depends on what you eat. =) The babes usually eat some of our food and some of their own, because our food might not be the right texture or have too much salt or frankly I just want them eating something healthier than we might be eating that night.

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Our LO always ate the same food but sometimes I would prepare it slightly differently such as cutting the veggies bigger or pulling things out before adding salt. I didn't do completely different food though.
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Like someone else said, it probably depends on what you happen to be eating.


DS was sensitive to wheat for a long time, and I wasn't willing to go complete gluten free, so sometimes I had to do different food for him.  He also had eating/feeding problems, so some textures were out.  At nine months, he would not have been able to handle the stuff we ate, but after 12 months, it was more doable.


That being said, he was pretty open-minded about food.  So, most of the time, he had a variation on what we were having.  I'd make something, pull out a portion for him and cut it up more, remove questionable ingredients (or before adding heavy duty spices--we eat pretty spicy food), or add more vegetables to what he was eating.

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We just cooked the foods a tad longer, to make them a bit softer, and let my son eat what he wanted, instead of doing purees.
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