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lisedea & tigers - It is encouraging to hear you aren't having to track every bite. I think we will try to count protein since that is a bit of a challenge, but I also think our bodies know better than any book what to do! And I don't like the idea of, say, eating a candy bar to meet some calorie goal.


Wishin' - do you like the Flip covers as much/more compared to the Thirsties/Bummis? I was thinking they were super cute. Since we are having two it is making it easier to resist the allure of all the fancy pocket diapers. When the teenager was little there weren't so many options and I did diaper covers and prefolds. I have been so amazed by all the new diaper technology, and want to believe it is somehow amazing, but I also don't like the idea of washing the whole diaper more often vs. re-using the same cover a bunch. 


I was also vegetarian with my pregnancy, and I LOVE it when people try to tell me it is unhealthy because then I can tell them about my 9 lb. 9 oz. baby who was the picture of health, and vegan until age 5 and in the 95th percentile for height/weight (and 6 foot 3 at 16). It feel like it is going to be an interesting test to see what our future OB says about a vegetarian twin pregnancy.


AFM - surviving my first week back on night shift after a year on straight days. It is really challenging not to tell my good friends at work when nothing but conversation is happening at 4am, but I am determined to hold out another 6 weeks.

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DW babysat longterm for a family that used fuzzibunz, and she loves them.  We were going to go with those because that's what she's comfortable with, but I didn't see the point of a pocket diaper - you have to wash the whole thing each time no matter what, whereas if you use prefolds, sometimes you should be able to get away with just washing the prefold and not the diaper cover (obviously not every single time).  So that's what we're tentatively doing, and I say tentatively because who knows what works until you have a baby to test it on.  Hopefully it is not a huge waste of time and money to be getting together these covers and prefolds, but since I am sewing them, I need to start now.  


For those who used covers, how many did you need?  Sewing isn't too difficult, but it is a little time consuming, and I'd like to make as few as possible while still being realistic.  Plus it would be awesome if they would last for a second baby.  Do you need several sizes?  I'm a bit worried since someone mentioned at some point that the PUL fabric from Joann fell apart immediately, which is of course where I bought it, but I only bought enough for about five diapers for now, so I could switch it up.  I'm doing PUL on the outside, microfiber fleece on the inside.


lise - Love the pictures!  I cannot believe the difference between triplets and a singleton - you only got pregnant a month before DW, but you look three times as pregnant!  (Makes sense.)  ;)

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Bigfoot--Thirsties and Flip were my favorites.  Flip are one-size, so they are a bit big on a newborn but doable.  Thirsties are sized and I like the feel of the fabric a bit better than the Flip.  But, the Flip has a bit of stretch to the fabric so it's easy to get a nice snug fit with snaps.  We used sized covers, NB, Small and Medium (for the Thirsties)...but DS never needed larges b/c he potty trained at 2 1/2.  We NEVER EVER had a blow out in a snappied pre-fold with a cover.  We got our prefolds from greenmountaindiapers.com and were very happy with them (and with the price).  We had 2 dozen newborn, 2 dozen smalls and 2 dozen medium prefolds (so about 15 dollars per dozen) and washed every other day.  


Once he got into the M size he was in it for a LONG time, our Medium velcro covers all had the velcro wear out.  Thus, I prefer snaps to velcro.  Bummis are super cute, but the way the velcro on the front is, once kiddo was sitting up the velcro scratched his tummy terribly...so we stopped using those after about 6 months.  EasttoWest--I think we had about 8 covers in each size...keep in mind if you are going the purchasing as opposed to making them route, that you can always order more if you don't feel as if you have enough.  

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esenbee--I have heard TERRIBLE things about gdiapers. I don't have any personal experience so I don't really know...but know of people around here that hated them so much they went directly to disposables after trying the,. These are the same people that don't think I should be cloth diapering now because of how awful it is (based on their experience with gdiapers)... Who knows though!
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East, if you're using pockets, you need one cover for every is diaper change times how many days between washings. I've been making covers lately that are based on the Gdiaper style, Velcro in the back to prevent scratches, hardly uses any material because it doesn't have wings. 1 yard is enough to make 20 covers. Ultra simple to make. I'll post pictures if you like. We go through 2 covers a day per boy? Times days between washings. But our children are nudists.
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e2w-Here's a whole website about sewing diapers.  They recommend what type of fabric to use.  I'm going to check this out.  I have a sewing machine that just sits in the closet.  It would make DW very happy if I actually sewed something.  smile.gif


The diaper thing is very confusing.  DW is on board with the concept so that's good.  I've been doing lots of research and making a wish list.  I want our system to be relatively simple and flexible.  We have a washing machine and that helps a lot.  Thanks for the advice everyone!  The research continues.

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Pokey, there's a forum here with loads of diaper sewing resources. It's pretty simple. Something absorbent and something waterproof.

Here's Soren wearing a tshirt as a diaper.
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Thanks Seraf!  I'll check that out too.  Can you sew a decent diaper without a serger? 

btw, your kids get cuter every day!

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Wishin' - awesome! I'm excited to have a good review for the covers I was looking at. It is awesome that there are so many options these days, but also a bit overwhelming. It was somewhat comical when DW tried to explain the pocket diapers to me.

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Pokey, I think so. Turn and top stitch is the term you are looking for.
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lise yeah, that is the gist of what I heard, and then I read an article from a mom who swore by them. Seems like with any brand/system, it all depends on the size and shape of baby. The article was called something like The Truth About gDiapers. I found an ad on craigslist that had the pants for $9 each and the cloths, 18 for $24. So I am thinking of getting those now and trying out the system when baby gets here. If it doesn't work, then it won't be such a wasted expense.
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Hey I love talking about cloth diapers :) I put this in a spoiler cause its a bit long and maybe folks don't want to read my diaper ramblings :)!


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


I've used G-diapers and didn't like them. The covers got unsticky fast and would fall off. The inserts were not very effective (including the disposable). We have two small covers and some inserts and didn't use them at all for DD2. I don't even want to give them away or sell them. They are not at all useful. I have a snap press so should through some snaps on it, but not inspired.


I mainly use prefolds (bummis).

I highly recommend buying/making snap covers over velcro covers because my kids wore out velcro fast with crawling, etc... I replaced all my velcro with snaps and now buy only snaps or pull on wool.


Other diapers I've used and thoughts:


Two thumbs up:

- Bumgenius 4.0 Onesize (with the two microfiber liners). Awesome absobancy. Worked as a great nighttime diaper up to 6 months (then needed more absorbancy) Now used as a day time diaper when need more absorbancy then prefold. Easy to replace elastic. Seem to be made for a long haul.

-Motherease onesize - I use these with two microfiber (from the bumgenius above) liners for my nighttime diapers now with a wool cover. I really struggled to find a night time diaper that worked for my kids in their heaviest night time wetness (6 months to nightwean). This works great for us. Not too bulky. Diaper feels dryer or as dry as a sposie in the morning.

-Flip diaper covers - I agree. these are my favourite PUL. They adjust, they are strong. They don't stain easily. great design.

-motherease airflow covers - I just started using these and really like how the adjust. They may replace flip as my favourite - not sure :)

-Wool covers - takes some getting used to but I love these for night time especially. washing is really easy actually. Aristrocats and some homemade.

-Bummis prefolds - my set have been used for 3 years and are just starting to show wear but are totally usable - will last Sage until potty training I think (so two kids). I used the small size (both kids grew out at 6 months). That size could last like 8 more kids (I wish!). But the large have gotten lots of use and I don't believe would take me to another kid. I plan on cutting them for other things :)

Bummis fleece liners. I got these for free and love them. They make the diaper feel drier than it is. I like putting them in night time diapers.


Good enough:

- swadlebees

- kanga pocket diapers

-bummis snap covers

- thirties duo covers in snap (these stain and wear a bit faster than bummis but adjust sizes) I like flip the best so far, seem stronger. don't stain.



- totbots bamboozles


Not good:


- velcro covers (in my opinion)

- bummis organic onesize diaper (material wore out fast!!)

- for me, I don't like an all in one diaper that you don't stuff because you need to air dry it, and in the winter, this is a pain here.

- disposable liners that sit on top of the cloth diaper. A waste, and seem to never really catch poop anyhow...





My simplist ideal store-bought diaper stash would have prefolds, flip covers, and 3-4 nighttime diapers (motherease onesize for me with microfiber linings). If I had a bit more to spare I'd get/make a wool cover or two for night time. If even extra, I'd get a couple more nighttime diapers for use for longer car journies/days out, etc...


I've struggled with good nighttime diapers so am so happy to have found something that works. ANyone else have good nighttime diaper combinations? I used sposies with my DD1 6months-18months because of this. So far so good wtih DD2 (10 months and drinks/pees lots at night).


Max - Hoping you are holding your daughter soon! :)


Carmen - :)! hi!


All - loving how active this group is!

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OneMamaOneMommy--our never leak, night-time, solution was bumgenius stuffed with TWO doublers and a prefold.  And, I had a kid who nursed every hour and a half ALL NIGHT until night weaning (14 months).   

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WIshin - what kind of doublers? :) how did you fit the prefold and doublers in the bumgenius? I'm going to try it :)! thanks!

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lisedea- I love your portraits. They are so beautiful and you two look so happy.

seraf- you are hilarious, and yes I would like to see the diapers you made.

AFM- The due date is tomorrow and we are still waiting. I got a call from birthmom yesterday to let us know her text messaging wasn't working well right now but no new news. I'm pumping and creating more than every before, about a half an ounce per pumping. I feel like a super lactater. superhero.gif
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Go Max!  That's awesome on the pumping!  ELV to your kiddo's birth mom and best wishes in the waiting!  


OneMommyOneMama--hemp doubler, the bumgenius insert and tri-folded GMD prefold (he looked ABSURD, but hey, it worked--and he has a huge bladder, now that he's daytime dry we know that he can hold his pee for six hours, easy)

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So busy on here! I can't keep up! I've been busy then tired, then busy then tired, repeat :) But hi to everyone!!


Oh, and I saw someone mention gdiapers. We had a couple in our stash early on. I didn't love the fit and I didn't like that they didn't breathe but they never leaked - we used our prefolds in them. I never tried the disposable inserts but I've also heard they are a nightmare. They are awfully cute too! We loved bummis and flip covers with prefolds. We also switched to disposables at night sometime around 9 months or something as we couldn't find one that stayed dry all night and we were lazy.


I'm 11w2d. It seems surreal that I'll be 12 weeks next wednesday! Our fts u/s is on the 29th. After that we hope to share the news with people. And, the big news is, we're about 90% sure we're selling our townhouse and moving to the house that DP grew up in! She owns it with her brother and he has no interest in it - he lives out of town. We have thought about buying him out but we have decided to live there for a year and then decide what to do. It's been rented out until this past fall.

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Hey All


Max.. great job on pumping.. are you getting nervous?


Cloth Diapers.. Oh how much time I have spent researching ,.. we decided to do pre folds and simple wraps/covers.. we figure this was the most eco way with triplets.. I do have some all in ones we will use .. I think we may do disposables at night until they are not being fed all night long.. I know nothing about CD.. I am hoping I learn as I go.. I personally am afraid to CD three babies.. but as I said I do hope to get the hang of it fast..


Seraf.. love the pic of the kids.. esp Soren's diaper...



Sorry to miss people... I cant really remember who wrote what sometimes...


Oh Bigfoot/Mrs. Protein is my hardest to get in.. I am not vegetarian and still have a hard time.. I def do not count the amount I eat.. but I do try to eat some sort of it every time I eat.. 

My dr did not want me to follow Dr Luke.. I am already overweight and he did not want me to gain to much. I was scolded when I gained 11 pds in the 1st trimester.. but I listened to my body and I just eat when I'm hungry.. and be sure to eat even on mornings I don't feel like it..  I am 29 weeks and have gained 40 ish pounds so far.. and prob will gain 10 more?



AFM... 29  weeks on Sunday.. meaning we have 5 weeks to go.. 5 weeks! 

Had growth scan today.. Baby A is 2 lbs 14 oz... Baby B is 2 lbs1 oz ( our little guy and the baby who has SUA) and Baby C is 3 lbs! . C is big .. I think he will look like my brother.. by the U/S.. hes very chubby cheeked and looks like a little football player compared to his brothers.. Its cool to see the difference.. They all had great HB and fluids were good.. My cervix was 2.75 so  a little shorter than it was 3 weeks ago.. but they are not worried... I of course worry and I worry about Baby B.. He needs to gain weight!!

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Just chiming in real quick on the CDs: We have several different types of diapers, because we didn't know what we'd like best.  I bought all our diapers used, so they've been very affordable.  Our preference in diapering is a Thirsties cover with a prefold.  When Ever was littler, we used size 0 Kissaluv fitteds under a Thirsties cover at night and it took A LOT for her to leak.  Now the Kissaluvs don't fit and we haven't bought any of the next size up; we just use a cover with a prefold and a doubler, or a pocket with a prefold and a doubler at night.


We usually can use just 2 Thirsties covers for a whole day.  We have a few Flips, and we like them well enough, but my favorite part of the Thirsties is that they have the extra leg gusset.  The Flips don't have that, so I'm a little predjudiced against them.  


Cloth diapers were intimidating to us at the start, until we realized that it's simply the sheer amount of information out there that's intimidating.  Using cloth and washing cloth is simple and we love it (I should mention that I'm still working out the perfect way to strip diapers in our hard water, but I think I've finally got it!).  I would encourage everybody to start trying it part time at first, if it's really overwhelming.  If you have some disposables around as backup, it might feel less intimidating.  

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Wow, there is a lot going on around here; it's hard to keep up!  I read this forum every day (on my phone) while nursing, but I HATE typing on my phone (it auto-corrects almost every word I write to be the wrong word), so I don't comment as often as I would like.


I have to share with you guys that I am SO proud of my little Wylie Blue.  He is sleeping in his little rocking bed (the "Rock n Play," which totally rules, in my opinion) like a champ, as if he didn't refuse to sleep anywhere but on a body for the first 12 weeks of his life!  So sometimes I get to come on here and type my responses the old fashioned way. :)  Pretty awesome.  Also, DP and I have been able to lay him down for nighttime sleep around 7pm-ish in the rocking bed, then we stay up and watch a movie (really quietly, while rocking him)!  This is a really big deal for us; we weren't really having evenings to ourselves AT ALL (especially me, when I spent a couple weeks trying to nurse him to sleep lying down in the bed and sneak away, but he wouldn't let me sneak away so I would just be in bed all night starting around 7pm....which as it turned out was NOT fun for me!).  DP was like, "Maybe we should stop doing this since you're bored out of your mind."  And I was like, "But it's working really well!" and DP was like, "Except that you're bored, miserable, and sore from not moving for two hours..." and I was like, "Oh, right.  It's working for Wylie, but not for me.  Aha!" So this is what we do now.  And it's freakin miraculous. So I wanted to share. ;)


On the diaper discussion, I wanted to chime in on the Gdiapers.  A friend gave us a couple of the Gdiaper covers, liners, and disposal inserts.   We were like, "What on earth are these???" and decided to give them a try, since they were free.  They were okay, but Wylie outgrew the little covers quickly, so we didn't use them for long.  One thing is that even though the inserts say they are flushable, you have to peel off the top layer of the insert and only flush that part, and it wasn't super easy so we just threw them away (because who wants to deal with complicated poo-covered pads when you have a million other things you need to deal with?).  Also, we live in an old building, and we thought our plumbing probably wouldn't be able to handle them being flushed.  So the diapers worked fine (no leaks), but were not any more eco-friendly than disposable diapers.  But maybe other people would have an easier time than we did trying to peel off the top layer.  I wouldn't use them again unless they were free.  I'm not surprised they have negative reviews.  I didn't know that you could use cloth inserts with them; that makes a lot more sense in a way, and I think that would work great, as long as the covers fit the baby well.


We use Seventh Generation (hippie brand) disposable diapers at night because they don't leak and don't wake up the sensitive little guy by getting all pee-drenched.  I am interested in the different multi-layered cloth nighttime diapering solutions y'all are sharing.  Maybe one day we will try some of them.  I have to say I am impressed with you guys!  We do some things just to make life a tiny bit easier for ourselves (sposies at night and for some long outings, cloth diaper service); I have trouble getting ANYTHING done when I am home with the baby (I can barely get enough to eat some days!) so I am amazed by all you parents who bake, sew, cook, etc.).  Maybe when Wylie is older it will be easier to do things?  I look forward to him being a toddler who can "help!"


CaNanny, that's awesome that your boys are growing!  Good job mama!!!  I bet baby B will catch up quickly.  You are so close!  How are you feeling (aside from worried)?  You are doing such a great job growing those little guys and taking care of yourself. :)


Carmen, YAY!  So exciting - the almost-12-weeks AND the move!  Is the house near where you currently live? 


Lise, you look amazing!  What beautiful photos.  How are you feeling?


Max, that's great about the pumping!  How are you feeling?


Wylie is four months old!  Here are a few photos.  He is a love:

Ready for a walk in the cold:

He always wakes up grinning in the  morning:

He is a charmer.

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