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We recently resolved a heavy duty ammonia/funk problem with lots of boiling and stripping - yay!


But now, every time I take a wet diaper off the baby it smells like bleach.  BUT WE NEVER USE BLEACH!  What in the world is going on???


We have switched to pre-folds only, with PUL covers.  


Our wash routine is as follows:

2 cold rinses

Heavy duty wash in hot water with 1TBS homemade detergent (1C washing soda + 1C borax + 1 grater bar Dr. B's lavender) and a squirt of Bio-Kleen

4 cold rinses


We wash every day and now that the weather has turned cold and rainy, dry in the dryer.  


Anyone experienced this?  My hunch is that there is a reaction happening with Borax residue, but...  who knows?!


Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!