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pokey!  great news about your scan!  I don't think I saw your post before I posted so I wanted to add that!  and YAY for upcoming 20 week one and for buying from the gay salesman!  I still love it when my salesperson is gay, just makes it feel right!  


mrsandmrs. . grapefruit diet, of course!  and love your answer about gender!  (that's what we always say) 


wishin and hopin. . yay for viablility!  and I think my first pregnancy DH gained at least ten pounds, I swear sometime he had more cravings than I did! 


AFU, got back from regular appointment at ob yesterday and stuff still looked good, headed for anatomy scan on Tuesday!  I can't wait bc they have those 3D machines AND DH is going with my for the first appointment this whole pregnancy!!!         

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Just logged on and saw Max's news. I am so incredibly sorry, Max. I am thinking of you and your partner.
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for those not on the FB page.. 30 weeks x 3 babies.. We really popped out this last few weeks! 

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Originally Posted by Cananny View Post

for those not on the FB page.. 30 weeks x 3 babies.. We really popped out this last few weeks! 


You are looking great and so happy! And those babies definitely look like they've grown since I saw you! Congrats on 30 weeks. :)

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Hi There! Just stopping by to introduce myself. I know some of you from QC, but I've been TTC since October and just got my BFP last night with a digital confirmation this morning. This will be our first child. We're excited and nervous and still in shock! I'm looking forward to getting to know you all during this journey. 



Name/Username? Sphinxy

Who is in your family? DW, two tuxedo cats, and our amazing rescue dog shown in my profile pic.

What pronouns do you and your family members use? We are she & she, the animals are all he (as far as we know!). 

If you're pregnant, when are you due? Based on my O, FF estimates my due date at 10/10/2013. Based on my last period, it's 10/5/2013. So, I'm not sure which one is right?

If you work outside the home (or inside the home at something other than parenting), what do you do? I work in data management for a credit union, and DW is a professor.

What are your favorite things to do when you're not working/doing the grunt work of parenting? DW and I like to go hiking together, and she is very into all kinds of exercise. I love to cook and am looking forward to starting a vegetable garden again next year (not possible at our current home, but we are probably moving this summer). 

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Welcome, sphinxy! Congratulations!!

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Welcome and Congratulations Sphinxy!  I'm behind on QC so I hadn't heard the good news yet.  I would give you a veggie parade but I am forced to use Explorer now and it's very slow with the emoticons.  I'm so excited for you!  joy.gif joy.gifenergy.gif joy.gifenergy.gif joy.gifenergy.gif joy.gifenergy.gif joy.gifenergy.gif joy.gifenergy.gif joy.gifenergy.gif joy.gifenergy.gif joy.gifenergy.gif joy.gifenergy.gifenergy.gif

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cananny. . love seeing those belly pics!  What a glowing mama to be!! 


sphinxy .. welcome!!!  Happy and healthy stay!  

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Cananny, I absolutely love that photo!!

Sphinxsy, welcome and a happy and healthy nine months to you! My daughter was due 10/17/12 smile.gif

Hey experienced mamas, I need to hear about how and where your babies sleep! Lucie sleeps with us at night, and sleeps on me or my wife (or rarely, gramma) for naps. This mostly works for me for now, though I'd love to put her down for her naps and for the first part of her evening sleep, before I'm ready for bed. I still love snuggling her so I'm not in a hurry, I'm just starting to worry about whether putting her down will get harder as time goes by... Any mamas want to share your sleep stories and what worked or didn't work for you? Thanks in advance!

And now for some baby fluff.

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Sphinxy, congratulations! And autocorrect is not kind to your name!

Steph, I personally either held them or laid in bed with them a lot more than most people consider sane. Early evenings they woke a ton in the early months and they still sleep better if someone's in bed with them but they don't wake every 20 minutes in the evenings anymore. As they have grown their sleep needs have changed. I continue to try to meet them where they are. I am of the opinion that people are flexible and if something no longer works, it can be changed. I maintain that position despite hearing evidence to the contrary from other families. Lol. I'm giving a non-answer it seems. We held our babies for naps when they slept best like that. They now nap on the bed. Long luxurious naps. They grew into it naturally. I've talked to too many toddler parents struggling lately to give blanket statements, tho. Maybe Planet will chime in. Her little guy isn't much older than Lucie and he has had major sleep changes. It seems like there are a lot of changes around 4 months.
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Sphinxy--congrats! So exciting to think about a little fall baby!

Steph--does she let you swaddle her? Edie went in and out of liking that, but when it works it works so well for us (she's half-swaddled now for a nap)! We usually get her ready for bed and then stand rocking her in our arms until she gets sleepy or falls asleep and then put her in her crib with a nightlight and noise machine. That's usually good for the early part of the night--after that it's 50/50 whether she will let us do it again to put her down for more after her first nursing session or if we end up bringing her to bed with us. We both get such better sleep if she's in her crib, though, that we always try it. I find she won't nap on us unless she's super-tired. Otherwise it's just too stimulating to be out in the world, and neither DP nor I is particularly excited about hanging out in a dark room holding her so she can nap unless we want to nap, too.

I'm home with sick baby for day number 2 of random fever. Her temp keeps going up (102.3 is the highest) and down and then up again. She's snotty and a little more clingy than usual, but otherwise not outwardly sick. Yesterday was the same thing and she was perfectly happy, chatty, whatever, just warm. Is this part of teething? Her second top tooth is coming through...
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isa - random fever and happyish baby is sometimes roseola. fever for 3-4 days then red rash (which is not usually bothersome and signals the end of illness).

or if snotty - could be any virus really :) hope it passes without too much hassle.


afm - sage started standing solo yesterday and is walking all around with a push cart. she is signing 'more' and eating like a ... baby who is about to have a huge growth spurt? ;)


having fun with my DW who is 'off' because it is exam week.


hi everyone and YIPPEE and welcome to SPhinxy!

And Cananny - you look awesome. I'm thinking of you - how many more weeks now?! :)

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we had our weekly ultrasound today (they must be making so much freaking money off our insurance company with these ultrasounds). the beans are gummy bears now. baby A did a wiggle/dance for us while we were zoomed in. I thought the heartbeats were cool, but the lil wiggle and wave was pretty much the best thing i've ever seen in the universe. 2 embryos-about-to-be-fetuses, 2 heartbeats, everyone looks good. 


i feel like crap! but that's great! 



also, WELCOME SPHINXY! i am so happy you joined me on the other side. let's complain about our nausea. 

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oh mrs^2... the NAUSEA!  I have to keep telling myself, This is normal, you're going to be fine, it will go away......  I'm dying though!  I think a lot of it for me is not getting enough sleep.  We are letting some queer friends who feel on hard times stay in our house in our living room.  This arrangement has gotten old VERY quick and is emotionally draining, DSp is staying up later to socialize with them, which is keeping me up later as well, and our cat is having to stay in our bedroom with us and it takes her a while to settle down and stop going crazy in the dark.  Our dog has been thrown off schedule as well and has been having to get up at 1:30 am like clockwork to go pee outside...  DSp's solution for me?  Call in for some medicine.  Don't complain if you're not going to do anything about it....  Last time, Zofran was only $10 with my insurance ($800 normally).  Now, it's like $350.  Maybe once I point that out, DSp will shut up about the medicine...

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Esenbee, unisom and b6 at bedtime. Sara said it made a huge difference for her and its much cheaper.

Steph, Isa mentioned dark room for naps and remineded me, our boys nap everywhere. We intentionally didn't do the "this is the one place for sleep" thing because its important to us that the babies be flexible about where they sleep. They will sleep in bed, the car, carriers, at other people's houses, pretty much anywhere. Their sleep associations being us for now is encouraged by us. They will grow out of it and we don't have to be home for nap time. Which is good for days like today when we are away from home.
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re: the nausea. i do think if i sleep and eat properly, it helps, but it is hard with pets and work schedules and stuff. my OB office recommended b6 (50mg 3x a day) which i've been taking for about a week and i think it's helping a little? i also found a lemon/lavender/mint tea at my mother's urging. she said she saw that the Kate Middleton was drinking it for her nausea and she thinks, well, if it's good enough for a royal, my daughter should be drinking it. so she bugged me about it incessantly until i bought it. despite my reluctance, i think it is actually helping? Moms! but a lot of my "go to" foods, like smoothies, baked tofu and yogurt, make me gag this week. i still choke it down, but i am not enjoying it very much. 

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I typed out a post about unisom and B6 and then MDC went crazy for a minute and it didn't show up.  I second that!  Regular unisom works great and it's a class A drug.  I took half and that was good for me.  I took B6 during the day too.  It also helps support the corpus luteum so that's a nice bonus.  I hope you are both feeling better soon but not too soon.  winky.gif

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I read an article today about unisom and b6, called How to Survive Physically from Morning Sickness. I'll give it a try since it's class A. For now, I went home from work early to get some rest and I ate a can of spaghetti o's and it helped, but then I read the ingredients and it had high fructose corn syrup :/ So, I guess I will only be eating that when I'm desperate.
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Welcome, Sphinxy! I will add you to the front page!


I'm sorry that folks are feeling pukey. I felt nauseous this time around until 18 weeks or so. Horrible. Just horrible. Esenbee, I took Zophran twice this time, on days when I had to be at work and just felt like I couldn't go on. It helped a bit with the nausea, but gave me terrible stomach cramps that totally freaked me out. If you want what I have left, message me and I'll send it to you. My insurance paid for it, so it wasn't much.

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Quickie post...sorry to be all about me....my screening went great today! I was told we "have a great looking baby in there" and "everything is perfectly normal" no recommendation for further testing at this point.
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