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Carmen, I am so excited for you! And impressed with your strength and resilience. I know you've been through a lot. Fingers crossed for a healthy next 8ish months!!!
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Max, the LC may have the name of a doc who is comfortable with it. You can also nurse with an SNS or lact-aid even if you don't produce much milk. I have never used one, but my older kids nursed with their mama with one. She didn't find the experience comfortable, but no one ever worked on good latch with her, so that may have contributed. If you started late and didn't make it into the Dom til she comes, she would do the work of the pump and be much more enjoyable. I'm just guessing, of course.

Lillie, he is beautiful.
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And congratulations, lillielil!!! So sorry yr birth didn't go as planned, and so grateful that your baby is perfect. Enjoy these sweet early days of magic!

Max, sorry to hear yr doctor wouldn't prescribe the meds you hoped for. Is there another doc you can see? maybe the LC will have a good lead?
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Max, what about a local midwife? I have a couple of friends who got it via theirs...

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Carmen, if you have any Bay Area contacts an you PM me?
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Originally Posted by maxK View Post

Carmen, if you have any Bay Area contacts an you PM me?


Sorry, I'm up in Vancouver, BC. I would imagine there would be someone there though! Actually, someone on here is a doula - I'll contact her via FB for you.

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Originally Posted by maxK View Post

Carmen, if you have any Bay Area contacts an you PM me?

I'm postpartum doula and lactation specialist in the Bay Area AND my wife has induced lactation using the Newman Goldfarb protocol with great success (we are both still nursing our 2.5 year old.) PM me and I'll give you some info about where you can get dom. ;)

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Max: 1. I am pretty sure you can get Domperidone from Canada- illegally maybe but I won't tell.

2. What about reglan? I think it can be prescribed for things other than inducing supply but I know for a fact it helps with that too. When L was little I weaned due to his medical issues and then relactated using a pumping and reglan protocol. Just a few thoughts!


Lillielil: Yay! I have a 17 month old Harrison too! I love the name, seeing it on here has been fun! He is a doll baby.


Anyone hear from Library? I miss her


Wishin: A boy! Brothers are the best. 


There are tons of boys around here these days. There are going to be some amazing men in the world in the next 18 yearsish!

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Thank you to everyone who PM'ed me. I found a compounding pharmacy that carries Domperidone in Berkeley. Now I just need an RX, one step at a time...
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Lillielil- your baby Harrison is so cute! Congratulations!
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Max, I ordered my Dom from some online pharmacy in the south pacific. Slightly sketch, but no one would write me a scrip, and the compounding pharmacy was hella expensive. It's been a long time, so I don't remember where we ordered from (the name), but if you post in the breastfeeding challenges forum people should have lots of advice.

Good luck!!!
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Hey everyone! I'm finally making the leap from queer conceptions. Here's a bit of an intro: My wife and I recently got our bfp after a home IUI. I'm 7 weeks on Tuesday and our EDD is 8/13/13. This was our first cycle trying after a three year break and I'm still in shock that it worked. I'm a doula, cbe and lactation specialist working toward LC exam next summer as well as a part-time project coordinator for a bfing project -- so the perinatal period is my life and finally experiencing it on a personal level is amazing. I stopped feel nauseated for a couple days and had a bit of a panic/pessimism, but it's come back recently. We're looking forward to an early ultrasound on 1/7 and then we'll do homebirth midwife consults and share with our families when we visit them in late Jan/Feb. I really enjoy the support on the queer conceptions board and look forward to "getting to know" you all here.

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Welcome Joy! Great to see you on the other side of conception! Glad things seem to be sticking for ya!
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Yellow, you relactated? Library hasn't been very active here since she moved. I'm guessing her new job is busier.

Joy, congratulations!
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Carmen- Congratulations! broc1.gifbroc1.gifbroc1.gif

Joyseattle- Welcome and Congratulations! carrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gif

Thanks to everyone for your support and advice on breast feeding! Moral of the story, never freak out about not having access to something. The internet provides a plethora of options! Also, the women here on this forum are smart, educated, and ready to give feedback and advice. You are all awesome and I’m glad I came here first when my doctor told me no.

This last weekend we visited the birth parents again and got a tour of the maternity ward at the hospital. We met the nurses on the floor and talked to them a little about what we were all doing and the hospital plan. It was so exciting!

Happy holidays everyone!
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Welcome Joy!  So happy to have you here.  It's pretty crazy that you took a 3-year break and it worked the first time!  The stars seem to have aligned.

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Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates!


Welcome Joy.. Congrats on the BFP! Best wishes for a happy healthy pregnancy!


Max.. Play dates will be fun.. there are a few of us with babies born or being born around same time... we also plan to stay mobile.. we shall see how that goes with 3 babies! Happy to hear you have been getting some good info how to get the Dopermine.. Sorry your MD wouldnt write an RX for it .. How exciting to tour the hospital and meet the nurses..



AFM... 25 weeks, almost 26 weeks.. We go for a second level 2 u/s to re check baby B and his SUA ( umbilical cord thing he has) and check their growth..I am excited to see how much they changed since the last u/s on the 5th. I had to meet the new practice on Friday and was not that impressed.. I def miss my old doctor ( am having to switch because of Insurance reasons) I mean the doctor seems capable .. but we were there 2 hrs.. he never once checked the babies heart rates, ect.. I am so used to the other practice where I am known and my questions are answered..I really have to advocate for myself with the new doctors.. We do have a C section date for Feb 25th.. that will be a bit over 34 weeks! ( full term for triplets usually)

We also have the nursery done.. Ill post a few photos.. DP did all the wall art .. she drew on contact paper and cut them out and painted them all the right colors.. Dr Seuss will be something the boys can grow with for a few years!!400














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Cananny- I love the Dr. Seuss nursery! So cute. We want to do something gender neutral too. The walls were painted long ago a very light green and white. We'll see what we end up with. smile.gif
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Nursery looks super cute smile.gif

Congrats, mrs and joy! I'm happy to have some first trimester buddies!

Seraf, your boys are crazy adorable.

I'm recovering after all the food I've been indulging in for the past few days. We had a lovely holiday and saw lots of friends and family. I spent one night up at 3am barfing but I managed to hide the nausea that often kicks my butt. I've been nauseous on and off since about 12dpo so I'm hoping it's a good sign. I'm honestly comforted by it and welcome it! Sadistic, I know. Got a call from the midwifery clinic that I worked with for DD's birth. Looks like I get the same team except for one person who moved away (the one who actually helped catch DD). I will wait until after my u/s on Jan. 3 before scheduling the appt. though. I'm still finding it hard to believe!!
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Hi ladies

 Welcome to all the new ladies!..Congrats on your BFP

We are so behind on personals...Our days and nights are so busy,


So here are some updates on our kiddos.


A is doing really good in school honor roll..and basketball season has started for her!..which she loves!


N is doing a little better with school and in home therapies .


L is a burst of engery morning, noon, and night..loves her sister and brothers!...I love watching her play with j too cute!


j is almost walking and loves to eat and cuddle.


Cananny- Can't believe how close you are!


Here are some pics








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