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Carmen! You mentioned no such thing. Congratulations on your perfect bean. I died my hair third tri so I could find a job. I know that the scalp supposedly absorbs more chemicals than other body parts (less than generals, tho). It's probably not something I would do every 6 weeks, but I have done it.

Lillielil, congratulations! He's a tall guy! There's nothing like giving birth to show you how strong you are. I'm sorry your birth was imperfect but thrilled that your baby is. Feel free to post a picture.
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Hope this works - sorry if I accidentally post something huge or if this goes weird otherwise. Here is Harrison!

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Harrison is beautiful!!! Congratulations!!! I'm sorry your birth was not as hoped, your caregivers not on the ball - thinking of you all and wishing you a wonderful babymoon and healing.

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Harrison is adorable, congrats!


And congrats on your 2nd boy, wishin! Brothers will be fun :)

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Carmen! I certainly hope that you find a dye solution that will last you through the next 8ish months! Huge *hugs* to you on having this dilemma!

Lillie--he's gorgeous! Congratulations! I'm sorry the birth didn't go as planned (it sounds like: at. all.) Enjoy your babymoon and heal up well! I hope you'll keep coming by and tell us all about him as he grows!

Wishin--yeah, those aren't names I could incorporate, either. I second Seraf's suggestion of female names that can be repurposed, if there are any good ones. How about a favorite character from scripture? Thaddeus got shot down about the same time as Ephraim, but I still love it. And, as an Emily, I always wished I had a more interesting name. Even Naomi or Fiona would have been nice--just not something in the top 10. We're hoping that Edith will remain a B-list option for people considering things like Lily, Grace, Olivia, and all of the other Edwardian names--not so rare that no one has ever met an Edie, but not super popular, either. Damn Downton Abbey for using it, though.
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Also, Lillie--I just noticed that your avatar is a dahlek snowman, which has made my morning just that much better. joy.gif
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carmen -CONGRATs! That is so wonderful to hear!  As for the hair dye, I have dyed my hair close to my natural color so I wouldn't have to do upkeep on color when I am pregnant, so that might be a consideration if you can't find a dye-ing solution that you can do a few times during pregnancy, just a one-time dye-ing wouldn't be as bad as say 5 times during the pregnancy.


lillie -I too am still mourning my ideal birth, 4 years later.  I was lucky enough to not have a c-section, but they were talking about it.  I can imagine how tough it must be to mourn having a c-section because it was pretty hard for me in my mourning.  The only thing that helps is resolving to learn from it and use the information of what happened to try to keep the same thing from happening with the next one.

Congrats on the BEAUTIFUL baby boy!  ENJOY!


As far as namesakes go -we chose for DD to have 2 middle names.  In the Philippines, children get their mother's maiden names as their middle name, so most of the cousins have the same middle name!  So DSp has that as his middle name.  (And for a first name, it is his parents' first names blended together to create a quite unique, ONE-of-a-kind name and was made into a nickname from day 1 of kindergarten!)  We did an alternative to the maiden name turned middle name (because I absolutely HATE my maiden name! and we wanted to pass down a name from DSp's side for them to feel more connected since they came into the pregnancy a little late in the game).  So DD's 2nd middle name is DSp's middle name, which is my MIL's maiden name and Gran-ma's (who lives in the country with my in-laws) last name....  DD's 1st middle name is just a regular ol' name.  DD's first name is one that we like and a namesake of DSp's great-grandmother on his dad's side.  So, lots of tributes!

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WAIT! CARMEN!!! I totally missed your post! Smiling ear to ear for you :) hello lovely little perfect bean. we are so happy to hear about you :)

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Thread crashing....


Carmen- OMG!! CONGRATS!!!! Re the coloring of your hair, I used to do hair back in the day and honestly its totally fine to color your hair while pregnant! I was pregnant with my eldest when I was in beauty school. I did some of the craziest thing to my hair and Matthew is perfect and super smart!

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Thanks for the input on hair dye. I always just randomly do a temp colour when I get sick of looking at my grey! I hate the maintenance of permanent dye and roots growing in - even though I do always just go as close as possible to my natural colour. My last hair cut revealed WAY more grey than I remember so I feel weird about it. I'll wait a couple months until I decide :)


And thanks for the congrats! After deciding we were absolutely done after the last m/c I realized a few weeks later that I truly didn't feel done. So we decided to take 3 months off and focus on some self care. I started some new supplements (royal jelly and new tea), stopped some others (chinese herbs and progesterone suppositories) and started seeing a new acupuncturist every week. We did a first try in November and voila, it worked. As my KD said, we've definitely got that part perfected ;) I didn't feel up to sharing the process because of how hard it is for me emotionally and then the timing on here didn't feel right to me. But anyway, here I am. I'm full of anxiety and doubt but after seeing the heartbeat (152) and seeing that the bean was measuring right on I at least feel like I can be excited....for now. RE wants to see me again on Jan. 3 to check on growth. I'm thankful for the holidays to distract me and will go for more acupuncture to help keep me relaxed. DP is a wreck and as usual doesn't really want to talk about it. She burst into tears when I called to tell her the results. Bless. She told me last night that she wants to wait until 6 months to tell anyone. I told her I'm likely to be slightly showing before then LOL For those of you on FB - please don't spill the beans!


Oh, and my EDD is August 7, 2013 :) A summer baby!

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Carmen--huzzah, fingers crossed for a happy and healthy 9 months for you!!!!  

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Holy double posts
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Oh man!
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Carmen, after all you've been through, I can understand your hesitancy. I'm hopeful that s/he is sticky.

Wishin, last names and maiden names might be great, like esenbee said.

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Carmen!!!!!! Omg omg omg I'm so beyond thrilled and fx for a healthy sticky baby ... Summer babies are awesome !!!!

And lili... Harrison is gorgeous.. We have to have a c cection and I'm sad about that but happy to know you made it through and your son is just gorgeousand healthy !!!!
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And way to hold your cards close!
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Congratulations lillielil!  Harrison sounds lovely. ecbaby2.gif biggrinbounce.gif  I know you're grateful to have a healthy baby, but it's ok to mourn the loss of your ideal birth.   


Carmen -- Dangit!  If I weren't a moderator I wouldn't have been able to read your post.  Congratulations!  So happy for you, you sneaky one!  joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif Yeah for the heartbeat!  energy.gif

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Crap! I just spoke to my doctor and she won't prescribe me Domperidone, which is the lactation drug because she has no experience with it! I still have my consult with the lactation consultant on Wednesday but they don't prescribe any drugs. It is not looking good for my BF options...greensad.gif
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