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hi. I am totally thread crashing, but I need a chart expert (lisedea???)


Here is my chart:



Questions: We are using fresh sperm this month. When would YOU inseminate?

We have 2 (possibly 3) days available with KD.

The last month, as you can see, was delayed O. Does that happen often to people or should I "expect" a regular cycle? That is the part that is throwing me off... Should I wait for positive OPK? Brill says don't wait that long...


Feel free to delete this post after response, I know it's not QP&P!! redface.gif

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scorpio--I PM'd you. smile.gif
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scorpio, according to your charts that I can see you seem to have a lot of fertile cm patches before you O so that doesn't seem to be a good indicator to start insem'ing necessarily. Do you track cervix position at all? How often after a positive opk do you usually O? And finally, do you have a fade in pattern. I also used fresh. For me, I would start insem'ing as soon as I saw ewcm and then do 2 or 3 insems until my temp went up. However, I only get about 4 days of ewcm and I get a clear fade in pattern on the opks. Again, based on the charts you shared I would do one today and then see what the opk says tomorrow, if it's not close to positive I would wait a day and then do another one and go that way. If last month was later than normal and the other 2 months were more normal for you that should give you great timing :) Good luck!!

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Just an update
Baby b seems to be fine they couldn't see any other defects... He is smaller than his brothers but not by much... They want to check him again in 4 weeks.
Baby c is over a pound and is the biggest
Baby b is 14 oz
Baby a is 15 oz

All active and looking great smile.gif
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Yeah!  joy.gif So glad they are all doing well and growing!

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Originally Posted by prettyisa View Post

Kate—so cute! And glad to hear that the placenta is officially not a problem! Do you have any projects you want to get done in the next few weeks, or is everything already complete?


Things are mostly done. I finished washing all my diapers yesterday, and that was a big one. So now the only thing I am really working on is getting the freezer stocked up with food for after the baby arrives. I have a few things in there, and I am adding a little bit every day. Mostly I am trying to balance this extreme nesting instinct (that is driving to do things like organize my bathroom cabinets and polish the silver we never use) with getting enough rest. I am also really trying to enjoy these last few days/weeks and spend a lot of quality time with DP. We have mad a point of doing things like going to see movies and eating a some non-kid friendly restaurants that we love. I guess I am feeling a little more ready for her to arrive every day, but also not feeling particularly anxious about it. I am really hoping that she comes before christmas, so as that get's closer I might start feeling like I am in more of a hurry!


CAnanny: That is a very impressive belly! So glad to hear that the boys are all doing well. 


Wishin - I was so paranoid that they had somehow missed a twin in there for a long time! LOL.  Congrats on the movement - it is so magical. And sorry to hear about your insurance. Good luck with the district eval. He is so lucky to have parents who are strong advocators for him and his needs. 

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Hi everyone,


I'm sorry to have been absent as threadkeeper for awhile, and I will work on getting everything caught up soon. Unfortunately I'm here right now to share some very sad news. Nosreves had her son on Wednesday, and on Thursday he died of meningitis. She posted about this on Facebook, and I wanted to share it here because I imagine that posting about it again would be even more painful for her. Here is what she wrote yesterday:


"yesterday was the happiest day of my life. today is the saddest. our little sun, Elio Sol, left this world tonight. we held him and told him how much we love him as he took his last breath. thank you for all your thoughts prayers and messages. it means a lot to us both. our little boy was beautiful and and perfect but his little body just couldn't fight off the meningitis that invaded it. he was so loved and we will never forget him but our hearts are completely shattered....."


I'm not sure when/if she'll feel up to being online here, but I wanted you all to know, and wanted to make sure that there is plenty of support waiting for her here when she does return. Some of us are collecting donations to send a small gift. If you're not part of the Facebook thread discussing this, please feel free to PM me for details.


Last night we lit a candle in our window for baby Elio, sending a little light out into the darkness.



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This is so incredibly sad to hear the news about little Elio.  I honestly couldn't even imagine the pain.  They went through so much trying to conceive.  nosreves - thoughts and prayers are being sent out to you from Kentucky.  So sorry to hear about your incredibly heart shattering loss.

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This just breaks my heart. Nos--we're thinking of you and holding you in our hearts. candle.gif
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This is devastating news. Nos you and your family are in our prayers.

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Oh my god. What a nightmare.  I will definitely be thinking of Nos, and I'm PM'ing KnittingTigers right now.

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I am so shocked to hear this. Lots of strength to Nosreves and her partner in those sad times.
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Nos - I am so incredibly sorry. I just have no words for how completely and entirely sorry I am. Elio, Nos and DP you are in our hearts. In the deepest way I can through the internet and across the ocean - i send my heart and so much love to your family. I am so so very sorry.

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nos, you are in my thoughts. Such a heart break. candle.gif
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Nos, so so so sorry.

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in mye thoughts and prayers Nos candle.gif

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There are no adequate words, only enormous sadness and disbelief. I am so sorry, Nos. So very sorry.
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Je suis tres desolee.  My heart breaks for you. 

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This is such a devastating loss. My heart is so heavy for you, nos. I wish you strength and love.
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How heartbreaking this is. I wish I knew what to say. Nos, your family is constantly in my thoughts. candle.gif
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