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Escher, is 9 months early for standing? He certainly isn't successful! I hope you get some sleep, too.

GGNJ, if that works for everyone, it sounds fair to me.
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Thanks for the nice comments.. It sure is getting active in my uterus.. Had and U/S today and the tech said they will def keep you busy .. He sees them weekly and always notices how busy they all are... everything still looking great.. fluids, HR, Breathing, ect.. one more week in.. each week is closer to them needing less time in the NICU :)


Planet.. we have my mom flying out after they come home from the NICU.. she will stay a month or so.. depending how long I can tolerate her.. It sucks because DP has NO time off.. she will take a week when boys come home :( We also have a list of doulas who are generously donating time to help with the boys.. one being KSDOULA from here :) And Pokey ( if shes feeling up to it being pregnant) . We are very lucky to have good help lined up .. plus we have good friends who all love babies :) In the summer DP grandma is off and will come for a few weeks to a month to help out.. then I fly solo :) 


Sorry I cant respond to everyone 's news and posts.. My energy is zapped and my attention is short lived.. LOL but I do read along and think of everyone!




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Wow, Cananny, it sounds like you have a great support network! That's so good to hear!
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OMOM—no rash, but the fever’s gone. Honestly, I think it was teething (she got her second top one in!) with a side of minor cold. In any case, she let out literal squeals of glee when I took her to daycare today and her friend A brought over the best monkey chew toy in the world (apparently). So I’m just happy that she’s feeling better!

Cananny—four weeks is so soon! Have you guys already assigned a name to each one, or are you waiting to meet them to see who is whom? I always wonder how people keep track of which one is which before they are on the outside. So exciting! I wish I could join your help brigade, but you are too far from my neck of the woods.

Bigfoot and Mrs—Aww…little arms waving! Glad that things are going well on the teenager front—if he chooses good names will you use them?

Carmen—glad it’s going so well! What puzzle did you get? It sounds really interesting. Hope things work out well with the real estate agent, too! Does that mean you’re definitely taking the family home?

Planet—the only thing worse than getting a big ol’ baby hickey would be having to walk it into a classroom full of 7th graders. smile.gif Glad Wylie sees the humor of the situation!

Sphinxy—not weird at all! Send her on over! We’ve definitely had other couples both on here at once—it’s nice to get to know everyone!

Seraf—I bet he’ll be walking in no time—he’s got such good role models for it, crawling must seem like it’s for chumps! I hope he and Sara reconnect today—I would be very sad if that happened to me (even though I know it will, eventually. I am very clearly NOT the fun parent in our household. Oh, she’ll laugh for me, but only if DP isn’t there to be 10 times more hilarious).

Escher—I hold that hope for you and me both. I’m sorry you’re going through a rough patch! Both Amandas appear to be doing well—we saw Ahope and family over MLK weekend, which was tons of fun—her kids are both awesome and really sweet together, which is nice to see.

Hi to everyone else!
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Seraf - my kiddo skipped crawling. Well, never got competent at crawling and then started taking 2-3 unassisted steps at 8 months and toddled all over the house at 10 months. I feel like no matter what far end of the spectrum kids are, people try to make you feel bad about it. I remember a neighbor trying to convince me that crawling was important for brain development and he needed some kind of physical therapy since he skipped it.


Escher & Isa - I guess I should have mentioned that the baby names the teenager comes up with are joke ones. First he tried to convince us that Dwight (after the character on The Office) would be perfect. And then for a girl he found a baby name in one of our library books: Fontenot. Even joking, it is still great that he is talking about baby stuff. I suppose if he found one that we thought was cool we might use it? I would be surprised!

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He also likes Galaxy for a girl and Balthazar for a boy. So anything could happen.

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We had the big u/s today and it's a boy!  We are going to be swimming in testosterone around here.  As soon as she put the wand on my belly, the first thing we saw was his butt and the business.  We couldn't get a good picture of his face because he was down on my cervix and had his hands in his face the whole time.  It was pretty funny.  They tried to get him to move by tilting the table so my feet were higher, but that didn't work and just made me really stuffy as I'm getting over a cold.  We both really wanted a girl, but I don't feel disappointed at all.  I'm not easily exciteable, but I feel excited and happy.  This just makes everything seem more real.  We have a lot to do to prepare because he's going to be here pretty soon.  Neither one of us has much boy experience.  DW is an only child and I have 3 sisters.  My sisters each have a boy so I'm sure they can help.  It's funny that I have 3 sisters and my Dad always wanted a boy and now he will have 4 grandsons.  I think he really enjoys it.  We texted our friends and family the news.  One friend is a writer on Nashville and she is on set today.  She wrote back that Connie Britton says "Congratulations."  Baby's first brush with celebrity!

I think DW is feeling a little overwhelmed today.  She didn't go to work after our appointment.  She's trying to put together some IKEA furniture we got.  Could just be nesting kicking up a notch. 

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Awwww, POKEY! A boy! How exciting. thumb.gif

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Thanks bigfoot!


QOTD-How would y'all feel about making the thread monthly or even bi-monthly?

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escher: Our DD was a champ sleeper at night (6-7 hour stretches) from about 3 weeks - 7 months...then an hourly/1/2 hourly waker until 18 months. It's hard. But I bet it will change in the next few months. Hang in there!


Cananny: I agree it sounds like you have an awesome support network set up! 


isa: The puzzle we got DD is here http://www.amazon.com/Mother-Layer-Puzzle-27-Pieces/dp/B001CL6U1O. She's already done it about 10 times and we just gave it to her last night...she loves it. And yes, we're definitely moving into DP's home - at least for a year or so. We just have to sell our place! The market has slowed down here after being so hot for so long but we're hoping it goes fast. We've done a ton of really nice upgrades/renovations and we're in a great neighbourhood with a fabulous view of the city and mountains. I'd love to be all settled in at least a couple of months before baby arrives.


Congrats on the boy, pokey! And good to hear he's healthy :)


Afm: Did I mention I'm in the 2nd trimester now! 13 weeks today!

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Pokey!!!--welcome to the parents of boys club!!  It's a great club to be in!  

Carmen--welcome to the second trimester!!!

Sphinxy--welcome to Q&P!!!!!


Sleep, we were in the anything goes until 4 months club--and it all sorted itself out eventually.  (Okay, honestly sleep was a nightmare for us for the first year or so with blessed and welcomed occasional interludes of longer stretches--but at 14 months DS started sleeping all night and it's been pretty awesome since.  I think he would have slept through much earlier if we hadn't moved and been between homes and visiting relatives for well over a month around his first birthday).  


afm--we are all SICK.  DS fell asleep for the night at 4:45pm and we all feel like death warmed over. DW keeps having to call in sick--she was never sick before pregnancy--and the sick days will affect her maternity leave.  Sigh.

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Yay for boys! Yay for second trimester! Sorry, phone ate my post.
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Isa.. we will name them as they come out.. the 1st one will be Gage.. the 2nd one will be August and the 3rd one will be Finn.. Its kinda hard to name them in utero because they move around so much :)


Pokey I said it before.. but CONGRATS on the Boy... We def have a lot of boys around here.. and our trio will have lots of friends :) Baby B was like your guy,, for the longest time we only saw his but and his privates.. he was and still is the show off :)



Carmen.. YAY for 2nd trimester.. i was so excited to get there... each week really!!!! will you find out the sex? Good luck selling your house and moving :)


Isa.. I wish you were closer.. Heck I think we should ALL live in the Bay area... Can you imagine the fun the kids and us would have.. I am grateful for good help lined up!


Searaf.. Soren is just tooo cute!

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Seraf--we were convinced that DS was going to skip crawling and go straight to walking.  In the end, he crawled for maybe 2 months before walking (he was around 11 months old tho' when that happened).  Soren is adorable!  

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Seraf, Soren is so cute!!!  How have things been going?  Has he reconnected with Sara yet?  I hope so--that sounds hard!


Cananny, I'm glad you have good support and an awesome doula.  I can't believe your DP can only take one week off work!  How are you feeling about that?


Wishin, I hope you all feel better very soon!


Carmen, congrats on 13 weeks!  It's a milestone for sure! :-)


Mrs. & Bigfoot, your teenager sounds hilarious!  I love the name Galaxy!  Glad he has a sense of humor about the whole thing!


Pokey, a monthly or bimonthly thread sounds fine to me.  How are you feeling these days?


Hi to everyone else!


AFU, the latest update is that DP has still been training my mom to care for Wylie when DP goes back to work (Feb. 17th, so it's coming up now).  It hasn't been going well.  She is great with him as long as he is happy.  She is not able to soothe him when his upset or put him to sleep because she physically cannot hold him & bounce/sway while standing.  We are freaking out a little bit right now.  Yesterday was a big reality check as DP stood back a lot more and watched as she tried to put him down for a nap, and it was hard.  He's also been refusing a bottle these last couple weeks, which is super hard and frustrating.  One day I even left work to go home and nurse him at lunchtime, which is not something I can normally  do.  We are thinking about having my mom do childcare for the first part of the day and finding a friend or other babysitter who can come around 1:00 and trade off with her.  Of course we don't want to hurt her feelings, but this is our baby we're talking about!  We had a good, frank discussion when I came home from work yesterday . . . but a solution is still up in the air.


Any advice on getting a baby to take a bottle, when you know they can (and have happily done so many times in the past)??? Is this a phase of rebellion or what?

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Planet--no advice on a bottle, but our DS was pretty much only happy while awake (he had colic) if we were bouncing/rocking/swaying while holding him.  After a few hours of that we HAD to sit...our solution was sitting on one of those big exercise balls (they have ones that are made not to roll) so we could sit and bounce as gently or vigorously as needed.  Would that help your mom?

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Planet, I would still let your mom have a day or two alone with him unless she is uncomfortable with it. Babies are very different when their parents are home, especially when their parents are home but not responding to them. Just because he doesn't go to sleep on the bed or in a rocker or stroller for you doesn't mean he won't for her. Our solution to the bottle thing was just to offer it when the milkies were out of the house. My older kids refused bottles. That meant Ari went 10 hour days without milk starting at 5 months. She was offered bottles, cups and solids. If he has already successfully taken bottles, he will come around again probably. One other thing about milk, do you taste it? If I freeze milk immediately after pumping, it tastes sweet when thawed and served. If I leave it in the fridge for a day before serving it, it has a funky (soapy?) aftertaste. Sara's does the same. They boys took one suck on a yucky bottle while Sara was out of town and they refused the next several bottles.
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Hi planet!  I'm feeling good these days.  The second trimester is pretty nice. We've been rearranging our apartment and moving a lot of stuff, and I get tired but it's nothing like before.  I've had a few aches here and there but now I feel good.  How are you doing?  How is it going being back at work?

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Hi All!  So much news! 


pokey . . congrats on the boy, I think at least in the short term you will find that doing for a boy or girl are pretty much the same!  I was worried about having a boy the first time but am over the moon with him (I know you just mean it's different and not that you didn't want a boy) but so far, it's all just love !


cananny. . so close!!!  and yes, so glad you have folks around for help! 


wishin. . hope you feel better soon 


carmen.  YAY for 2nd trimester!  


planet.  have you tried different bottles?  also when they know there is no choice, they often change their minds. . I have friends who had good success from changing bottles. . or others who went straight to cups, even with little babies! 


bigfoot. . love the names. . did I miss a post?  does he know their are two yet or just giving boy and girl names in general. . 


AFU. . had out anat scan this week and everything looked good.  We are taking a last minute trip out to west texas this weekend to try to introduce DS to our KD's mom who is very sadly dying.  They have not had a chance to meet yet.  We thought she would be fine this weekend but has taken a drastic turn for the worse yesterday and is in ICU where they don't let kids.  Hoping she gets a last minute rally and can meet him but if not we will still go to support our KD who is one of my dearest friends.  If you can send some good vibes our way that would be good, though of course if it is in her best interest to leave now, we wish that for her. . so hard. .   

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Hi Cordelia!  I'm cool with having a boy.  Little boys are so cuddly and sweet.  I know it will be a challenge, but raising a girl would be challenging too.  DW is a little nervous.  It's kind of ironic because she's really into sports and has more male friends than I do, and she has a really easy time getting to know and talking with men.  She'll be great but it's ok to be nervous.  I'm so glad to hear everything looked great on the u/s!  Are you letting the sex be a surprise?  I'm sorry about KD's mom.  I hope DS is able to meet her.


AFM--I started a new thread for Feb/March.  I thought we would try the bi-monthly thing and see how it goes.  If we want to go back to quarterly, at least we will be back on a quarterly schedule in April.  http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1373580/queer-pregnant-and-parenting-february-and-march-2013

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